After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 623

Chapter 623: Blessed by our ancestors

Soon, the rabbit folk stood on the hillside beside the cemetery of Westwind Holy City. The amiable young man did not follow them, but on the stone stool in the chapel yard, a golden haired priest waved at them and smiled in standard Chinese, “friends from Big Tang, welcome to Westwind town.”

“Ah, another one who can speak Chinese.” the rabbit folk were overjoyed and quickly surrounded Robb

Robb began to work hard with simultaneous operations again, but it was not bad. He talked with the rabbit folk and arranged accommodations for them with Elsie. Then he could temporarily relax the operation of the avatar of Godfather and shift his attention back to Robb Smith.

When he returned to Lost City, he found that the work here was almost over.

Many of the crew of Norma that jumped off the six warships that had been hit had been killed by the maddened Church of Darkness. The rest of them had surrendered, or had been taken to the Church of Darkness for interrogation, or had been detained by the people of Madeleine.

As for the rabbit merchants who had fallen into the water, they hid under the water for a while. It was not until the people of the Church of Darkness finished did they quietly climb ashore from the seaside in the distance. As soon as they went ashore, they found that Madeleine was waiting for them on the shore.

Then, the group of rabbit folk were taken to the West Gran military camp outside Lost City.

When Robb came back, Madeleine ran to him immediately as if she was asking for credit. “Mr. Robb, I have protected the rabbit folk as you asked. I brought them to the military camp outside the north of the city and didn’t tell the Church of Darkness, fearing that they would hurt the rabbit folk.”

Robb smiled and patted Madeleine on the shoulder. “Thank you so much. You are such a good girl.”

Madeleine was overjoyed, [I was praised!] She was praised! She was praised!

However, she was a little curious and asked, “I don’t know what’s going on with these rabbits. They could actually breathe under the water. I asked them how they did it, but they couldn’t say anything. They just knew that they could breathe all of a sudden. There was a rabbit muttering something called ‘ Blessed by our ancestors’. I don’t understand what they meant.”

“Blessed by our ancestors?” It was me who blessed you. If you force me to be your ancestor, I would be embarrassed. At most, I can only accept it reluctantly.

He followed Madeleine to the military camp. This military camp was located outside the city and was in a very remote position. The reason was that the Church of Darkness held the power of the city, and the subordinates of the queen were basically excluded there. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, even the military camp was built outside the city.

There were only five hundred soldiers stationed here.

At this time, in the middle of this small military camp, a group of rabbit folk were looking forward to their companions’ arrival, because Madeleine had already comforted them that someone had gone to rescue their leader.

Some of the rabbits were dressed in scaled armor, pretending to be generals, and some were in sailor’s clothes, pretending to be rabbit sailors. However, in fact, they were only a group of five strong caravan followers.

As soon as Robb came, the group of rabbit folk looked at him together. Seeing that he was not followed by the trade group, the rabbit folk were very disappointed.

Robb switched to Chinese and said with a smile, “hello.”

“Ah, a western person who can speak Chinese.” the rabbit folk were excited and quickly surrounded him.

Robb smiled and said, “the leader of your trade group, Shang Yang, and his daughter, Shang Hui, have all returned safely. The people of Norma didn’t make things difficult for them. They have been released.”

The rabbit folk breathed a sigh of relief. Many of them whispered, “I was really worried that the people of Norma will burn the bridge after crossing it and kill our people to keep their mouths shut. Fortunately… Fortunately… It seems that they are still people of the kingdom, not a group of bandits.”

Robb shook his head.

Robb said, “the father and daughter, and the other surviving rabbit folk, have gone to a safe place. I’ll take you there right now.”

He knew that Madeleine beside him couldn’t understand, so he turned around and said to Madeleine, “I’ll send these people to Westwind Holy City for refuge.”

Madeleine blinked and said, “I think you are very good to these rabbits.”

Robb said, “my teacher had traveled to the east before. It is said that he had received a lot of help from them, so when he saw that they were in trouble, he wanted to help them.”

Madeleine said, “is there anyone who can even help your teacher? He is so powerful that he can do anything. How could the rabbit folk help him? Is it him who helped the rabbits?”

Shaking his head, he thought to himself, [No matter how strong a person is, there is a process of growing stronger. Who gave birth to me now? That was, of course, a country in another parallel world! No matter which world he was in, he couldn’t forget it.]

Unfortunately, he couldn’t explain these things to Madeleine, so he had to say, “maybe my teacher has learned a lot of delicious food from the East. For example, sweet and sour fish, soy sauce, soy milk and so on. He might have learned them from the East.”

Madeleine smiled and said, “Oh, I see. Your teacher doesn’t seem to care much about other things, but he is very particular about food. The rabbit folk taught him delicious food, so he came to extort Elizabeth for money. Haha, that’s so bad.”

Robb couldn’t help but smile, “that’s not a lie. It’s just that those things should be worth a lot of money according to their current rarity. After they are produced in a large quantity and become popular, they will naturally be worthless. The queen knows this very well, so she accepted it silently while complaining to my teacher. She doesn’t really blame my teacher for extorting her money.”

Robb took out a transmission portal scroll. Madeleine couldn’t help but sigh, “the people who come out of Westwind Holy City really don’t take the strategic transmission portal scroll as a treasure. You guys just use it randomly…”

Robb said, “well, that’s because of my teacher’s willfulness. But he also said that it’s not normal to use the transmission portal scroll he made all the time to move fast. It’s just a kind of right and interest strategy. When the railway line becomes more and more popular, he will slowly reduce the supply of the transmission portal scroll and let everyone return to the normal way of moving.”

After making everything clear with Madeleine, Robb opened the transmission portal.

The rabbit folk entered the transmission portal one by one, and then saw their compatriots waiting on the other side of the transmission portal. The group of rabbits jumped up happily and hugged each other.


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