After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 605

Chapter 605: Madeleine blew it up!

“Well, I’m sorry. It’s just a place in fairy tales,” Robb said. “Anyway, this is the nest of the Church of Darkness. I can’t be wrong. We don’t know who this conspiracy is aimed at. But we don’t have to be anxious.”

Robb’s words were actually a little harsh. Number 2 was now nominally a necromancer of the Church of Darkness, and the queen was nominally a member of the Church of Darkness. The two of them were both dressed in black robes and held important positions in the Church of Darkness, but Robb undisguisedly distinguished the Church of Darkness from the queen in front of them. It could be said that he was very bold.

The queen couldn’t help but take a deep look at Robb. Then she said calmly, “don’t say that. We are one with the Church of Darkness.”

Robb didn’t respond at all.

Madeleine finally said, “then what should we do now?”

Robb chuckled and said, “just observe quietly and not take any action. After figuring out the whole story, we will take the most advantageous plan for us.”

“Yes, you’re right.” The queen said, which meant that she was sure of the next plan. With a straight face, she said, “just do as Robb Smith said. Next, you just need to observe the progress of the matter quietly and report to me if anything happens.”

After saying that, she added, “Robb, you are a smart man. Not bad.”

“Wow, you also said that Robb is a good man.” Madeleine suddenly jumped out from the side and said, “you are ‘good’. Do you really think it’s a good evaluation, or do you mean the same way that Number 32 is’ good ‘?”

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “I really think so.”

Madeleine was overjoyed and said, “now you know it, right? Haha! Robb is really good. Elizabeth, let me tell you. Just now, two assassins arranged by the enemy came to assassinate Robb. Guess what the result is? The whirlwind of Robb is so powerful that it instantly rolled the two assassins up to the sky and smashed their heads…”

Robb thought to himself, [You kill them.]

Madeleine didn’t care about the truth at all. She just wanted to exaggerate. “Godfather said that he was good at wind magic. It wasn’t a good enough evaluation at all. It’s the same as you just praised him for his’ good ‘wisdom. They are all sincere.”

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. “Well, well, he is really good. Is that all right?”

Madeleine said, “look at him. He is such a good man. Shouldn’t he be a prince? His strength and identity don’t match. Elizabeth, can you give him a promotion? I think Duke is a very suitable position for him.”

Number 2 next to him immediately sweated and thought, [you want to promote your boyfriend from Baron to Duke as soon as you speak? How could you be so excessive? Sir, the title is divided into five levels. Yet you want to directly jump from the lowest level to the highest level. There is no such a mess as you.]

The queen was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She didn’t know what to say. She shook her head and sighed, “don’t be ridiculous! When he really makes a great contribution, I will consider promoting him, but he will never be a duke.”

“It’s impossible for a Baron.” the Queen almost overturned the table. “Climb step by step.”

She couldn’t stand her bestie anymore and hung up the phone immediately.

Next, Madeleine and Robb would temporarily live in the Lost City, waiting to see the latest progress.

Fortunately, Westwind Holy city had been very peaceful recently. Robb went back to the holy city every once in a while to learn about the situation there. It was not a problem for him to talk with the queen on the phone.

Several days passed quickly.

Jonah hadn’t sent anyone to assassinate Robb since he failed to assassinate him last time. It seemed that he was afraid of alerting the enemy. In the palace of the rabbit princess, there was still a noble social ball every day. Robb and Madeleine would occasionally attend it, and Jonah, as if nothing had happened, talked and laughed with Robb, looking harmonious.

Robb peeped at the social targets of the rabbit princess and found that the people of the Church of Darkness had a lot of contact with her. It turned out that the rabbit princess had told Church of Darkness that the people of the Church of Darkness were very welcome to go to preach and build churches. If they were willing, they didn’t need to communicate more with the Church of Darkness.

This proposal was, of course, very popular. The Church of Darkness was very excited. It sent many high-ranking people to contact the rabbit princess, and even a few of the bishops came to meet and talk with the rabbit princess. They were very harmonious.

The two sides drew a beautiful blueprint to spread the teachings in Big Tang. The grand preceptors even imagined the grand scene that tens of millions of rabbits had changed their belief to the Church of Darkness in Big Tang. They were so moved that they couldn’t help but shed tears. They wished they could fly to teach in person.

However, Robb knew that these were all fake. Not to mention that a fake princess could not help the Church of Darkness, even a real princess couldn’t. Robb knew clearly how powerful a princess was in terms of authority? What are you talking about! The king could even dismiss the princess as a civilian without any hesitation.

Anyway, it depends on how you are going to play.

He went shopping with Madeleine every day, went to social balls, and went fishing by the sea. He felt very comfortable.

That morning, Madeleine knocked on Robb’s door before dawn.

Wearing a tube nightdress, Robb rubbed his eyes and opened the door. Madeleine immediately said, “Mr. Robb, come with me. I’ll take you to see something good.”

“What’s the good thing? Why are you in such a hurry to take me to see it in such an early morning?”

“A warship!” Madeleine said excitedly, “our new warship is expected to be officially launched this morning. I think you will like it.”

“What?” Robb sobered up a little and said, “a warship? Oh, I’m a little interested in it. Well, wait a moment. I’ll be back soon after I change.”

He quickly changed into a noble suit and went out. Madeleine and number 2 were already ready to go out. The three of them took a group of followers out of the mansion and headed for the seaside ship factory.

Although Lost City belonged to the territory of the Church of Darkness, the queen had been lurking here for sixteen years, and naturally she had cultivated a lot of things that belonged to her. The ship factory that the three of them were about to go to belonged to the queen, the Queen’s ship factory!

The warships produced here were all the private property of the queen, which was her important reliance to ensure the safety of her sea.

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