After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 622

Chapter 622: I’ll take you to a safe place first

The rabbit folk didn’t know that Robb had used a water breathing spell to save some rabbit folks that had fallen into the sea. For them, those rabbits were the typical “those who died after being involved in the war”.

The fake rabbit princess held a rabbit’s hand and cried sadly for a while. It seemed that the rabbit folk was her father, but Robb couldn’t tell whether it was a male or female from its head or its age. He could only guess that it was a middle-aged rabbit.

The commander of Norma ordered the rabbit folk to get on a transportation ship and then transport them to the direction of the Northeast of the island. When they arrived at the shore, he left all the rabbit folk ashore. Then he left and went straight back to the island, leaving the rabbit folk standing on the shore in dismay.

They didn’t even know where they were.

The rabbit folk were embarrassed for a while. The fake princess took out a crystal ball from her arms, said something to the other rabbits, and then dialed Robb’s number.

The next moment, Robb fell from the sky and landed in front of the rabbits.

The manticore startled the rabbits, but when she saw Robb riding on it, the fake princess couldn’t help but say happily, “ah, you’re here. I just wanted to contact you.”

She spoke Chinese!

The rabbits next to them saw a Western man with black hair descending from the sky. He was wearing nobleic clothes. They wondered who he was? All of a sudden, they heard the fake princess speak Chinese to him, which made them a little confused. One of the rabbits couldn’t help saying, “Miss, this is a foreigner. I think we should speak western with him.”

The fake princess said, “although he is a Western-styled man, he can speak Chinese, and his Chinese is very good. It sounds like his accent is mixed with some words of the Shandong territory…”

Robb couldn’t help laughing.

He bowed to the rabbits and said with a smile, “nice to meet you. My name is Robb Smith. I’m a man from the Kingdom of Gran.”

His words was very standard and made the rabbits feel warm. The rabbits immediately felt that Robb was a good person. The middle-aged rabbit, who was suspected to be the father of the fake princess, immediately made a salute to Robb and said, “Mr. Robb, nice to meet you. I didn’t expect to meet someone who can speak Chinese here. It’s really surprising. I’m the leader of this trade team. My name is Shang Yang, and the woman next to me is my daughter, Shang Hui.”

It made Robb very happy to hear the man call him Robb (In Chinese). He hadn’t heard anyone call him Robb for a long time. He almost forgot his name. Now that he heard the familiar address and spoke his familiar Chinese, he was really in a good mood.

“Oh, nice to meet you, mister and miss Shang,” said Robb. “Although you have introduced yourselves in such a detailed way, with all due respect, I can’t see any difference in your faces. If you wear the same clothes, I can’t even tell which you are, let alone who you are.”

“Well… Well, people in the West always say that we look exactly the same. Well, we are used to it. Shang Hui, why don’t you put a wild flower on your head? In case Robb mistook you for a man.”

Then she squatted down, picked a flower and put it on her rabbit head.

Well, there was a flower on a rabbit head. It looked like that there was really no word to describe it.

Robb hurriedly turned his head and said, “I heard about your story. It’s really a pity. I really feel sorry for you.”

A tinge of pain flashed across the face of Shang Yang, but Robb couldn’t understand the expression on his rabbit face, so he couldn’t understand his grief either. “Alas! We have been prepared for a narrow escape from death since we came to the western region for business. We can only blame ourselves for such a thing. However, I don’t know where we are now, and I don’t know how to go home…”

Robb said, “your current position is at the southwest corner of Fengmo continent, the seaside in the north of Lost City. This is the territory of West Gran, and also under the influence of the Church of Darkness.”

“Hey, did you we get here?” He was a merchant who traveled all the way to the South and had a certain understanding of the world’s geographical distribution. He had read the big map and immediately understood where he was. He said depressingly, “we were captured by Norma’s people in the north of the continent. I didn’t expect that they would actually transport us to the southwest corner. How can we get back now?”

Robb, “don’t panic. It’s not difficult to get back. I can get you back at any time, as long as you have a transmission scroll. However, you still have some companions who have jumped into the water from the warships in Lost City. You’d better go back to Lost City first and meet them before you go back.”

“Eh? Are they all right?” said Shang Yang. “I heard from my daughter that their ships were hit by attacks and they all fell into the sea. We are all land merchants, not sea merchants. We can’t swim. After they fall into the water, there is only a dead end.”

Robb smiled and said, “don’t worry. They are all fine. My people have secretly protected them and saved them. At present, they should all be staying in Lost City.”

When Shang Hui heard that she was going back to the Lost City, she was taken aback. “I was pretending to be a princess there and tricked a lot of people. I don’t dare to go back now.”

“Is that so?” Robb thought about it carefully. This woman was right. The Church of Darkness must hate the rabbit folk very much. It shouldn’t be a big problem for Madeleine, However, it was not good for the fake princess to go back to Lost City. “How about this? I’ll send you to a safer place. You wait there first, and then I’ll bring your companions there. After they arrive, you can go back together.”

“Ah? That’s really troublesome for you,” said Shang Yang, “we met by chance, but you are willing to help us like this. I don’t think I need to say anything about your great kindness, so I won’t say anything polite. But if you need my help next time, just say it. My family will go through fire and water to do it no matter what happens.”

That sounded great!

Robb liked to hear these Eastern words. He took out a transmission scroll from his pocket and opened the transmission portal to Westwind town. He smiled and said, “come in. Welcome to Westwind Holy city.”

The rabbit folk looked at the transmission portal with doubt. They didn’t dare to enter, but the situation they were in before was worse. They closed their eyes and went inside. Maybe the person in front of them really wanted to help them?


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