After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 598

Chapter 598: Lost City

Robb knew that she had done it for him. With a long sigh, he said, “no, you don’t have to. I’m very rich. You see, I know how to make all kinds of magic items. As long as I make a few more magic items and get the approval of the queen, she will give me a bonus. Besides, Stone Canyon is my territory now. In theory, I can pay a part of the tax for my travel income here, but I won’t. I’ll use them later and build a house.”

Hearing his words, Madeleine had to give up.

The two of them had been on the train for two hours. Robb knew that his avatar left in Westwind town should have disappeared automatically.

He pretended to go to the bathroom and hid in a corner. Then he asked his avatar to use the “transmission portal” to go back to Westwind town. His real body continued to follow Madeleine. In this way, no matter where his real body went, he could make an avatar back and rest on the stone stool at any time, and he could cut his consciousness to perform simultaneous operations at any time.

The two of them walked around Stone Canyon several times. After Madeleine finally walked around the whole “tourist town”, a group of black dots appeared in the sky in the southeast. When they got closer, they saw clearly that it was a group of manticores. The leader of the group of manticores had a knight on its back, and behind them, there were more than ten manticores with empty backs.

The group of manticores landed on the ground. The leading knight jumped down and knelt down on one knee in front of Madeleine. “Lord Madeleine, I’m here to pick you up to Lost City under the Queen’s order.”

“Okay!” Madeleine suddenly thought of something and turned to Robb, “Mr. Robb, have you ever sat on a manticore before? Are… you afraid of heights?”

Isn’t that nonsense? How could he not? There were many flying spots in Dark Blade, and you can ride a manticore there. As for the fear of heights, it would be even more ridiculous. Robb had already flown with his physical body many times.

He smiled and said, “I’m fine. Don’t worry about me.”

“Okay.” Madeleine got on a manticore, Robb followed on another, and five Black Earth Knights followed her. There were also a few other manticores left in case of need. The leader of the group flew first, followed by the large group of people, heading southwest.

The speed of 180 kilometers per hour was really amazing! The earth flew back under his feet, and the clouds swept backwards.

It felt good to fly, but Madeleine had been worried about Robb all the time. It was not until she turned around every time she saw Robb sitting on the back of the manticore leisurely and not afraid that she was finally relieved.

After a while, they passed a large forest. Madeleine pointed down and said, “That’s the White Birch Forest.”

“Oh, so this is White Birch Forest.”

There were many residents living in Westwind town who came from this forest. The head of the town was the construction leader of Robb, who was engaged in real estate everywhere. But it was the first time that Robb had come here. The manticore flew over the forest. Suddenly, Robb found that he had activated a waypoint.

It turned out that the manticore just flew over the broken village and passed by the cemetery of the village. According to the rules of Dark Blade, as long as one went to the graveyard, the waypoint here could be activated and he could use the transmission portal to come here in the future.

Unfortunately, there was almost no humans gathering in the forest. Since the people there had moved to Westwind Town, there was no need for them to come here in the future.

After flying forward for a long time, Madeleine pointed down and shouted, “That is the White Poplar forest.” (TL: Or Baiyang Forest)

Robb looked down and couldn’t see the difference between the two forests. Anyway, they were all trees.

Madeleine smiled and said, “the trees here are mostly white poplars, while the forest earlier was full of birch.”

Robb, “well, they are both white trees.”

Madeleine laughed and said, “you are so absorbed in learning magic that you can’t even distinguish a tree. Haha.”

Robb was a city man of modern generations. He didn’t care about trees and couldn’t recognize plants. It was normal. This was a common problem in the modern city people. But in this era, this kind of person was quite rare.

Robb asked, “is there a human town here?”

Madeleine nodded, “there is a big town in this forest.”

“Let’s take a look on the way,” Robb said. “As long as we pass through the sky, everything will be fine.”

“Okay!” Madeleine didn’t know that Robb was going to open a waypoint on the way. She thought he was just curious and wanted to see the town, so of course she agreed. After telling the leader who led the way, he led them to the white poplar town. The group of manticores flew over the town at a low altitude, so Robb opened another waypoint.

It was ridiculous. He had been in this world for two years, but he only got several waypoints, such as Westwind Town, Stone Canyon, Nanli Village, Bright Road, and the Capital of Saints. In addition, he had flown for a long time this time, and there were less than ten places he had been to, but he was very lazy.

After passing the forest, the manticores continued to fly to the southwest. Looking down from the sky, they could see the sea in the distance. The vast sea was very magnificent.

This was the southwest corner of the Fengmo Continent. The continent stretched out a sharp corner towards the sea. On the edge of the sharp corner stood a huge harbor city. Seen from the sky, the harbor city was completely black, and most of the buildings in the city were black. Only a small number of wooden buildings still kept the color of wood.

There was a long dock by the sea, which was very magnificent. Countless sea ships were docked and sailed there.

“Oh, is this Lost City?” Robb asked.

“That’s right!” when Madeleine saw the city, her eyes revealed rich emotion. “This is Lost City, the gathering place of the exiled nobles, fugitives, demi-humans, and also the base camp of the Church of Darkness. There are no believers of the Church of Light here. Once they are discovered, they will be killed and refined into skeleton soldiers.”

Robb was speechless

Madeleine said, “I have been living here with Elizabeth since I was five and a half years old. I have lived here for sixteen years… Sixteen years.”

Robb heard a deep pain in her tone.

Obviously, she didn’t like it here.

They had been chased to such a black seaside city where the exiled and criminals had gathered. It was the southwest corner of the continent, where they had been struggling for survival. Of course, it was not something worth celebrating.

In order to return to the kingdom, the queen and Madeleine had to negotiate and negotiate with the forces here, striving for their support and help. Every day they lived here, they lived in conspiracies and schemes, without any happy memories, not even a little.


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