After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 621

Chapter 621: I will also come and have a look

“Retreat, retreat!” the commander had no choice but to give the order to retreat. As for the many other crew members in the water that hadn’t been rescued, he had no time to care. Anyway, most of the soldiers here were civilian or slave soldiers. He didn’t feel sorry for losing them. They had to keep their lives.

The remaining four warships and two damaged but still able to travel turned around and fled to the sea.

The captain of the ship picked up the small speaker and wanted to order Westwind ship to continue to chase. However, the three people, Robb, Madeleine and number 2, said almost at the same time, “don’t order to chase. That’s it.”

“Ah? Our army has won a complete victory. How can we not chase them now?” the captain said. “Isn’t it better to take advantage of our fast speed to catch up and destroy them one by one?”

Madeleine said, “we can’t chase them anymore. There are still many soldiers of Norma in the water. After these people swim to the shore, there will be a fierce battle. If we chase the warship of Norma, the situation here will be difficult to imagine.”

The captain thought it over and agreed. He put down the little speaker.

At this time, Robb said, “Madeleine, you and number 2 fight and stay here to deal with the aftermath. I want to borrow a manticore to follow their fleet.”

“What are you going to do?”

Robb said, “the fake rabbit princess is still on Nurma’s ship. On the four ships, many merchants of the rabbit kingdom were taken hostage, and they need rescue. Besides, the fake rabbit princess’s father is also taken hostage by the people of Norma. I don’t know where he is, but I have to take care of this matter.”

Madeleine couldn’t help but praise, “Mr. Robb, you are so kind. You also want to save these irrelevant people.”

How could she call someone irrelevant? Robb thought to himself, [I’m afraid you don’t know the details of my hometown! It’s the tradition of us Chinese people to support a person in foreign countries. If he just sat there and watched his hometown being destroyed and couldn’t do anything, he really couldn’t live up to his conscience.]

“Don’t you think it’s better for me to be kind?” Robb said with a smile. “Did you think I’m a bad person?”

Of course, Madeleine didn’t want her favorite person to be a bad guy. She had to say, “but you can’t save her even if you ride a manticore alone.”

“I’ll go and find out if there’s a chance to save her. If not, forget it,” Robb lied casually.

Madeleine didn’t doubt him it at all. On second thought, it was obvious that Robb didn’t bring the air force with him this time. If there was, the air force would have been sent out just now. So it would be safer for him to follow them on a manticore. She said, “then you must be very careful. It doesn’t matter if you can’t save them. Don’t get yourself involved. Just look carefully from the sky and try to escape if the situation is not right.”

Robb, “Okay, I see. Right, there should be some rabbit merchants climbing up from the water later. You gather the rabbit folk and take care of them. I will talk to them when I come back.”

Madeleine replied obediently.

The warship of Norma had escaped far away. The crew that had just jumped out of the warships that had just been sank swam desperately to the shore. They fought with the templar knights of the Church of Darkness. Then, Westwind ship came to ashore. Robb jumped off the ship. Madeleine then ordered someone to bring a manticore to Robb.

Robb rode on the manticore, flew into the sky and chased in the direction of the disappearance of the warships of Norma.

The manticore’s speed was extremely fast. In a twinkling of an eye, he caught up with the fleet of Norma. Looking down from the sky, he could see that there were only four intact warships left in the fleet.

He activated his detection skill with a distance of 5000 yards. Even in the sky, he could clearly see everything on the deck, and even the depressed expressions of the crew members. Unfortunately, he could not hear them.

After making sure that there was no one following them, the fleet slowed down. Then, a large group of soldiers gathered on the deck of the flag. Robb saw the Commander, two people, and several generals.

These people seemed to be talking about something on the deck! As he spoke, he threw the hat on the ground and stepped hard on it.

Although he couldn’t hear the content, he could guess that it was just a self-criticism of his loss. In other words, he should be scolding his steel warship. He had plotted for years, but all his schemes were ruined. Moreover, he had lost five warships. It was impossible for him not to be sad.

After he cursed angrily for a while, Robb saw a soldier coming out of the cabin, followed by the fake rabbit princess.

Seeing this scene, Robb thought to himself, [the hostages are useless now. Are they going to kill them and throw their corpses into the sea?]

But on second thought, Robb felt that they might not kill or throw their corpses away.

This was not a group of terrorists, but a kingdom’s formal army in the name of the “Knight kingdom”. The formal army used a strategy to launch a surprise attack that would not harm their reputation. It was called deception. Detaining the merchants of another kingdom to help them. It could also be said to be a national strategy, and it was barely reasonable. However, after the other party worked hard for them, killing the hostages would probably be difficult. People who thought themselves as knights might not be able to do such a thing.

Of course, a garbage noble with low moral quality and without the dignity of a knight might still be able to do such a thing.

At this time, it all depended on the other party’s personality.

Robb saw an officer pulling out his sword and pretending to be about to chop off the fake rabbit princess’ head, but the commander scolded him. The officer put down his sword, and then the fake rabbit princess was pushed in front of the commander and Jonah. The fake Princess lowered her head and seemed to say nothing. The commander was talking to her. After a while, Jonah waved his hand and the officer took the fake princess away.

Robb thought to himself, [well done. Your kindness saved your life. If you really killed her, I would have had to kill you, because people without integrity are not qualified to live in this world.]

He continued to follow in the sky. The warships of Norma had been sailing on the sea for a long time and arrived at a small island. There was a camp, a small army and a few transportation ships on the island. It seemed that this was a stronghold of Norma that had been operating for a long time and used to attack the sea stations of the Kingdom of Gran.

The warships came ashore, and the soldiers got off the ships dejectedly. The rabbit folk on the ships were taken out, and then a group of soldiers in the camp on the island escorted the group of rabbit folk out. The rabbit folk held their hands and looked at each other with tears in their eyes, speechless.


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