After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 624

Chapter 624: Promoted to a viscount

A few days later

Robb and Madeleine were ready to leave the city.

In this city under the control of the Church of Darkness, there was never any room for West Gran to interfere. The huge loss of the Church of Darkness made them begin to consider how to retaliate. They temporarily let go of their resentment against the new Church of Light, and had no intention of dealing with Westwind Holy City for now. Now they were desperately thinking about how to defeat the Kingdom of Norma.

The pope personally wrote a letter to the queen, asking her to send troops to attack the Capital of Saints as soon as possible, destroy the stronghold of the Church of Light in the Kingdom of Gran, and unify the whole kingdom as soon as possible. And then consider whether to march north directly to the Kingdom of Norma.

Of course, the queen wouldn’t agree to such a request casually. Such an important plan was not allowed to be acted on rashly just because of a letter from the pope.

At this time, in Robb’s room, Robb, Madeleine and number 2 were sitting around the table, looking at the crystal ball on it. This was the last time they had contacted the queen before they left Lost City.

The queen said in a regretful tone, “Madeleine, your vacation seems to have been completely ruined. After the incident in Lost City is solved, we must start to guard against the secret agreement between the desert kingdom and the knight kingdom. God knows that the knight kingdom will not suddenly pass through the desert and give us a hard blow. Therefore, I need you to go to Crystal Canyon at the northern border and pay close attention to the movements of the desert kingdom, and be ready to face the enemy at any time.”

Madeleine wasn’t a woman who didn’t know what to do. At this time, of course, she couldn’t fight her best friend. She just replied in a low voice, “okay.” without saying anything.

The queen said, “Robb Smith… Your responsibility of accompanying her will be temporarily put to an end. The Crystal Canyon is just on the alert, and it’s not necessarily to fight. It’s meaningless for you to go there. Moreover, this time Madeleine is going to take charge of the army, not investigating any fake princess. It’s a serious thing to take charge of the army, and you can’t bring a man with you. Anyway, your territory is in Stone Canyon. Crystal Canyon is not far from there. If something really happens, I’ll give you an order to let you go and support them. “

Madeleine nodded and agreed.

Of course, Robb was willing to accept such an arrangement. Simultaneous operations were exhausting. Now he just wanted to return to Westwind town as soon as possible, lie on his stone stool, comfortably and lazily.

“Besides,” the queen suddenly became serious “Robb Smith, you have made a great contribution in the battle in Lost City. I don’t want to repeat what you have done. In a word, according to your performance in this event, whether in the aspect of wind magic or wisdom, you have shown extraordinary quality. I think you have made enough contribution and ability to obtain a higher honor, so now I formally grant you the title of viscount.”

Hearing these two words, Robb almost cried out, “Wow!”. Fortunately, he managed to hold it back before these two words came out, otherwise he would have exposed it.

“Well, you don’t seem to be happy at all?” the queen squinted.

“No, no, No. I’m very happy.” Robb quickly pretended to be happy and said, “Wow, I’m so happy to be promoted to a viscount. It’s great!”

Madeleine and number 2 beside her couldn’t help sweating. How could that be happy? It’s obvious that you are pretending to be happy.

Madeleine hurried out to help Elizabeth, “Elizabeth, look at him. He has made such a great contribution, but you just promoted him from a baron to a viscount. It’s inevitable that he will be unhappy. Look, let’s raise the reward a little bit and mention the duke reluctantly.”

“Bang!” the queen pounded on the table and said, “don’t treat the title of the royal position of our kingdom as cabbage without bargaining.”

In fact, for Robb, even if he became a duke, he would not be happy, because it was meaningless. The title was just a nominal name, like a cloud. What was the use of him getting it? If he really wanted a higher status, wouldn’t it be better to be the king of Westwind Holy City? But it was really useless.

Madeleine whispered beside him, “Mr. Robb, I think it’s good for you to be a viscount at your age. You should be happy.”

Well, since Madeleine had tried persuading Robb to be happy. Although he didn’t have any reason to be happy, he still showed happines.

Thinking of this, he became happy. With a smile on his face, he said, “well, I see. A viscount is really a good position. Thank you for your kindness, your majesty.”

Seeing his sincere smile, the queen was not angry anymore. “Well, let’s call it a day.”

After hanging up the phone, the crystal ball returned to its original state. Madeleine grabbed the crystal ball and put it back into her pocket. Then she turned to Robb and said with a little regret, “it seems that we are going to be separated soon.”

“Not too far,” Robb said with a smile. “You’re only going to Crystal Canyon, and I’m in Stone Canyon and Westwind Holy City. There’s only a short distance between them.”

Madeleine thought it over and found it was true

Well, as a hero, there are not so many sad stories about parting. Whether Madeleine or Robb, they are not the protagonists in romantic novels. They don’t need to be so sad when parting.

Robb hugged Madeleine gently and patted her on the back two times. Madeleine gave Robb a big hug and patted him on the shoulder.

This was very ordinary western etiquette! There was no need to be shy.

Then, the two of them each got a manticore and flew into the sky.

A group of Black Earth Knights flew behind them.

They flew through the two forests and arrived above Westwind Holy city. Then, the two of them waved goodbye to each other in midair. Madeleine and the Black Earth Knights flew to Stone Canyon in the north, while Robb slowly landed in his chapel, pretending to go back to his room to rest. In fact, he immediately ended the tedious simultaneous operations, washed off his disguise, and returned to his daily life of a lazy priest, paralyzed on his stone stool.

In the evening of that day…

Robb, who was finally able to enjoy the night wind on the stone stool, received a call from the queen.

The moment the phone was connected, the queen said calmly, “I’m going to build a new harbor city, which will be built on the seaside in the southwest of Bright Road. Please help me.”


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