After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 614

Chapter 614: Abandon ship

People saw the rabbit princess waving her hand on the deck and Jonah who pretended to get off the ship after saying a few words.

On the wharf, rows of big shots waved goodbye to them.

A few seconds later, with a loud bang, the surprise attack began.

At the same time, the eleven three sailed big sailboats fired at the same time, and the magic items on the ships were also fired at the same time.

In an instant, physical cannonballs, magic flying bombs, fireballs, ice arrows, holy explosions… All kinds of attacks were shot out of the warships at the same time, crazily sweeping towards the people waving goodbye on the dock.

This time, they were really caught off guard. These big shots from the Church of Darkness had never expected that the people from Big Tang would suddenly make a move under this situation.

A cannonball fell into the crowd and exploded!

Two cardinals were both blown up at the same time.

Another fireball flew over at an archbishop that was still waving his hand. All of a sudden, he turned into a fireball.


With broken limbs and broken arms flying all over the sky.

In an instant, there were heavy casualties and rivers of blood on the dock.

What was interesting was that although the big shots of the Church of Darkness suffered a great loss, ordinary civilians were not affected. It turned out that the people of the Church of Darkness had their own identities. Before sending the fake Princess onto the ship, they cleaned up the dock and drove the civilians away.

This was a common practice in the middle ages. When did the big shots and the ordinary people mingle.

As a result, all the big shots took this round of attack.

The commoners that were still nearby reacted and fled in all directions. The warships of Norma didn’t have time to care about these commoners. This time, they only brought eleven three sailed sailboats, but they had to attack many targets immediately, so they didn’t have extra energy to deal with the commoners.

The army of Norma only used two warships’ side weapons to attack the big shots on the dock. The other nine warships also attacked the warships that were docked. Several dark warship near the area were shot at the same time, turning into huge fireballs.

Some of them, who were a little far away, were also hit by the gunfire and magic attack. The sailors on the ships were so scared that they jumped into the water before they could even fight back.

The armies of Norma didn’t intend to miss the Queen’s warship. However, the poor queen had nothing here. There was only the new warship floating on the sea not far away.

Obviously, Jonah had already informed them that this warship was the latest one and it was very powerful. They had to give it a heavy blow.

The two warships of Norma fired at the same time.

In an instant, countless cannonballs and magic roared towards the warship.

Madeleine’s heart almost jumped out of her chest when she saw this.

At this time, Robb was standing on the deck of the ship, pretending to know nothing. Beside him, there was a large number of crewmembers watching the farewell ceremony. However, just before the artillery battle began, five of them jumped into the water at the same time

Obviously, these five guys were all traitors and had already been bribed.

They knew that the warships of Norma was about to launch a sneak attack, so they took the perfect time to jump. The moment they fell into the water, cannonballs came.

A cannonball flew over first. With a bang, a big hole was made on the side of the boat. The cannonball went into the cabin and hit a sailor who was resting in the cabin. The sailor was caught off guard and was about to be smashed into pieces by the cannonball

At this moment, a whirlwind suddenly wrapped him and pulled him to the side. The cannonball grazed the body of the sailor and flew over. It hit the partition at the back, penetrated the partition and entered the ship’s belly.

Then, dozens of cannonballs fell on the deck one after another. Some hit the deck, and some hit the side rails. In an instant, dozens of big holes appeared on the deck, and several crewmembers were almost killed by the cannonballs. But strangely, before the cannonballs hit them, there was always a whirlwind wrapping them and pulling them away horizontally.

As a result, not a single crewmember was injured in this round of bombardment, but the warship was smashed into pieces.

The crew finally came to their senses and shouted, “enemy attack! Enemy attack! Get ready to fight back!”

“Stop it!” Robb laughed and cursed, “the ship has been destroyed. What else can we do? I order you to jump off the ship immediately to escape and withdraw to the ship of Duke Madeleine.”

The crew were was stunned and thought, [although our ship has eaten dozens of bullets, it only has dozens of big holes. We can still fight. Why should we change our ship?]

However, just as they thought of this, they saw the second wave of attacks coming.

This round of attack was no longer just the solid shell, but a lot of messy magic.

A huge flame explosion hit the side of the ship and exploded. The power of the flame instantly ignited the ship. If Robb hadn’t immediately used wind magic to blow out the heat of the flame, many crewmembers would have been roasted in an instant.

Then, ice arrows, lightning, fireballs, and a lot of magic constantly flew over, hitting the side and deck like discharge sails. The whole warship immediately had many fires, burning everywhere. Several crewmembers almost died. If Robb hadn’t erected a wind wall in front of them in time, they would have been completely doomed.

At this time, the crew also found that the reason why they could still be alive now was that they were protected by the wind magic of Robb Smith. This man had saved the lives of countless crewmembers by himself!

Robb shouted again, “jump out of the ship quickly. Go to the ship where Lord Madeleine is.”

This time, the crew no longer had any hesitation and decisively abandoned the ship and jumped into the sea.

As soon as they jumped off the ship, another wave of gunshots came. Pieces of broken wood flew around and flames were everywhere. Robb didn’t want to stay here any longer, in case that Madeleine was worried and shed tears.

He pulled down a board from the deck and threw it into the water. Then he jumped down, stood on the board and steadied himself. Then a gust of wind blew from behind and pushed him forward. While sliding with one hand, Madeleine and number 2 on the other ship were stunned. They really didn’t expect that Robb Smith was so powerful that he was not injured in the wave of magic attacks from the enemy. He even protected all the crewmembers, and finally escaped in such a handsome way.

At this moment, the five traitors jumped out of the water and waved their daggers at Robb.


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