After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 630

Chapter 630: My literature is great

Robb took elf elder to the paper workshop beside the Westwind canal. Marian pouted and followed them.

The paper workshop was a cement building. Recently, all the new buildings in Westwind town had been built with cement, and there was no need to build houses with wood. Of course, it was limited to the cost and the output of cement. Some houses were not made of all cement, but built with bricks first, and then applied a layer of cement on the outside of the bricks.

Robb also knew that this was a compromise under the control of the output of cement. Even in the later generations, many rural houses would be built in this way. In this era, it was a dream to completely change to use cement to build all houses.

This method was adopted in the paper workshop. Bricks were built and walls were brushed with cement. The roof was directly made of cement with a pool, which was water-proof. In this way, the roof became a reservoir, which could provide water to the workshop and reduce the pressure on the water supply of the big water tower of Westwind town.

Due to the rapid expansion of Westwind Town, the big water tower built by the mayor of Westwind town had long been unable to keep up with development. Now Westwind town had begun to be divided into different regions, with multiple water towers built and different water towers serving different regions. It was indistinctly like a big city.

Before entering the workshop, the elf elder saw a huge pool near Westwind canal. The waste water from the paper workshop entered the pool, and then several elf magicians stood beside the pool and constantly used purifying magic on the waste water.

He asked curiously, “what are you doing?”

Robb said “you don’t know that the matter of making paper has a great impact on the environment. If the dirty water enters Westwind canal, it will affect the ecology of the river, destroy the fish raising industry of the cat folk, and even turn the beautiful Westwind canal into a stinky ditch. I know that the elves love nature most, so I spent money to hire these elves to purify the water. They love nature and are willing to do it. It’s good to clean up the waste water and make money at the same time. “

“So that’s how it is.” the elf elder glanced at the several elf magicians and said, “the people of our elf clan came here to do this, but no one told me. Do you still regard me as an elder?”

The two elf archers behind him, sweating, said, “elder, we have informed you that it was the Great Druid who invited our clan’s magicians to purify the waste water and asked for your opinion. When you were writing the script, you didn’t even raise your head, but still replied, “Okay, go ahead.”Then you ignored us again.”

The elf elder was speechless

Marian was speechless

The elf elder turned his head and said, “you are laughing at me.”

Marian shook her head and said, “no, No. I respect the elderly very much. How can I laugh? Unless I really can’t help… Hahaha…”

The elf elder had no choice but to shake his head. “Alas, I’m old and have a bad memory. I was laughed at by young people.”

Robb continued, “It won’t take long for humans to be able to deal with waste water. I’m asking the alchemists to study the problem of using alchemy to deal with the waste water. In the future, the alchemists will invent a kind of tonic, which can neutralize waste water into clean water after being poured.”

The elf elder said, “you are so considerate. When you develop the city, you don’t forget to protect the environment. The people the goddess of forest sincerely thank you.”

Robb smiled and said, “whether you are a believer of the goddess of forest or not, as long as you live in this world, you have the responsibility to protect the environment. After all, this is closely related to everyone’s life. Why do you thank me?”

As they were talking, they arrived at the gate of the paper workshop. Someone had already entered and reported to Shang Hui. Soon, she came out to welcome them.

Now she was not wearing a long dress anymore. When she was in Westwind Holy City, she bought some cloth and made a long Eastern dress. He finally had the taste of a little girl in a Hanfu. The only regret was that this little girl in Hanfu was not that interesting.

Robb said to her, “I brought these friends to visit the paper workshop.”

“Visit?” Shang Hui was stunned for a while. Then she said in Chinese, “priest, I’m afraid… I’m afraid it’s not good if we do that. Our technology should not be passed on to outsiders.”

Robb said with a smile, “and you don’t pass it on to girls, right?”

Embarrassed, she said, “there is indeed such a rule. But my father only has one child, so it’s impossible for him to give it to a son, unless he has a son-in-law.”

Robb burst into laughter “I know there are some rules in the East, but to be honest, these rules are a little unreasonable. Many skills and knowledge can only be passed down from mouth to mouth because they are not passed down to girls. It’s really a pity It’s almost impossible for them to spread it out. Even if they don’t allow people to visit, sooner or later, some workers will leak the technology out. “

Hearing that, Shang Hui had nothing else to say. “Okay, let’s go inside and have a look.”

After they entered the workshop, they looked around the production line

To be honest, it was the first time that Robb had visited a paper workshop. In the past, he had only invested a sum of money to add BUFFs to the people who built the factory. Sitting on a stone stool, he had a remote understanding of the specific process of paper production. It was a good opportunity to learn about the traditional and old technology of the Chinese people.

They looked at the direction of the process line step by step and saw a row of big pots at the beginning. All kinds of raw materials were steaming in the pots, and then they were removed and disintegrated into fiber. Then the workers began to make them into a pulp, cutting and hammering the fibers. Next, they picked it up with a bamboo map, so that the it would form a thin sheet on the bamboo mat.

Then they would dry it under the sun.

Finally, they would take off the dried thing, which is a thin piece of paper.

The elf elder held a piece of paper that had just been removed, his face full of excitement. He gently touched the strange paper, and his white beard was trembling. He said happily, “good. You can make such good paper with such cheap materials. My literature! My literature is about to fly! Hahaha! Literature is going to fly!”


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