After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 600

Chapter 600: I can only speak the two Chinese words

Robb was complaining about the rabbit head crazily, but the other nobles didn’t seem to care about it at all. A large group of noble women surrounded the rabbit princess, forming a huge lady team, and some men and nobles were flattering her.

Robb pointed at the rabbit folk’s long dress and said in a low voice, “isn’t this a western dress? I don’t think she came here in this dress.”

Number two said in a low voice, “she crawled out of the sea in rags. The suit she is wearing now was sent by the rich women to please her.”

“Oh, I see.” Robb felt a little regretful in his heart. He had thought that he could see a beautiful woman with rabbit ears. She would be dressed in a Hanfu and would be very beautiful and lovely. But he didn’t expect that he would see a rabbit in a western dress. It was unreasonable.

Madeleine strode forward and stood in front of the rabbit princess. “Your Highness, I’m Duke Madeleine of the Kingdom of Gran. Nice to meet you.”

“Oh, a duke.” the rabbit princess quickly stood up. Although she was a princess, she was not that much more important than a duke. She had to be polite. She stretched out one hand to shake hands with her.

Madeleine shook hands with her

This was a normal action, and no one around cared about it. However, in Robb’s eyes, this action was full of strangeness. First of all, the rabbit princess spoke fluent western language, and maybe she had learned English on the pirate ship. But her action of reaching out to shake hands with someone was too western, wasn’t it?

As an asian, when a man greeted a person, he should clasp his fists, but a woman should not even do it. She should put her hands on her waist and slightly bow. This was the eastern etiquette. Was it possible that the eastern etiquette in this world was different from that in his original world?

Robb didn’t go to Big Tang either. He didn’t know what kind of etiquette it was in this world, so he didn’t dare to make a judgement at this time, but he felt that it was a little strange.

“I heard that you were going to marry the prince of the devil race, but unfortunately you were kidnapped by the pirates. You had a hard life on the sea for half a year,” Madeleine said. “I deeply sympathize with what you have suffered.”

The rabbit princess said, “yes, it’s been really hard for me to live on the sea in the past half a year. I was enslaved by the robbers every day. Fortunately, I’m a rabbit folk, and those robbers didn’t like me. Otherwise, I would’ve encountered something more terrible.”

Robb almost burst into laughter, but he quickly held it back. It was too impolite to laugh in such a place.

Madeleine said, “Your Highness, now that you are here, what are you going to do? Do you need us to send you back to Big Tang?”

The rabbit princess hurriedly said, “how can I bother you with such a thing?”

Madeleine said, “our kingdom has always been on good terms with Big Tang. It’s not a big deal to do such a thing.”

The rabbit princess said, “I think after I disappeared, my father would’ve definitely sent out his army to look for me. Now the army that is looking for me must be still on the sea. Why don’t you help me send a letter to the great Tang Kingdom, saying that I am here and ask the army that is looking for me to pick me up? In that case, I won’t have to bother you much.”

Madeleine agreed.

However, a strange feeling rose in Robb’s heart. [if this world corresponds to the development of my original world, in this era, the navigation ability of Big Tang should be very weak, far weaker than that of west. Can Big Tang’s fleet be able to run to the west to pick people back? He felt something was wrong.

He whispered to number two, “I have a few questions to ask you, sir.”

Number two hurriedly said, “excuse me.”

Robb asked, “is Big Tang very good at navigation?”

With an embarrassed look on his face, Number 2 answered, “I… I don’t know. In fact, the east is very mysterious, and we don’t know much about it. I guess few people know how good their navigation skills are.”

“I don’t know much about it either,” Robb continued. “What language did the people from East Big Tang speak?”

Number two said, “I know that. After all, we often communicate with Big Tang, and silk merchants will often pass by. The language used there is called ‘Chinese’, which is said to be the official language established from their Big Han dynasty.”

It turned out that she spoke Chinese. That would be easy.

All of a sudden, Robb walked up to the rabbit princess and said with a smile, “Hello!”

The two words ‘你好’ dumbfounded the rabbit princess. However, after a short period of astonishment, she actually spoke in Chinese, and replied, “Hello, as well.” however, her Chinese seemed not to be very standard, and it was not accurate enough for Robb to grasp the sound.

Robb thought, [Her ancient Chinese should be the Shaanxi dialect, and my modern Chinese should be Mandarin. It’s normal that there are some differences. But there was not much difference between the Shaanxi language and Mandarin.

Anyway, he was very happy that he finally heard his own traditional hometown language, which was so familiar. He hadn’t heard it for two years. Now that he suddenly heard someone say it, he immediately felt full of pride.

He was full of confidence, so was the rabbit princess. She stared at Robb with her rabbit eyes and said anxiously, “how can you speak Chinese?”

Robb said, “because I once crossed mountains and seas and went to the east.”

When the rabbit princess was about to say something, a noble man suddenly stood out and stood in front of Robb and the rabbit princess. The noble man was tall and sturdy, and he was a typical knight with a heavy figure. Robb and the rabbit princess could not say anything more as he was a little far away from them.

The noble said in a rough voice, “what are you talking about? Why do you suddenly talk in a language that we can’t understand? Don’t you want others to participate in the topic? Since the rabbit princess can speak the language, then say it, so that everyone can talk.”

The nobles beside them laughed together, “yes!”

The rabbit princess glanced at the noble with a strange look and stopped chatting with Robb. She said in the language of Kingdom of Gran, “I didn’t expect that there would be someone who can speak Chinese here. It surprised me. You are really a knowledgeable person.”

Robb’s eyes narrowed slightly. He glanced at the burly man who had just stood out to interrupt, but didn’t say anything more. He turned to the rabbit princess and smiled, “I don’t know much. I can only speak the two Chinese words just now. I can’t speak too much.”

Hearing that he could only say a few words, the burly noble patted him on the shoulder with a smile and said, “you are also good at saying a few words.”


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