After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 631

Chapter 631: The most important for us is the soul of art

Literature was about to fly, but before it would take off, there was one thing that was destined to take off first, and that was Robb’s manhuas.

Robb grabbed the paper from the hand of the elf elder and said with a smile, “don’t worry. This kind of paper is rice paper, not suitable for writing with a goose feather pen. It’s only suitable for writing and drawing with traditional Chinese brushes. It’s still early for you to create your literature on it. Now, this thing is only suitable for me to play.”

The old man had just taken a piece of paper and felt that the tip of the goose feather pen could easily pierce through it, so he had nothing to say. He had to say, “it doesn’t matter. I’ve already understood. As long as you add alum or wax in this kind of paper, you can improve the strength of this kind of paper. At that time, the goose feather pen can also write on it, but the cost will be a little higher. Our race can provide the best elf alchemists to help solve this problem. We guarantee that we won’t charge you a penny. For the sake of literature, our race will help at all costs.”

Robb smiled and said, “that’s a later story. Let’s see how I play first.”

He reached out his hand and said to Shang Hui, “give me a pen!”

With a smile, she turned around and left. Soon she brought them.

Of course, these things were temporarily made. The pen was made of wolf hair, and it was quite high-end. As for where the wolf hair came from, it was even easier. A few days ago, White Moon, came to Westwind Holy city to see the big Loli, but before he could say a few words, Robb grabbed and plucked a handful of wolf hair from him.

The werewolf general, of course, was very angry, but there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn’t defeat Robb, so he had to endure it.

As for the ink, it was very simple.

Robb picked up the wolf hair pen and dipped it in some ink. Then he picked up the pen and hovered it on the paper

Everyone’s eyes widened, waiting for his performance.

But now, Robb was stunned.

He knew his own Chinese painting skill, which was trash. To put it bluntly, it was difficult for him to draw a round line with a brush.

He remembered the beautiful manhuas in his mind. He remembered the plots and even some important parts of the drawings, but it was impossible to draw them according to the way they looked before. He was not good at drawing.

What should he do?

Damn it!

It was impossible for him to draw Naruto, One Piece or Death Note.

All of a sudden, a ray of spiritual light came down from the top of his skull and patted him on the forehead. Right! His drawings may be terrible, but there was only one manhua in the world.

A copy of One Punch Man!

Bald Saitama, let me borrow your story.

Robb finished a few strokes.

The elf elder next to him only looked at the few strokes and let out a scream, “what are you drawing? What kind of children’s drawing is this?”

Even Marian and Shang Hui, who didn’t know much about art, couldn’t help sweating when they saw the first painting drawn by Robb. What the hell was this? So crazy!

Regardless of their complaints, Robb continued to paint.

He added an agility BUFF to himself. The speed of his hand holding the brush was as fast as that of someone that was single for 300000 years.

The workers brought the paper that had been dried one by one. Robb used his super fast speed to draw on them one after another.

The elf elder next to him kept screaming, “ah, another children’s painting! Ah, another children’s painting. It’s not art at all. It’s a waste of paper.”

Sweat trickled down Marian’s forehead. “Godfather. Although you are incredibly strong in other aspects, such as singing, your painting and other artistic cultivation are simply not good. “

Even the newcomer, Shang Hui, couldn’t help but shake her head.

Hearing their complaints, Robb didn’t stop drawing. He was quite familiar with the painting of One Punch Man, and the story was like a stream that came to his mind. Of course, he couldn’t remember the specific divisions of the story, but he didn’t care if the frame of the story was exactly the same, and it didn’t matter if the division was a little different. For example, the Lord of the Rings he shot before was different from the original one, but the audience could only see one story after he finished it, Why does it have to be the same as the original?

Soon, a thick stack of paper was finished.

Robb turned around and said to the audience, “you think I’m a bad painter, don’t you?”

Shang Hui, “it’s rotten!”

Marian, “It’s very bad!”

Elf elder, “they are all bad. It’s so rotten that it’s beyond common sense.”

Robb laughed and said, “yes, when I first saw this manhua, I felt the same, but… Why don’t you look at it together?”

In other words, the audience would rather die than watch it again. But now, it was Robb, Godfather, they were talking about, the Great Druid, the uncrowned king of Westwind Town, the spiritual symbol of Westwind Town, what he said and what he did, everyone was willing to know in detail.

Marian picked up the rice paper and read it one by one.

At first, she didn’t find anything special, but after reading more than ten pages in a row, her expression changed

“Eh? Although the painting is ugly, the story is very interesting.”

“Really?” Shang Hui also came over and took the page number that Marian had read from the beginning. After a while, she said, “this story is really interesting. It’s a story about a heroes beating monsters. Haha, heroes are so cute.”

The two girls turned to elf elder and said, “Sir, come and have a look.”

“No!” the elf elder turned his head and said, “my artistic soul will tremble if I see this kind of children’s painting.”

“Just take a look. It’s really interesting.”

“Hmph, I will never look at it.” the elf elder shook his head left and right, unwilling to look at it.

Unexpectedly, after a while, the two elf archers behind him shouted together, “eh? This story is very interesting. It’s beautiful. I really want to know what will happen afterwards.”

The elf elder was furious. “Don’t you know art? You are simply in vain as a member of our elf clan. Let me tell you, the most proud thing of our elf clan is not magic, nor alchemy, nor that useless archery. Those are only alternatives, and they are not presentable rubbish skills. Only literature, painting, music, and all kinds of elegant works of art are the soul of our elf clan. Do you understand?”

He snorted, “even if I have to die, I won’t look at this kind of kindergarten painting even if I have to jump off a cliff. Archers, let’s go back and immediately study paper suitable for goose feather pens to write and draw on, and then we will make real works of art.”


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