After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 596

Chapter 596: The princess of Big Tang

The little dark man in Robb’s heart almost jumped up and cursed, “what the hell is that arrangement? Why do you have to take me to fight?”

However, the little white man immediately appeared and said, “don’t be angry. Madeleine is doing it for your own good. Do you think she would arrange it like this if you were another person?”

So Robb didn’t mind. He just said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea. It’s not good for you to get me into the Black Earth Knights by pulling strings. What’s more, you don’t need to protect me specially.”

Madeleine thought for a while and said “That’s right. It’s indeed not a good idea. Elizabeth will definitely complain. Let me think about it. With your identity, you don’t need to go through any backdoor or even take it for granted to be a member of the team. At this time, your grandfather’s old subordinates are waiting for you to come back. If you return, although it is impossible to immediately replace the current commander, the current commander there is also your grandfather’s old friend. My subordinates will definitely take good care of you and train you as the next commander. Then, I will propose to Elizabeth that when we attack the Mondra, the members of the Wind Knights should also participate in the battle. It should be safe not to fight as the main force, but to fight a small battle, so that you can also get experience. “

Robb was speechless

Do you really have to take me to the battlefield?

I don’t want to go!

Robb had no choice but to say, “but the people of East Gran are also the citizens of our kingdom. It’s really not what I want to see. I don’t have the heart to brandish my slaughtering knife to the people of our kingdom. Even if they were deceived by Mondra, I can’t hurt them.”

Madeleine was deeply touched. “You are really a kind and honest person. Well, I don’t advise you to go to the battlefield to train.”

Robb thought, [now you are convinced. Haha, I win.]

In less than three seconds, a Black Earth Knight stood out from behind Madeleine. Although she was on vacation, there were still several of her closest subordinates following her. This guard handed her a crystal ball, which was still shining.

“Ah, it’s Elizabeth.” Madeleine showed an apologetic expression to Robb. “I have to answer the phone and talk to you later.”

Robb found that both the girl and the queen were also influence by him as they began to call each other on the ‘phone’, although they didn’t know what the phone meant.

Madeleine put the crystal ball in front of her. She was sitting opposite Robb, so the table was between the two of them. This time, the crystal ball was also placed between her and Robb. It was connected

Robb thought, [what will happen when the ball is on the phone? Will I see the Queen’s back?]

However… No!

From Robb’s position, he could see the image of the queen, which was like the image taken by the front camera of a mobile phone. The image were reversed.

The queen could only see Madeleine, but she couldn’t see Robb sitting behind the crystal ball.

“Madeleine, although you are on vacation, I don’t trust anyone else on this matter. I can only ask you to temporarily stop your vacation and go to have a look.”

As soon as the queen said the first sentence, Madeleine’s face darkened. “Stop the vacation? Oh! Elizabeth, you can’t do this. Do you know how long I have been looking forward to this vacation? I’m on the way to Stone Canyon. You can’t let me go back to work.”

“On the way to Stone Canyon?” the queen immediately understood. “Turn your crystal ball around. I want to see the stupid face of Robb Smith.”

“He’s not stupid at all!” Madeleine protested seriously to the crystal ball. “In fact, he’s very smart and has a high IQ. Godfather of Westwind Town has already recognized him as’ good ‘.”

The queen snorted, “it’s just a formality. Only you will take it seriously. If you don’t believe me, you can ask me if Number 32 is handsome or not.”

Madeleine asked, “what does Number 32 look like?”

The queen snorted, “not bad!”

Madeleine was speechless

The queen said, “when that man praised Robb Smith’s wind magic power, he looked the same as when I praised Number 32, right? Do you understand?”

Robb was speechless

“You misunderstood the meaning of Godfather on purpose! That’s not what you said!” only Madeleine and Robb dared to talk to the queen in such a rude tone. However, the queen was not angry. Instead, she showed a very rare smile. That smile was so beautiful that she became five points prettier for no reason.

Looking at the crystal ball, Robb couldn’t help but feel a little moved.

“Take care of your man,” the queen suddenly said. “He might be sitting behind the crystal ball. He should be looking at me now. If I were you, I wouldn’t have let my man stare at other women.”

Robb was speechless

Madeleine really looked at Robb. Fortunately, Robb reacted quickly and looked out of the window.

Madeleine immediately smiled and said proudly to the crystal ball, “Mr. Robb is looking at the scenery without looking. He is a gentleman.”

The queen squinted and said, “even if he doesn’t look at me, he is afraid of my identity. Is it because he doesn’t want to see me?”

“Well, let’s not talk about this thing. I’m calling to talk about something serious with you.” Queen said, “The battle for the movie just ended, and the monster army has been defeated. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief. I didn’t expect that there would be another strange thing happening in Lost City. A female rabbit folk and called herself the princess of Big Tang. She ran down from a pirate ship and said that she was ordered by the king of Big Tang to marry the prince of the devil race. You know, the Fusang kingdom where the devil race was located was a huge Island, so this princess boarded the sea. But on the way, she encountered a pirate ship, and all her guards were killed by it. She was carried on the pirate ship by the pirates. After travelling for half a year, she arrived at Lost City. Therefore, I need to go to Lost City and talk to this princess. “

Madeleine, “it’s not a big deal, right? Ask the nobles of the Lost City to receive her and send her to Bright Road. Why do you want me to go there?”

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “Because those nobles are too disappointing. When they heard that she is the princess of Big Tang, they immediately bootlicked her. They licked her madly and had no pride at all. It’s humiliating our kingdom.”

After saying that, she suddenly pulled a long face and said in a low voice, “besides, I suspect that the sudden appearance of this female rabbit folk is a plot. As a princess of a kingdom, it is hard to say that there is no problem with it. Madeleine, you know that I trust you most. Except you, I can’t find anyone else to deal with this matter.”


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