After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 599

Chapter 599: The rabbit folk from east Big Tang

Lost City is not a small city. Although it was an illegal place, it had a large population.

Robb looked down from the sky and glanced around. He felt that the city’s population was not less than two hundred thousand. Of course, the specific number could not be realized at a glance, and this number was definitely not accurate.

It was located on the southwest side of the continent and was isolated by two large forests, the white poplar forest and the white birch forest. Since ancient times, it had become a paradise for the exiled. Most of the exiled and nobles came from the Kingdom of Gran. Most of them had committed crimes in the Kingdom of Gran, or had been chased and squeezed out, so they couldn’t stay any longer. They had no choice but to go through the two forests or the extremely dangerous Tianhua Canyon to live here.

The Church of Darkenss came here for this reason. In a word, they were chased here by the Church of Light.

Of course, at the beginning, it was just a very dilapidated small city. However, as the exiled continued to come and reproduce here, the size of the city became larger and larger, and the sea trade flourished. In the end, it had become what it was now.

Before the queen set out to fight, Lost City should be regarded as a place without a master, a place that doesn’t care about the three things.

However, after the Church of Darkness helped the queen start the army, this place was naturally incorporated into West Gran. Now it was one of the important cities of West Gran.

Of course, although it was now in West Gran, its political status was different from that of other cities, because the real leader in the city was not the queen, but the Dark Pope. This was the holy city of the Church of Darkness. Before the queen and the Church of Darkness broke up, she had to pretend to respect the control of the Church of Darkness over the holy city.

The manticores slowly landed at the entrance of the city.

The soldiers guarding the city gate were also wearing black armor. At first glance, they looked like the soldiers of the Black Earth Knights, but when one looked carefully, they found that the black armors of these soldiers were painted with a cross, and the army flag they erected was also painted with a black cross. It was obvious that these were the Templar Knights of the Church of Darkness.

When they saw Madeleine, they immediately recognized her and quickly opened the city gate.

Then, a group of people came out of the city. Robb saw at a glance that the head of the group was a necromancer, wearing a black robe and skinny. He walked up to Madeleine and bowed, “my Lord, you’re here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.”

After saying that, he glanced at Robb behind Madeleine and recognized him unexpectedly. He smiled and said, “nice to meet you, Robb Smith. I’ve heard about the magic item you invented. It’s really great.”

How could this man praise Robb right when they met!

Madeleine immediately became happy and said, “Number 2, you have stayed in the Lost City for many years and haven’t gone out, but you are really well-informed. Haha, Mr. Robb’s magic items are first-class, especially that Karyusha…” she began to speak good words about Robb. It seemed that she wouldn’t stop for a day and a night.

Robb was sweating!

Number 2 also felt a little embarrassed. Originally, he greeted politely and praised Robb, so that Madeleine could be happy. However, Duke Madeleine was so happy that she couldn’t let go of it. How could she stop?

He coughed and said, “my Lord, get to the point. Let’s get down to business first.”

Robb also echoed, “yes, let’s talk about the princess of East Big Tang first.”

Number 2 led the way and they talked while walking.

Number two said, “actually, there’s nothing much to say. The queen has already told you what happened through the crystal ball. A female rabbit folk escaped from the pirate ship and temporarily lives in Lost City. The nobles here were as excited as chicken blood, chasing after this princess, which made a great stir in the noble circle.”

Speaking of this, he paused and said in a low voice, “but I feel that this matter is a little strange. East Big Tang is so far away from here. The pirates have nothing to do abducting her here and how did she escape from a pirate ship, a weak female rabbit folk?”

“Of course, that’s not the point,” he said in a low voice. “The point is that the Church of Darkness has been in frequent contact with this princess, and seems to have the intention of taking East Big Tang as their backing. I suspect that the Church of Darkness is now suspicious of the queen, and wants to support another force to suppress her majesty.”

Robb got confused when he heard these words. He hated such complicated things. All kind and honest people living in the sun didn’t like to get involved in such things.

However, Madeleine had no choice but to get involved. Such a thing would obviously affect the Queen’s safety at the back. If there was any trouble in Lost City, the queen would not be able to attack the Capital of Saints at ease. She would worry that the Church of Darkness would cause trouble behind her.

“Anyway, let’s go to see this princess first,” Robb said. “You have said so much, but I’m only interested in one thing, that is, what does the rabbit folk look like.”

Madeleine said, “trust me. You won’t like the appearance of a rabbit folk.”

They came to a luxurious mansion. It looked magnificent and exquisite.

Number 2 said in a low voice, “this is the mansion prepared for the rabbit princess by the Church of Darkness. It’s extremely luxurious. Obviously, they’re trying hard to please the rabbit princess.”

Madeleine nodded and walked inside, followed by Robb.

As soon as he entered the hall, he saw many nobles dancing with music accompaniment. It turned out that a ball was being held here. The noble social circle was often full of various kinds of celebrities dancing. Baron Nuolun often invites nobles to parties in his mansion.

Robb didn’t bother to look at them. He just wanted to see what the people of East Big Tang looked like. He looked around and finally found a well-dressed rabbit folk on the stage in the middle of the ball. She was wearing a luxurious western court dress. She had an authentic rabbit head; however, her body was of a normal human woman’s body, with a protruding front and back figure.

If she had a face similar to a human’s and kept the rabbit’s ears, Robb would feel good, but it was really hard to accept this kind of rabbit head folk.

Madeleine whispered, “as I said, you won’t like the appearance of the rabbit folk.”

Robb was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “Is everyone in the whole kingdom like this?”

“Yes, they’re all like this,” Madeleine said. “I can’t even tell what’s the difference between them. Everyone seems to be the same.”

Robb raised his head forty times, opened his hands and complained, “God! Why are the people in Big Tang like this?”


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