After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 627

Chapter 627: Transmission portal

Holding the transmission portal scroll in his hand, he looked left and right, and then quickly shook his head and said, “I don’t dare to admit it. Although I have never used it before, I often come back and forth between Norma and Big Tang. I’ve heard of it in the border city. This is the strategic transmission portal scroll that the western countries often use when they transport troops for a long distance. It’s so precious, and I dare not accept it.”

“Well, don’t be so formal with me,” Robb said, “do you think I don’t know the rules of the east? In the East, when I meet people who are congenial to me, it’s natural for them to offer me gold and silver when they go on a long journey.”

Robb said it casually. He didn’t expect that people of Big Tang in this world did have such a normal operation.

Robb told him the rules of the use of the transmission portal scroll.

Shang Yang quickly bowed to him and said, “you’re so kind. So, if I don’t go in myself, the portal won’t disappear, right? Then I’ll ask my daughter to take her servants home first and let them buy some gold and silver jewelry for the priest to repay for saving my life.”

Robb smiled and shook his head. “No, thanks. Do I look like someone who lacks gold and silver jewelry?”

“Well…” Shang Yang said, “then what do you want? Our clan will find anything from the East for you.”

“Well, something I really want…” Robb touched his chin and chuckled, “I want Longjing tea. Haha, Longjing tea!”

“Ah? The priest has indeed been to Big Tang to visit. He even knows about the special product of Slender West Lake of Yangzhou City, Longjing.” the rabbit man made a long bow and said, “this thing is in my house. I can bring it to you as soon as I open the transmission portal. In the future, you can ask for as much as you want. I’m sure you can drink enough.”

Slender West Lake of Yangzhou? Hearing this place, Robb was stunned for a moment. [did I say the wrong name? Oh, it seems that there is a great difference between Big Tang of this world and the map of my original world.]

“Longjing tea is not enough to repay your kindness. What else do you want?”

“Oh, then I won’t be so polite.” Robb began to report, “Candied fruit, sweet-scented osmanthus cake, mung bean cake, eight treasures congee, glutinous rice rolls with sweet bean sauce, crisp cake….”

As soon as he said that, his saliva began to flow down. Everything was fine, but after having not eaten these traditional snacks for so long, he had long been crazy about it.

Shang Yang was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh? “Priest, you are really a gourmet.”

Robb said, “don’t just talk nonsense. Open the transmission portal quickly and bring these to me.”

Shang Yang nodded, “okay!”

According to Robb, if someone uses a transmission portal scroll, a strange menu would appear in his mind. The menu was displayed with the sketch of cities. It was about the major cities he had been to, such as Lost City, Westwind Holy City, and other famous cities of Norma. But strangely, However, none of the cities in Big Tang were on the list.

He was stunned for a moment and said, “Mr. priest, this transmission scroll is not right. After I used it, my home didn’t appear in the menu. I didn’t even find a city in Big Tang.”

“Eh?” Robb asked, “is that true?”

“Yes!” Shang Yang said. “There are a lot of cities in the West. They are all cities of Norma and the Kingdom of Gran, but there are none in the East.”

Robb was speechless

This was a bit unreasonable. Robb patted his forehead, and then suddenly understood that the city that the teleportation scroll could teleport to should first have its waypoint activated. And this waypoint in Dark Blade could only be at the cemetery behind the churches. A city without a church cemetery could not have its waypoint activated, so he could only fly over there.

Obviously, there was no church cemetery in Big Tang, so it was impossible to activate its waypoint.

It was impossible for him to use the transmission portal to go to Big Tang.

It was so embarrassing!

Although there were some classes of the east, the background of the game was in the West. There was no eastern city in the map, and the game designer had never thought of this.

“That’s all. Then you can’t be sent back home directly. Maybe you can be sent to the border city of Norma first, and then go back through the Silk Road,” said Robb awkwardly

Shang Yang shook his head. “We don’t want to step into the territory of Norma anymore.”

Robb asked, “then what should we do?”

After thinking for a while, he took out a map from his pocket and put it on the table in front of Robb. “We can’t go on the silk road. The only way we can do now is to follow the Ancient Tea-Horse Road.”

“Ancient Tea-Horse Road? What the hell?” Robb asked, “I’ve only heard of the Silk Road, but I’ve never heard of the Ancient Tea-Horse Road.”

“The silk road is a road from the north to the west, and the Ancient Tea-Horse Road is a road from the south to the West. When merchants of our kingdom are in business with Norma, they usually take the Silk Road, and when they are in business with the Kingdom of Gran, they usually take the Ancient Tea-Horse Road.”

Robb was in high spirits and said, “tell me in detail.”

“Please look at the map…”

The Ancient Tea-Horse Road was set out from Yangzhou City, Slender West Lake, the sacred tea making place of the Big Tang. It passed through Lijiang, Longyin Town, Chibi and Baidi City, and then passed through ancient Yangtze River Road and DongWang City. Most of them were extremely difficult to go through.

Robb only took a look at the map and felt it was “difficult”.

“Although it’s difficult, it’s the only way for us to go home now,” said the merchant. “But there’s nothing to be afraid of. We can even overcome the desert on the Silk Road, so there’s nothing we can’t walk on this mountain road. Anyway, we’re going to do business in Norma again in the future. So why don’t we go through the ancient tea horse road and do business with the kingdom in the future as well?”


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