After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 602

Chapter 602: News from the kingdom of knights

Robb said, “don’t worry. My wind magic has been evaluated as’ good ‘by my teacher, and he also said that I need actual combat practice now. If someone attacks me, he is helping me, isn’t he?”

Madeleine thought it over and thought it made sense, but she still felt worried.

“Don’t think too much. I’m the only one who can speak Chinese. I have to deal with it by myself. I’ll visit the princess when it’s dark. Something interesting will happen.”

The three of them discussed and decided. Number 2 led the way and led the two to a mansion. The mansion looked old. Madeleine pointed at the door and said, “this is where Elizabeth and I lived for sixteen years. We didn’t move out of here until the year of black dragon’s flight in 1344.”

“Oh?” Robb looked around the mansion carefully. It seemed that when they just escaped here, they needed to keep a low profile. So of course, they had to live in a more humble house, so that no one could guess that there was a big figure living here.

Number two said, “my Lord, your room is still the same as it was two years ago. It has been cleaned by servants every day and can be checked in immediately.”

Madeleine nodded and said, “where will Mr. Robb live?”

Number 2 said, “he can live with the Black Earth Knights…”

“No, he is an honored guest.” Madeleine said, “clean a first-class room.”

Number two obeyed and went.

Robb was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. He wanted to stop her, but on second thought, he was not used to sleeping in a room with another man. It was much more comfortable to have an independent room.

After a while, the room was cleaned up. Robb’s room was not far from Madeleine’s. They just needed to walk through a corridor and turn a corner.

With his own room, it was much more convenient for him to use his avatar. Considering that the last avatar’s time was almost over, Robb used the spell again. Then he let his avatar open a transmission portal and return to Westwind town.

At dusk, the sky was covered with red clouds.

Lilian was teaching Suofa to cook in the kitchen, while the big loli was practicing swordsmanship on the hillside. The several nuns were still busy with preaching in the town, and the chapel was quiet and peaceful. Only the little cat girl, Huahua, who had just woken up, was running around in the grass. No one knew what she was playing.

Robb returned to his stone stool and began to relax. As soon as he sat down, a man came to the door of the chapel yard. He had black skin, and his wrists and ankles were full of gold ring. He was a noble from the desert kingdom, Motra. As soon as he came in, he waved at Godfather, “good evening.”

“Hey, why are you here?” Robb smiled and said, “it’s rare to see you here.”

Motra ran to the stone table and sat down. He lowered his voice and said, “I’m here to tell you something. I don’t know if it’s a small matter or a big one. Anyway, it’s not a good thing.”


Motra said in a low voice, “my hometown on the other side of the desert sent me a message, saying that in the Kingdom of Knights to the north. Something is wrong.”

Robb said, “Oh? Tell me in detail.”

“A few days ago, about the time when the video of Mondra, the archbishop, and the demon’s conspiracy was spread, a spy of the kingdom of knights came to the desert kingdom and visited the king. No one knew what they had talked about, and even his closest confidant was not qualified to listen…”

Robb, “Oh? A secret agreement?”

“Yes!” said Motra “I don’t know what the secret agreement is. It’s quite unusual. The relationship between the kingdom of knights and the desert kingdom has always been bad. You know, the kingdom of knights is the base camp of the Church of Light, and our desert kingdom believes in the God of desert. For the kingdom of knights, we are a kingdom of heretics, and we shouldn’t coexist at all. But now the kingdom of knights even sent people to make a secret agreement with the king of the desert kingdom. It’s really surprising.”

Robb said, “then can you guess why they have made an appointment?”

“I can’t guess.” Motra shook his head.

“It’s useless if you can’t guess it.” Robb said impatiently, “if you have guessed it, you can report again.”

“I’m worried that they will do something bad to Westwind Holy city. I want to remind you to be prepared.”

“What do I need to prepare? Soldiers will block the attack, and water will drown the earth.” Robb smiled and said, “besides, if there is no evil intention in the kingdom of knights, we will just need to discuss with the king.”

Sweat trickled down his forehead. [well, Godfather is not afraid of it. I’m thinking too much.]

He said goodbye and left.

Robb unfolded the map and looked at it. He said in a low voice, “I hope it’s not what I am imagining.”

[Forget it. It has nothing to do with me anyway.]

Robb didn’t like to get involved in politics. Unless politics came to the top of Westwind town and slapped him in the face, he didn’t want to deal with it. He’d better solve the problem of the lovely Madeleine first.

He turned his mind back to Robb Smith and returned to the guest room in Lost City.

As soon as he came back, he heard a knock on the door. It was very light, and it could be heard that the person who knocked on the door was a little restless.

Robb could guess who was knocking at the door without thinking. When he opened the door, he saw Madeleine. Her face was a little red. “You are going to test that rabbit princess later. I’ll go with you. Don’t worry. I won’t hinder you. I’ll just hide far away and protect you secretly.”

Robb knew it was useless to refuse. This girl would definitely go with him, so he decisively agreed, “Okay, let’s go together. I feel that the rabbit princess wants to talk to me, but because Jonah Gilbert is standing next to her, she can’t say anything. Let’s have a try.”

The two of them walked out of the door together, but Robb walked in front and Madeleine deliberately hung far behind.

Robb stood in front of the temporary residence of the rabbit princess again.

The guard at the door was a soldier of the templar knights temporarily sent by the Church of Darkness. Robb asked them to inform her that Robb Smith had something to ask for the rabbit princess’ help, so the soldier immediately informed her without stopping him. It seemed that there were many nobles coming to see this princess recently, and the soldier was used to it.

Robb walked into the house again, but this time, the ball in the house was over. There was no longer light, alcohol, or many noble women shuttling inside. The whole building looked peaceful and quiet.

The rabbit princess was sitting on a beautiful chair, and two guards were standing next to her. When she saw him, she immediately smiled and said in the language of the kingdom of Gran, “ah, Mr. Baron, you can speak Chinese again. I feel very happy to hear Chinese in this foreign place.”


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