After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 595

Chapter 595: What should I use to practice?

Robb, who had turned into a young man with black hair, walked out of the chapel. Before he could say anything, Madeleine said, “ah, Mr. Robb, long time no see.”

Robb said, “it seems to be a long time, but not that long.”

Madeleine said, “that must be because you studied too hard that you forget time when you enter the magic world.”

Robb was speechless

This is a bit unreasonable. Can we stop finding such a ridiculous excuse for others?

Robb had no choice but to say, “I heard from my teacher that you want to play in Stone Canyon during your vacation.”

“Yes,” Madeleine said. “When I went to Stone Canyon last time, the train was just connected there. Stone Canyon was still a very primitive area, and there was no special style. But recently, I heard that Stone Canyon has been built into a city dominated by tourism. It’s really fresh. I’ve never heard of such a city before, so I really want to see it…”

Speaking of this, she paused and her face turned a little red. “And that’s your fief…”

“All right, all right. I’ll go with you,” Robb said with a smile

Although Robb was very lazy, he was not lazy all the time. For the girl he liked, especially the one who didn’t bring him any trouble, he was willing to go shopping with her. Everyone liked a lovely girl like Madeleine. It was no problem to go shopping with her.

The two of them bought the train tickets and sat on the wooden bench at the train station. After a while, the train arrived. The two of them got on the train. This short distance train had been improved several times. It not only improved the engine, but also the wheel, gears, and even the layout of the carriages.

Now the first carriage of the train was “first-class seats”, for the nobles to use. The price was the most expensive, and of course, it was the most comfortable inside. Not only was each seat separated from each other, but there was also a carpet on the ground. There was a small table in front of each seat, and the curtains were also very luxurious.

The carriages in the middle were faced with civilians, with lower configuration. The last few carriages were probably for the goods, which were empty without any seats. In this way, the train could be used more widely.

The most interesting thing was that in the process of improving, Robb didn’t say a word or make any comments. It was all done by the others.

It was the purser who collected the passenger’s opinions and gave them back to the train conductor. Then the train conductor went to discuss with the craftsmen and slowly changed the train into this way.

This change made Robb feel very happy. In fact, he didn’t want to put forward everything by himself and give orders. In this way, the promotion effect on the whole world was very limited. He only liked to guide people in the general direction, and as for the details, they would be spread and created by the laboring people themselves.

The evolution of this train let Robb see the wisdom of the laboring people! It was not that they were not smart, but that their vision was limited by the times. Once Robb pointed out the big direction for them, they could spread their thoughts and push the world to become more beautiful.

Robb and Madeleine sat in the “special seats” of the first carriage, with a small table in the middle, on which there was a free drink. The train was not very stable, so the cup with drinks deliberately had a big body and a small mouth. In this way, even if the train shook around, the water in the cup would not pour out.

Madeleine sighed, “every time I come to this city, it gives me a completely different feeling.”

“Oh, really?” Robb said, “I haven’t gone out for a long time. I don’t feel anything.”

Madeleine said, “I saw the governor’s house built of cement, the road made of cement, the whole city clean and tidy, and there was no dirty ditch on the roadside. I heard that there would be many street lights on at night, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see them in the daytime. Now that I see the changes of this train. It’s really different from the last time I came.”

“Oh, I’m glad you like it.”

Madeleine said with expectation, “your Stone Canyon should also be completely different.”

Robb said, “I heard that it seems to be different, but I only focus on learning magic, and I don’t care.” he could only say so, because he seldom visited Stone Canyon in the name of Robb Smith. More importantly, he took Lilian to go shopping in her hometown as Godfather.

Therefore, he was completely invisible. Many of the residents of Stone Canyon didn’t know who their leader was. They only knew that there was a leader, but they had never seen him before.

In Robb’s words, this was called “the best rule is that the people don’t know who the ruler is.” but this concept was too profound, and no one could understand it at present. Even Robb himself didn’t understand what he was talking about.

Madeleine looked at the train watch and said, “the speed of this train is much faster than last time. It used to take three hours to reach Stone Canyon from Westwind town, but now it’s two hours.”

“Yes,” Robb said, “I heard that many things have been improved, such as the wheels and the transmission system. They were all done by the dwarves, and I don’t understand either.”

“All you need to know is wind magic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know the knowledge of craftsmen,” Madeleine said. Suddenly, something occurred to her. “Right, your teacher just said that your magic has reached a bottleneck. It seems that you can’t learn by yourself anymore. You have to work hard and improve in actual combat.”

Robb thought, [I was talking nonsense just now, yet you remember it so clearly?]

Robb had to admit his lie, “yes, any great hero must have grown up in constant battle. It’s impossible to just learn…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Madeleine frowned and said, “Damn it! We broke up the monster army in the battle in Gondor. Now the monster threat in the Black Pine Mountain has been solved, and there will be no monster attack for a while. What should we do? What should we do to practice?”

Robb was speechless

He thought to himself, [is this woman going to fight me?]

Madeleine said seriously, “how about this? I’ll ask Elizabeth to transfer you to the Black Earth Knights. After summer vacation, we’ll start our offensive to Mondra’s. Then you can go to the battlefield with me and see if you can accumulate some practical experience. Don’t worry. I’ll try my best to protect you.”


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