After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 615

Chapter 615: He was ready to fight back

The five traitors who suddenly jumped out were the five spies who had escaped from the ship at the beginning. After they jumped into the water, they happily looked at the warships of Norma attacking the warship. They wanted to see the picture of the warriors of the kingdom of Gran suffer. They didn’t expect that all the crewmembers of the Kingdom of Gran were protected by this wind magician.

Of course, they couldn’t let go of such a powerful wind magician. In the future, he would definitely become a threat to Norma. Therefore, the five traitors lurked in the water, waiting for Robb to jump out of the water and launch a sneak attack the moment he slid on his board.

This move came all of a sudden, which was really a little unexpected. Magicians were most afraid of enemies who suddenly appear close to them.

Unfortunately, they met Robb…

All of a sudden, he jumped up from his board. His body spun in the air, and a beautiful cyclone leg appeared. The faces of the five traitors were hit by their feet at the same time, and they fell backwards. Robb spun in the middle, and he stood steadily on the board after falling down.

He even pretended to snort and said, “who gave you the illusion that I am not good at close combat? As a wind magician, I like to be direct.”

The five spies were kicked so hard that their faces and feet were in a mess. They didn’t know why the magician had such great strength. After taking his attack, they felt as if their bones were broken all over their bodies and could not move at all. They didn’t know that Robb had shown mercy to them, in case that he would expose his strength if he kicked them into pieces.

The five spies slowly sank into the water, but before they drowned, the West Gran crew who had just jumped off the boat swam over and stabbed daggers into their hearts.

This was a war between two kingdom, and the soldiers would not show mercy at all. Since Robb was not in the position to arrest the prisoners, he had to pretend not to see them.

More than 200 crewmembers swam from the ship to the newly built steel warship.

The steel warship with wood texture looked like an ordinary wooden ship, and there was no sail, and only an incomprehensible chimney. Therefore, the enemy thought that this was a broken ship in maintenance without sails, so they did not waste their precious attacking power on this ship.

After they got rid of the ship, they cheered triumphantly and turned the muzzle of their guns to the warship that the Church of Darkness rushed to use in a hurry. The cannon and the magic items were fired fiercely, and the fight was very pleasant.

The rabbitmen who had just stood on the deck and pretended to be innocent were all driven into the bottom of a ship and locked up in case they made trouble for themselves. The real crew of Norma appeared on the deck.

These people all looked very valiant, and their style was very different from that of the people of the Kingdom of Gran.

The Kingdom of Gran was also called the Magic Kingdom. There were many magicians.

Norma, on the other hand, was called the knight kingdom. There were many rough men in the Kingdom, and the whole kingdom was valiant.

Moreover, the Kingdom of Norma is located to the north of Fengmo Continent, the climate is relatively cold there, and the living environment is much harsher than that of the Kingdom of Gran, which made the people of the Kingdom of Norma have a stronger physique, and even the north wind will turn fishermen into pirates.

After these people appeared on the deck, the panicking Church of Darkness finally understood what had happened.

At the dock, someone shouted, “they are from the Church of Light!”

“Damn it! It’s a plot.”

“The despicable Church of Light.”

“Fight! Fight!”

“Where are the templar knights? Transfer them here..”

“No one is commanding?”

“The big shots are all dead and badly injured.”

“How many boats do we have left?”

The dock was in a mess. Countless people in black robes were running back and forth, and then they were shot into the sky by the firecrackers on the warships

Some magicians began to fight back in a hurry, throwing several fireball and ice archery skills towards the warships on the sea. However, this kind of disorganized counterattack was unable to shake the well prepared enemies. The magicians on the warships used defensive magic to easily block these counterattacks.

At this time, Robb had already arrived at the steel warship. Along with him, there were the two hundred crewmembers. They swam to the steel warship awkwardly, and their faces were full of panic. They were not mentally prepared for this sudden attack, and it was normal for them to be stunned.

Moreover, their new warship had been burned to ashes just now. It was hard to imagine how low their morale was now.

The only thing on the crew’s mind was to run away as soon as possible.

Seeing that Robb had returned safely, Madeleine breathed a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was also very happy about the strength he had shown just now. But now, it was not the right time to be around Robb. No matter how much she loved him, she was still the commander and shouldered the heavy responsibility the queen had given her.

Madeleine said loudly, “Everyone, listen to my order, immediately enter this warship and get ready to fight back with it.”

“What?” the crew sweat… “Use… Use this ship to counterattack?”

“Duke, didn’t this ship get damaged and need repair?”

“Yes, it doesn’t even have a sail. How can it sail?”

Robb said, “I’ll teach you how right away. You can learn and use it now.”


The crew were speechless on the spot. What should they do now?

The captain stood out and said, “Sir, with all due respect, can we fight with our current level? This is a war, not a joke. If we go to the battlefield with our current level, there is only a dead end waiting for us. Rather than forcefully going up to die like this, it’s better for the soldiers to escape, keeping behind their own strength.”

“Why can’t you learn and use it now?” Robb said.

“What? What is it?”

“I can’t explain it clearly to you,” Robb said, “anyway, as soon as a rookie gets on a mobile weapon, he can beat the enemy as much as he wants. Don’t tell me that you can’t do it. Use your perseverance to overcome it. It’s time for you to be the protagonists.”

The crew were rendered speechless

There was no reason to argue with such a crazy man. Anyway, the biggest order had to be followed. The crew were still soldiers after all. Even if they knew there was a trap ahead, they had to follow orders. At this point, they had to bite the bullet.

Robb said, “all the people on board who were in charge of paddling before, go to help the gunner with the cannons and the magic items, sailors should go into the power room to coal the boiler, and the helmsman should continue to take charge of the rudder.”


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