After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 628

Chapter 628: I know how to make paper

Of course, Robb was in favor of the trade group to do business with the Kingdom of Gran. He could bring all the food he wanted.

However, the second question came out. The original place of the ancient tea horse road was the eastern city. This city was located in the territory of East Gran. Now East Gran was their enemy, and there was a fierce fight between Bright Road and the Capital of Saints.

Even if they could swagger along Bright Road, they might not be able to do the same in East Gran, and they would be blocked by the people of Mondra. How could they go there?

“It seems that we have no choice but to go this way,” said Shang Yang, pointing at the map. “Let’s go north from Westwind Holy city, first to Stone Canyon, then along the foot of the Black Pine Mountain, to the Capital of Saints, and then… Then we go to Dongwang, and we can find the Big Tang merchants on the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. We can go along the Ancient Tea-Horse Road with the other merchants by then. Once we get familiar with this road, we don’t have to be afraid anymore.”

Robb couldn’t help but sigh, “one hundred and eight thousand miles!”

Shang Yang, “Well, in fact, it’s not one hundred and eight thousand miles. We can go back and forth in a few months.”

Robb said, “that’s just a description.”

Shang Yang, “Mr. priest, I’m afraid that my daughter is only a weak woman. I’m afraid that if she’ll go through the mountains and rivers with us and explore the unfamiliar commercial path. It’s very likely that something will happen. I want to keep her here. I’ll leave a few more servants to take care of her. We’ll pick her up after we walk through the ancient tea horse road.”

Robb thought to himself, [why do you want to leave a female rabbit here? If your daughter is a beautiful girl in a Hanfu, I will be very happy to see her stay, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave your rabbit head daughter here.]

Of course, even so, as a native, it was necessary to help.

Robb smiled and said, “okay. Your daughter will stay in Westwind town. It’s in good order here and she won’t be in danger. Besides, I will help take care of her and won’t let anything happen to her. You can just go through the ancient tea horse road at ease.”

He then packed up and prepared his equipment.

After they fell into the hands of Norma, they lost all the things they brought with them. Now they had to rely on Robb’s help to prepare these things. This time, Robb had helped them a lot. In the heart of Shang Yang, he and Robb Smith had saved his life. He had to repay them generously in the future, but he didn’t know how to repay them.

Soon, the caravan of the Shang Yang set out

Although the rabbits of Big Tang were animals that ate grass, they had strong willpower. They were able to overcome difficulties, and Robb also believed that they could overcome them. No one was more confident in the east than him. That race was an invincible race, and even if they were dispirited for a while, they would definitely revive in the future.

Next, Robb had to face the female rabbit that temporarily stayed in Westwind town.

Then she walked up to Robb. Unfortunately, Robb couldn’t understand the rabbit folk’s generosity. She didn’t pretend to be a princess anymore, and her behavior had returned to the temperament of a lady from an eastern family, But her posture was still gentle. “Priest, I have to stay in Westwind Holy city for the time being, but according to my observation in the past few days, there is no idle person in Westwind Holy city. Everyone is working hard. I think I may be able to do something within my ability.”

Robb asked curiously, “what can you do?”

Shang Hui smiled mysteriously, but she found that Robb couldn’t understand her expression, so she gave up pretending to be mysterious and said directly, “I know how to make paper!”

“Damn!” Robb almost got up from his stone stool. “Really?”

“Really!” seeing Robb’s expression, Shang Hui was a little surprised. She had thought that no one in the West knew what paper was, but when she saw Robb’s expression, he knew clearly what it was and how much value it contained. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so surprised.

Robb was overjoyed and said, “You really know how to make paper. Hahaha, I didn’t expect you to know this!”

This time, he was really happy. After Robb came to this world, he had never seen any real paper. It’s always been made of parchment. As for the cost of the parchment, everyone knew that it was too expensive to be used casually. He had long wanted to learn how to make paper, but the production skill of Dark Blade couldn’t make paper, and he didn’t know anything about it at all. He had no choice but to give up. He didn’t expect to find a person who could make paper now.

He couldn’t help but ask, “you are a daughter of a merchant. How did you learn it?”

“Because there is a paper shop in my house,” said the merchant. “My entire family owns the shop. My father is only ranked third in the shop. My uncle is in charge of all the fields in the family, and my second uncle is in charge of the paper shop. My father is in charge of business. My fourth uncle is in charge of making silk, and my fifth uncle is in charge of the tea shop.”

She said seriously, “when I was a child, I often played in my second uncle’s paper workshop. I know the process of making paper, and the several servants left by my father also know this.”

It was really a treasure!

Robb said, “then what are you waiting for? If you want money, I’ll pay. If you want people, I’ll give you some. I need the paper workshop to start as soon as possible, right now.”

Seeing the excited look on his face, she couldn’t help asking, “priest, why are you so eager for paper?”

“Why even ask?” Robb took it for granted “Manhua! It’s boring without it. Parchment is too expensive. I can’t use it to draw them. If you can make some paper, I can make a lot of Manhua. Hahaha! I’ll copy it first… Ahh… I’ll draw a Manhua first to start the trend, and then someone will draw them as well. Then I can watch other people’s manhuas to spend the day, hahaha.”

“What is a manhua?”

Robb chuckled and said, “well, only when you see it with your own eyes will you know.”

Then, the construction of the Westwind paper workshop began!

It was a new factory which was invested by Robb and owned by Shang Hui. The factory was made of cement and all the paper tools were made by the best craftsmen according to the requirements of Shang Hui.

Due to Robb’s willfulness, when the factory was built, the workers were all equipped with several BUFFs, and their efficiency was terrifying. Within a few days, the paper factory stood beside Westwind channel.


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