After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 613

Chapter 613: It has started

Five days later, a group arrived at the outer area of the city.

The size of this group was not small. There were a total of eleven warships, all of which were three sailed ships. On the deck of the ships stood towering buildings. Two rows of side cannons were lined up on both sides of the ships, looking mighty and domineering.

The golden dragon flag with five claws was hung on each ship, and on the deck of each ship stood some rabbit folk sailors.

Seeing the ship, Robb wanted to say something.

This is not Big Tang’s ship…

Although he had never been to Big Tang in this world, judging from the overall development of this world, Big Tang should be in the middle ages. At that time, in East Gran, the navigation technique should be extremely backward.

The techniques used at that time should be the “hard sail technology”. There was a lack of large coastal ships, and all of them were only coastal boats. How could there be such a unified large sailboat? This was too ridiculous.

But he just acted like this. He bullied the people here because they didn’t know much about the East.

Robb was a little curious. Why didn’t any sea merchant who have seen them before come to expose it? However, when he walked around the dock, he found that all the sea merchants were not there. He asked someone and heard that Mr. Jonah had frequently released all kinds of overseas missions in the past few months. The sea merchants and adventurers had set out happily.

Norma didn’t know anything about Big Tang, so they dared to use a sailboat to disguise as Big Tang’s warships.

These ships didn’t arrive at the port at once. They separated down on the distant sea and sent out boats to negotiate. Robb saw that a small group of rabbit folk came ashore. They all had a rabbit head and wore eastern armor. One of them looked to be the rabbit general.

However, Robb had already talked to the fake princess on the phone and knew that these rabbit folk were all members of the silk trade group. Like the fake princess, they were also held hostage by the members of Norma, forcing them to come out to perform.

The fake rabbit general went ashore by a small boat and had a good talk with Jonah, who had been waiting on the shore for a long time. He thanked him for saving the princess, and then a large group of senior leaders of the Church of Darkness gathered around to meet and shake hands with the fake general. The two sides showed a very harmonious and friendly attitude.

The rabbit general was willing to send some priests and nuns to the east to help them build a chapel and spread their teachings there, which made the senior leaders of the Church of Darkness lament that they had not received the princess in vain.

Robb knew that the show was about to begin.

Sure enough, after the friendly negotiation between the two sides, it was time to send the fake princess on board. The warships in the distance began to slowly move towards the shore. Robb quietly pulled Madeline’s hand, and the latter understood and quietly retreated a little. Number 2 also followed them. The three of them quietly left the crowd and climbed to the direction of the ship. They climbed to the steel warship and sat in the cabin, watching the scene from afar with the magic item added with “detection technique”.

On the main pier, a large group of priests and archbishops of the Church of Darkness were waiting in line to see off the fake princess. A huge three sailed sailboat came over and picked up the fake princess and the rabbit general.

Robb pointed at the warships behind them and said in a low voice, “Madeleine, look, the cannons of the enemy warships.”

Madeleine took a closer look and found that the cannons of the eleven warships were intentionally or unintentionally aimed at the important targets around.

Some aimed at the dark warships nearby, some aimed at their cabins, the archbishops on the shore, some aimed at the port’s gunpowder, and even the muzzle of a warship aimed at the Queen’s newly built warship.

Madeleine’s heart tightened. “Should we disperse the soldiers on the warship now?”

“Don’t! If we ask them to leave the ship in an emergency, all our hard preparations will be in vain,” Number 2 said “Even if the people of Norma can’t see through us, the people of the Church of Darkness will definitely know that we have prepared for it. At this point, we can only pretend that we don’t know. After the enemy opens the fire, they will immediately order the soldiers to jump into the sea to escape and come to our ship. Only in this way can we show the scene that an elephant was suddenly bitten by a wild dog and fights back.”

“But the soldiers will die. This is not Westwind Holy city. Godfather is not here, the dead will really die…”

“I’ll protect them,” Robb said in a low voice. “I’ll go to that ship and use my magic to protect them!”

“No way? It’s too dangerous.” Madeleine said anxiously, “then I’ll go with you.”

“Don’t make things worse. Your swordsmanship won’t work in this situation,” said Robb.

“But… It’s too dangerous for you to go there like this. I have to follow you.”

Robb put on a serious face and asked, “Madeleine, are you going to be my nanny?”

His tone was a little harsh, which made Madeleine stiff. After a few seconds, she said with tears, “thank you. You must be careful.”

Robb slipped down from the huge steel ship and transferred to the nearby warship. There were more than 200 crew members on the ship, and the scale was quite large. When they saw Robb get on the ship, they quickly bowed. In the past two months, Madeleine and Robb had been together all the time. They often went to the ship factory, dock and so on. Everyone knew who he was.

Robb said, “Duke Madeleine asked me to observe and learn on this ship. I am temporarily responsible for the command of this ship.”

The crew bowed, but Robb found that a few of them sneered. If Robb didn’t know the enemy’s plot in advance, he might not be able to perceive their expressions. But now, he seemed to hear them say, “you’re going to die soon. Why do you even want to command?”.

[Sure enough, there are spies on the ship. It’s right that we didn’t evacuate the crew in advance. The news almost leaked out,] Robb thought to himself.

He made an “OK” gesture to Madeleine on the huge steel ship from a distance to make her feel relieved. He knew that Madeleine would definitely be worried about him, but it didn’t matter. The final result would not be dangerous for her and would not hurt her heart.

Robb looked at the wharf in the distance and saw that the fake princess and the rabbit general had boarded the ship. With a polite look on his face, Jonah accompanied the fake Princess and her group to the ship. When all of them boarded the ship, the enemy attack was about to start.

The fuse was burning!

Of course, nowadays, the cannons were hidden in the ship, so no one could see that the fuse was burning.


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