After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 606

Chapter 606: Big Tang replied

The Queen’s ship factory appeared in front of Robb.

The scale of this ship factory was much smaller than Robb had imagined. It was probably influenced by the thoughts of modern generations. The ship factory in Robb’s mind was as huge as the one in science fiction movies.

However, what he saw in front of him was a construction site by the sea. A beach filled with wood and semi-finished wooden ships.

In the middle of the construction site, there was an area surrounded by canvas.

Pointing at that place, Madeleine said with a smile, “That is the latest warship of our West Gran.”

“It is built in the middle of a canvas. Doesn’t that indicate its confidentiality”

Madeleine said, “that’s her Majesty’s idea. When she was fighting with Godfather for the cream technology, she realized the preciousness of the confidentiality technique. One step ahead of the other, she could far surpass the enemy. Therefore, when she built this new warship, she paid great attention to confidentiality.”

Robb was speechless

Cream technology?

Robb almost burst into laughter on the spot. [no, I can’t. I need to hold back. This is a very serious thing. Don’t laugh.]

“But there’s no need to hide it now,” Madeleine said proudly. “This ship is going to sail today. It’s useless to keep it a secret now. Let the world see the great power of our kingdom.”

Robb was intrigued by her words.

The workers began to lower the canvas. Then, an incomparably huge warship slowly revealed its true face.

Robb had been in the era of navigation, so he had a little understanding of all kinds of Middle Ages ships. As the canvas descended, the first thing he saw was the ship’s mast, one, two, three…

It turned out to be a sailboat with three sails. It’s amazing.

The canvas continued to descend, and the side of the ship was exposed. Robb glanced over and saw many cannons on one side of the ship, at least ten. According to the principle of balance, there were also ten cannons on the other side of the ship, which was very significant firepower.

“Well, well, well.” before Robb finished his praise, the canvas was all dropped, revealing a row of paddles at the bottom.

Robb was speechless

Seeing his strange expression, Madeleine couldn’t help asking, “what’s wrong? Why did you suddenly become stiff?”

Robb said, “the bottom row of the ship’s paddles is too outrageous.”

Madeleine said, “It is a very new design. The ship usually relies on the wind to move forward, and when it enters the state of war, the ship’s paddles also starts to move. Relying on the wind and the pulling force of the liquid, its speed will be much faster than that of an ordinary ship, and it will be more mobile and flexible in a sea battle. This design has received a lot of praise from Elizabeth. The man who invented it has received a great bonus.”

Well, Robb now understood that this should be the version of Galleass. This kind of ship’s design was very strong. Back then, it was also the overlord of the world in the Mediterranean. It was the latest invention in this era. It was very powerful.

The next step was the ceremony of the ship getting into the water.

The large group of sailors happily sent the ship down to the sea. The huge three sail sailboat raised its white sails, which looked mighty and domineering.

Robb took it as a trip and happily watched the ceremony. He felt it was not bad.

Just as the ceremony was over and before everyone could turn around, a soldier quickly ran over and knelt on one knee in front of Madeleine. “My Lord, the latest news is that we have received a letter from the border of Big Tang. And we have also sent a letter, which says that they will immediately send an army to pick up the princess and thanked us for our help.”

Hearing the news, the three people, Robb, Madeleine and number 2, looked at each other with strange expressions.

Although others didn’t know, the three of them all knew that the princess was a fake princess. Since she was a fake princess, they should be confused when they received the letter. Why did they send someone back to thank them? And they also said that they would send an army to pick her up.

Robb asked the soldier calmly, “who sent the letter? Who answered it?”

The soldier said, “the letter was written by number 2. The reply was received by Jonah Gilbert first, and he gave it to us.”

Robb smiled and said, “we know. You can leave now.”

After the soldier retreated, Robb turned his head and smiled at number 2. “The flying messengers have been bribed, and the letter has not been sent to Big Tang at all. It should have turned back halfway, and then a fake reply letter was forged by him.”

Number two nodded.

Robb continued, “now that the enemy has taken the initiative to take out the ‘reply from Big Tang’. It means that their plot is about to enter the next stage.”

Madeleine was not smart enough to cut in at this time, so she had to ask, “guess what they will do?”

Robb said, “the information is too little for us to guess. Who knows why they are doing this. It seems that it’s time for me to ask the fake princess.”

Madeleine said, “it’s hard to talk to the fake princess, as Jonah has been keeping an eye on her.”

“It doesn’t matter. I have an idea.” Robb took out two small crystal balls from his pocket. These were the “mobile phones” he invented last time. The first batch was given to three adventurers, and production was still going on. He chuckled and said, “Madeleine, you take one of them to attend the social ball. You pretend to talk to the rabbit princess and take the opportunity to shake hands with her to give this crystal ball to her.”

Madeleine suddenly understood and said, “ah, it can still be like this.”

Robb said, “technology is what we need. The other party can’t imagine that we will talk to the fake princess in this way.”

Madeleine and number 2 couldn’t help admiring the method. It was really brilliant. Except for the people from Westwind holy city, no one had ever touched the “mobile phone”. No one had expected that someone would talk to the fake princess in this way. This was called attacking the blind area.

In the evening, the fake princess’s mansion started a social ball again. A large group of big shots from the Church of Darkness were talking with the fake Princess about pushing the dark faith into Big Tang. When they were having a good time, Madeleine, as the “dark sword sage”, came over and chatted with the fake princess. Taking the opportunity to shake hands with the fake princess. She stuffed a crystal ball into the fake princess’s hand.

The fake princess had been held and controlled for many years, so she was very vigilant and sensitive about everything. When she received the “mobile phone” from Madeline, she could not see any flaws on the rabbit’s face. However, even if there were any flaws on the rabbit’s face, it was difficult for humans to see them.

She quietly put away the phone, although she didn’t know what it would be used for.


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