After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 612

Chapter 612: I’ll be a good man

A ship without sails appeared in the dock of the queen’s factory.

As the ship was painted with wood texture, it looked like an ordinary wooden ship. Madeleine and number 2 didn’t tell any of their subordinates the detailed information of the ship, but told them that there was a ship that encountered a storm last night and was dragged back to the ship factory. It was now waiting for maintenance.

In this way, no traitor would spread the information.

Madeleine didn’t even transfer it to the navy, because no one knew if there were any spies arranged by Jonah.

She’ll just let the huge steel ship float quietly in the dock in Lost City.

That evening, it was time for Robb to talk about the fees with the queen.

Robb sat lazily on his stone stool and looked at the crystal ball. “Miss queen, you have received the steel warship. It’s time to calculate the cost with me, right?”

The queen had long known that the damned man was a man who wanted money desperately. It was impossible for him to build the warship for free, so she had already been mentally prepared. She said calmly, “well, how much does it cost?”

“I won’t tell you the whole number immediately. Let’s do the same calculations,” Robb said with a smile. “First of all, calculate the material cost. More than fifty tons of steel, a ton is one thousand kilograms, and a kilo is about the price of an iron ingot. You know the price of an iron ingot. You can calculate it by yourself first.”

The queen was rendered speechless

Judging from the cost of the materials, the queen sensed that something was wrong.

Robb said, “next is the cost of making the short cannons, the magic items, the steam engine, the fees of the dwarf craftsmen, the chimney, the wheel, the gear, and… These things have been used countless times and I have roughly calculated it for you…”

The queen pounded the table and said, “you’re asking too much. It’s clearly black money.”

“Is it?” Robb said, “or you can do the math out by yourself.”

The queen turned to the secretary next to her and winked at him. After a while, the secretary finished calculating and handed the queen the list with his trembling hands.

The queen only took a look at it and felt her whole body tremble. “Really? This cost… This weapon’s cost is too much, isn’t it?”

Robb shrugged his shoulders and said, “with your current gross national product, it’s really difficult to build such a huge steel ship. You can only make ten or so ships by smashing the pot and selling iron to empty the national treasury. But don’t be sad. As long as you develop well and improve your economy, you will be able to build more easily in the future.”

The queen was rendered speechless

The court clerk next to him whispered, “Your Majesty, do you really want to give him such a large sum of money? You have just prepared so much money to rebuild the Royal Palace. If you give it to him, the royal palace will not be completed.”

The queen shook her head and said, “don’t be silly. This giant steel ship is a national weapon. How can I give up such a powerful weapon in order to build the royal palace? I’d rather abandon the royal palace than this ship. Send someone to give him the money.”

The court secretary bowed and left.

The queen looked at Robb depressed. “It was not easy for me to save money, but all of it is gone now.”

Robb said, “but you can solve the threat from the Church of Darkness and Norma in one go. So why not? I believe that as wise as you are, you must know whether the money is worth it or not.”

“Alas, for the long-term peace of the coastal cities, a powerful warship is necessary. This money is worth it,” the queen sighed “However, it’s not enough to just solve the threat from the sea. The enemies from the land are still here. I have sent someone to investigate the information you told me last time. Norma has indeed reached a secret agreement with the desert kingdom, but the content of the secret agreement can’t even be realized by the best spies. I have reason to suspect that Norma may use the desert kingdom to attack our kingdom. Alas! My plan to break through Mondra’s lair and unify the Kingdom of Gran will be postponed again. “

Speaking of this, she sighed, “when can I revive my kingdom?”

Hearing the helplessness and pain in her tone, Robb felt a little sorry for her. He shrugged and said, “it’s a political matter. This is how it is. You want to kill Mondra, but Mondra tightly holds the thighs of the Church of Light, so Norma can’t just stand by. You should have been mentally prepared.”

The queen said, “I’m just very angry. Why do the bad guys like Mondra have people to help? I’m on the side of justice, but no one is there to help me? Not only that, there’s also a damned man who has been extorting my money.”

“Am I extorting your money?” Robb laughed. “I have given most of the money I took from you to the craftsmen, which is the reward they deserve for making weapons, desserts and all kinds of good things for you. If I give you these without pay, the workers will get nothing. Then, what about fairness for them?”

The queen said, “you mean, because I’m a good person and I’m just, I pay attention to fairness, so I have to pay something if I want to get something. And Mondra is a bad person. He doesn’t need to pay attention to justice and fairness. He just needs to constantly plunder others. That’s why he lives so easily?”

Robb threw up his hands and said, “so far, that seems to be the case.”

The queen sneered, “then I’ll be a bad guy, okay?”

“No!” Robb suddenly put on a serious face, which was rare to see. “If you are a bad person, you may be able to get many slaves who will work for you for free, but you will also lose someone’s help at the same time.”



The queen was rendered speechless

The eerie silence lasted for a few seconds. Robb had thought that the queen would thump the table and say, “you have never helped me before. You will take my money.”

But in fact, the queen didn’t say anything. She thought quietly for a while. After about thirty seconds, she suddenly showed her face and smiled. This smile was extremely beautiful, making her face more beautiful.

She smiled and said, “then I’d better be a good person.”


“If you say one more word, I’ll change my mind and be a bad guy.”

Robb smiled and said, “it’s not that you can change it as you like. Once your three values are formed, it’s difficult to change them.”

The two of them were separated by the crystal ball. They looked at each other quietly and had nothing to say for a while. After a long time, the queen said, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed.”

“Well, go ahead,” Robb didn’t say anything strange, but comforted her in a soft voice, “there is much support for justice, but there is little support for injustice. This momentary difficulty doesn’t mean anything. As long as you walk on the right path, you will definitely take the final victory.”

“I hope so!”


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