After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 593

Chapter 593: Battle for the movie

Robb fought against the ten alone and it was hard to tell who would be the winner.

What a wonderful battle! Every abyssal demon used all their strength to attack him. Their ferocious faces were full of murderous will.

Robb also looked very serious. However, while he was fighting, he suddenly yawned. Then he immediately withdrew his expression and turned to the side, shouting, “Elsie, I accidentally fell asleep just now. Remember to cut off the camera the part that I yawned.”

Hiding in the distance, Elsie quickly replied, “yes, sir!”

The demons were speechless

The abyssal archdemon was furious. “How dare you look down upon us? Eat my unique skill!” he waved the magic sword in his hand and a large number of sword shadows appeared. At the same time, his body suddenly disappeared and he instantly moved to the back of Robb. At the same time, another large number of sword shadows appeared, as if at the same time, he had become two people chopping fiercely at Robb in the middle.

“Shadow Replication!”

This move was a bit powerful, and even Robb’s sleepiness was blown away a little. He chuckled and said, “interesting. What kind of strange skill is this? No, I have to learn it!”

Robb attached learning the skill some importance, which had the effect of “if you are hit by the skill of the abyssal archdemon and don’t die, you can learn the skill of the abyssal archdemon.”

Robb was hit several times in a row!

He quickly lost nearly three thousand HP. It seemed that this abyssal archdemon was very powerful, even more powerful than the angel he met last time. After all, it was an ” abyssal archdemon”, which corresponded to an “archangel”, which must be much more powerful than ordinary angels.

However, it didn’t work at all. Robb perfectly finished learning. Because he was not dead, the passive skill of a magician took effect. Robb learned this new skill.

Since he had learned a new skill, of course he needed to use it.

Robb waved the golden sword in his hand, “Shadow Replication!”

He also waved out a sword shadow, and at the same time, his body disappeared and appeared behind the abyssal archdemon. With a swish, another large sword shadow appeared, as if two Robbs were chopping at the abyssal archdemon at the same time.

When the abyssal archdemon attacked Robb, it only reduced some HP, but when Robb chopped at the abyssal archdemon, the situation was completely reversed.

All in all, the abyssal archdemon was cut into pieces almost in an instant.


The other nine abyssal demons were shocked at the same time. The son of the abyssal archdemon, who had just been beaten up by Robb, could not help but scream, “father!”

However, Robb turned around and said to Elsie, “it’s not good to kill the abyssal archdemon with its own skill as it will affect the image of the Lord of the Rings of Aragorn.”

Elsie replied, “okay.”

The abyssal demons were furious, but they were not stupid. At this point, they already knew very well that they were no match for Robb. The demon king suddenly thought of something and turned to Robb, who was pretending to be a goblin, and shouted, “brother goblin, only you can deal with this guy now. Please help us.”

“Ah? Me?” Robb’s consciousness turned to him and smiled. “Okay, I’ll help you deal with this damn priest.”

The abyssal demons were overjoyed!

However, at this moment, Robb’s body suddenly disappeared.

The abyssal demons, “Ah? He ran away?”

The human shaped Robb waved the golden sword in his hand and swung it once.

The remaining nine abyssal demon also broke into two at the same time.

“Wow, Godfather, the sword attack just now was so handsome,” Elsie shouted in the distance.

“Handsome, you always flatter me. What I need you to do is to shoot is a movie. Have you finished shooting?”

Elsie said with a smile. “When king Aragorn came back, he swept the golden sword in his hand and destroyed the claws and fangs of the devils. Ah, this scene is so perfect.”

Robb said, “the movie is not finished yet. It’s near the end of the shooting. Enter the final stage.” he turned to Number 32 in the distance and shouted, “ask the skeleton soldiers to clean up all the remaining monsters. Try not to let them escape back to the Black Pine Mountain. Kill as many as you can.”

Elsie and Number 32 nodded at the same time, “yes, sir!”

Elsie looked at Number 32 unhappily and said, “are you kidding me? You work for the queen, not for Westwind town. Why are you here?”

Realizing this, Number 32 immediately snorted and pretended to be angry. “Yes, I’m the governor of Westwind town. I don’t need to obey anyone’s orders. Humph!”

Robb shouted in the distance, “hurry up! What are you two talking about?”

Elsie and Number 32 bowed to Robb and said, “We’ll do it right away.”

The following battles were almost the same as the original books. After the arrival of the army of the dead, the monsters were unable to withstand a single blow, and instantly they were beaten to collapse by the army of the dead. The city’s garrison also regained their spirit and counterattacked from inside. The remaining monsters, however, had no head and could only collapse and retreat.

Madeleine and Number 32’s troops tried their best to kill the monsters one by one, trying not to let them escape back to the Black Pine Mountain. However, there were still too many monsters. Tens of thousands of monsters had run in all directions, and it was impossible to catch them all.

All in all, they just tried their best!

There were less than ten thousand of the more than 50000 monsters who could escape back to the Black Pine Mountain. And they didn’t dare to gather together again after escaping. They were afraid that they would be hunted down if they become large targets. They all fled in different directions and turned to small demons or troops to return to their respective tribes.

At this point, the monster army that had caused trouble to West Gran had been destroyed and could no longer pose a huge threat to humans.

On the human side, except for losing some props, food, and a part of the iron track broken by the behemoths, there was almost no loss. All the injured were treated, and all the dead were revived.

In this era, as long as there was no dead person in the battle, it could be called as having”no loss”. Therefore, this was a perfect victory without any flaws.

And this battle was recorded in the history book of the Fengmo Continent as follows: 1346, Godfather of Westwind Town, in order to shoot a wonderful movie, he gathered the monsters together. With ingenious arrangement and strong strength, he not only completed the task of shooting a movie, but also removed the monsters that had threatened West Gran for a year. It was known as the battle for the movie.


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