After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 594

Chapter 594: Madeleine’s vacation

The battle for the movie was over!

Humans had won a complete victory. The monsters in the Black Pine Mountain could no longer tangle with a decent army for decades. In other words, the humans, elves, dwarves and all obedient and kind creatures of the Kingdom of Gran would no longer need to worry about the threat from the Black Pine Mountain in decades.

Of course, it was time for Madeleine to go back.

The destroyed railway was quickly repaired, because Robb had already predicted that such a large-scale attack from the monster army would definitely destroy the railway, so he had already prepared an emergency plan. A small team of craftsmen had been waiting beside the battlefield. As soon as the monster army retreated, they rushed out to repair the railway. It didn’t take them much time before the railway returned to normal.

Then, the steam train whimpered over and Madeleine’s army boarded the train and went back to Bright Road.

In addition to the two hundred air forces that could fly back by themselves, the other eight thousand and eight hundred people had to take the train. However, the carrying capacity of the steam train was limited. There were only ten carriages, and a maximum of one thousand people at a time. Moreover, it was impossible to give all the carriages to the army, and there were always a few carriages left for the business and normal people to use. Therefore, the army of Madeleine could only be transported through many days.

When Robb saw that Madeleine had left the royal magicians and the Black Earth Knights and asked the soldiers to go back first, because after they returned to Bright Road, they would immediately remove their armors and return to their fields and into the farm works and factories. If they were delayed here, it would be equivalent to delaying the vigorous development of the whole West Gran.

However, when the last carriage of the Black Earth Knights got on the train and returned to Bright Road, Madeleine got on a reverse train, heading for Westwind Holy city.

Therefore, that afternoon, when Robb was lazily in his chair, drinking Coca-Cola house and watching the old movie “Woodlanders” on the TV, Madeleine suddenly stood in front of Robb.

“Hello, Godfather.” Madeleine made a standard salute, neither humble nor pushy.

Madeleine, “Elizabeth promised me that she would give me a leave after the military exercise. She will find an opportunity to attack Mondra after the summer harvest.”

“I see,” Robb said. “Is this the reason why you came to Westwind town?”

Madeleine said, “it doesn’t seem to be called Westwind town now. I heard others call this Westwind Holy City, but you still call it Westwind town.”

Robb smiled and said, “Westwind Holy city? That sounds awkward. There are only less than thirty thousand people here. How can it be called a city? A small place.”

Madeleine thought, [is there something wrong with your idea of the word “city”? With a population of nearly thirty thousand people, it was already a very great city. How could it be called a small city?]

She didn’t know that in the world where Robb used to live, it was normal for a small town to have tens of thousands of people. In Robb’s opinion, a city should have millions of people.

Robb said, “have you ever planned to take a vacation in Westwind town? I really welcome you! No matter who you are, as long as you are willing to come to Westwind town to take a vacation, travel, spend money, and even come here for a trip, I will be very happy.”

“No, I’m just passing by Westwind Town,” Madeleine said in a low voice. “I’m waiting for the next train from Westwind town to Stone Canyon. I’m going to spend my holiday in Stone Canyon.”

In fact, Robb had already guessed her purpose at the beginning. He just wanted to play with her on purpose. Now that she had pointed it out, it was useless for Robb to pretend to be ignorant. He had to say, “well, you are going to invite Robb Smith, aren’t you?”

Madeleine blushed all of a sudden. She lowered her head and said, “he must be very busy with his studies, right? I… I don’t have the nerve to drag him around and delay his studies. I just want to say, I’m going… To see his fief, that’s… that’s it.”

Silly girl! Robb felt both funny and distressed. This girl made him feel guilty. He just wanted to make her happy as much as possible, so he had to say, “well, you wait here for a while. I’ll go in and call him out.”

Robb stood up from the stone stool and walked into the chapel slowly. As soon as he entered, his duplicate came out with a bang. Then he put his real body in front of Suofa and said, “hurry up, make up.”

At a loss whether to cry or to laugh, she quickly put on his makeup and disguised his face, and said, “when do you plan to let her know the truth?”

“Well… I really don’t know,” sighed Robb. “I don’t want things to turn out like this, but since it has happened, I can only take it step by step.”

While his real body was getting makeup done, Robb controlled his avatar to walk back to his stone stool and sat down. “Well, I’ve called him. He’ll come out soon.”

Madeleine couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “Don’t you feel bad disturbing his studies?”

Robb replied, “no. Anyway, he has been doing well recently. He will be fine even if he takes a few days off.”

Madeleine was overjoyed. “Ah? Did he learn well? Last time you said it was minor achievement, this time you have upgraded it to a good one.”

Robb threw up his hands and didn’t know what to say. He just said these two words casually, but he didn’t know that this woman had misunderstood him. She was simply crazy.

However, Madeleine immediately added, “since he is learning so fast and can become good from childhood in just ten days, then I can’t disturb him at this time. Maybe he will become ‘very strong’ after two more days of hard study, then ‘outstanding’, then ‘proficient’, and finally become a ‘master’. Maybe he can surpass his grandfather and revive the prestige of the Smith family.”

Robb was speechless

Are you playing a game adapted from an old Internet novel?

Robb had no choice but to say, “I’m his teacher. If I say I won’t disturb him, then I won’t disturb him. Now he has reached a bottleneck in his cultivation. It’s difficult to improve just by studying. He needs to go out and move. In actual combat, he needs to gain some experience, so that he can further improve.”

“Oh, I see,” Madeleine said. “That makes sense. If he just studies and doesn’t have actual combat experience, he won’t be an outstanding magician. It’s time for him to go out for a walk.”

When the two of them talked about this, Suofa had already gave Robb’s real body make up. Robb quickly changed his consciousness to his real body, and now he had become a simple black haired young man, Robb Smith, who was carrying the heavy responsibility of reviving his family.


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