After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Don’t get close to her again

Robb ate the rules of the game, and there was something interesting about this rule. If someone else came to him with an offensive nature, such as cutting with a knife or punching with a fist, he would miss and the attack would pass through him.

But if others didn’t use their attacking power to fight with him, they would be able to touch him. This was called the collision volume.

When the burly noble patted him on the shoulder, he didn’t attack, so he successfully patted Robb on the shoulder.

Robb sensed that the man’s palm was purposely increased a little bit. After slapping him, he pinched it hard and then lowered his voice. “Young man, don’t always think about taking a shortcut and think you just need to learn a few Chinese words to get the favor of the princess. Don’t dream of becoming rich and powerful. Be a good man. Next time I see you approaching the princess, I will break your legs.”

Robb could lift the tall man and smash him to the ground with all his strength, just like he smashed the abyssal demons not long ago, and it was much easier than smashing an abyssal demon. However, he had doubts in his heart and didn’t want to fight casually. At least he had to figure out what had happened first.

The burly noble let go of his hand on his shoulder, and then returned to the crowd seemingly inadvertently.

Robb’s eyes followed that guy for a few seconds. Seeing that he was hiding in the crowd and his eyes were still fixed on the rabbit princess, he seemed to understand something and pretended to know nothing. He didn’t say anything for the time being.

The rabbit princess chatted with the nobility, chatted with Madeleine, and then the people from the Church of Darkness also came up and chatted with them. The whole hall was in a happy atmosphere, but the rabbit princess always glanced at the burly nobility intentionally or unintentionally, as if she was a little afraid of him.

Robb didn’t say anything. He just sat nearby and drank Coca-Cola quietly.

It was not until the banquet was over and Madeleine asked him to leave that he walked out of the princess’s temporary mansion with Madeleine, number 2 and the Black Earth Knights.

Number two whispered, “my Lord, what do you think we should do?”

Madeleine said, “it’s obvious that we have to send her back to Big Tang as soon as possible. It’s big trouble for this woman to stay here. Many nobles are chasing after her, and the people of the Church of Darkness have been around her. It’s obvious that she has no good intentions.”

Number two nodded and said, “then write a letter to Big Tang as soon as possible and ask their squads to pick her up.”

Madeleine nodded, “Yes. Hurry up.”

Number 2 waved his hand, and a subordinate left quickly. It seemed that he had arranged for a letter to be sent.

Robb suddenly said, “Right, I have something to ask you. Who is that burly man who looks like a knight?”

Number 2 said, “Oh, are you talking about that idiot? His name is Jonah Gilbert, and he is an exiled Norma knight who came here several years ago.”

“Norma knight?” Robb asked, “Norma from the Kingdom of Knights?”

“Yes,” number 2 said, “he seems to have committed a crime in their kingdom. He offended a big shot in the Church of Light, and was framed by the Church of Light. He was expelled by King Norma. The Church of Light even sent people to chase him and kill his wife and children. After he fled to Lost City, he immediately joined the Church of Darkness. He swore that he would destroy the Church of Light. Now he is a knight of the holy city of the Church of Darkness.”

Robb kept this man in mind

Number 2 asked curiously, “why did you ask about this person?”

Madeleine turned around and said, “because this man was rude to Mr. Robb just now. I saw clearly that he deliberately patted on your shoulder, pinched it and whispered in your ear. Although I didn’t hear what he was saying, it was obviously rude. His expression was full of threat.”

Madeleine really paid close attention to Robb all the time. She could even see such small details.

Robb was a little moved.

Madeleine asked, “what did he say to you?”

Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “he threatened me not to get close to the rabbit princess. He also said that young people shouldn’t take shortcuts and shouldn’t rely on the princess to get higher positions.”

Madeleine laughed, “nonsense! How could Mr. Robb rely on a princess?”

Robb thought to himself, [this girl really trusts me.]

However, he forgot that Madeleine was also crazy. The woman next said, “you can rely on me.”

“Pang!” Robb spat out the coke.

Madeleine’s mind went back to a strange domain. Fortunately, number 2 was more reliable. He leaned over and asked in a low voice, “Baron, why doesn’t that idiot let you get close to the princess? Why did he aim at you instead of stopping other nobles from talking to the princess?”

Madeleine said, “of course it’s because Robb is very handsome! He’s afraid that the handsome man will compete with him for the princess.”

Robb and number 2 ignored Madeleine at the same time. After this woman entered the brain mode of love, her IQ was almost zero. However, she was not good at scheming, but more good at rushing forward. Even if her brain of love did not attack, she was fine.

Robb chuckled and said, “I have a bold guess. He must be afraid of me talking to the princess because he doesn’t understand Chinese. When I talked to the princess, he was completely confused, which is not good for him to control her words and deeds, so he wanted to drive me away.”

“What?” Number 2’s face darkened.

Even Madeleine, who was in love, sensed that something was wrong. “You mean he is controlling the princess?”

Robb said, “no, I’m not sure yet. It’s just my bold guess. I won’t be responsible for my wild guess.”

“Although it’s a wild guess, it’s worth investigating,” Number 2 said in a low voice. “We have already suspected the origin of this princess. If she is not a real princess, but a fake one, she might really be a puppet controlled by him. Perhaps they are plotting something. This matter is worth investigating.”

Madeleine said, “but how should we investigate it? We can’t directly send someone to arrest him and ask the princess.”

“That is the last resort,” Robb said with a smile. “I have a good idea.”

“What?” Madeleine and number 2 looked at him curiously at the same time.

Robb said, “he doesn’t want me to talk to her. He also said that if I get closer to her, he will break my legs, so I have to see her. I’d like to see if he will break my legs, so that I can know what role he is playing in this matter.”

“You are using your body as bait?” Madeleine said. “It’s too dangerous! He is very powerful. If he suddenly attacks you, you may not even be able to chant out magic.”


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