After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 634

Chapter 634: That’s not real art

Robb’s mahua slowly came into the public view under Elsie’s selling.

At first, no one wanted to read this damn book. After all, the style of painting was too strange. At this time, the printing quality was not stable and the printing quality was not uniform. Sometimes a book was printed very well, but most of the time, it would become worse because the ink would destroy it.

However, it was the work of Godfather!

With Robb’s golden signboard, the people of Westwind town were willing to endure the terrible painting style and read the book by force. They didn’t know if they could read it or not. But it was really wonderful to see that the story was so interesting.

Even modern people who had read countless novels, cartoons and movies would be thrilled by the story, let alone these less knowledgeable aborigines.

It was the first time that the common people of Westwind Holy City would come into contact with this type of story. When they saw the story of this incredibly powerful main character playing cute, they really thought it was beautiful.

Soon, the five hundred copies of the first batch were sold out.

Elsie hurried to the printing factory and ordered the second batch. This time, he didn’t want to be stingy with five hundred copies. Instead, he directly printed one thousand copies and continued to sell them!

In the end, the books were mostly sold to the young people above ten years old and under twenty years old in Westwind Holy city. And between the age of twenty and thirty, the popularity had reached eighty percent. However, the popularity of people over thirty years old had declined sharply, but even so, their sales had reached eight thousand in the end

For a city with a population of less than thirty thousand, it could be said that it was sold to the limit.

At noon, Robb finished his lunch and sat on his stone stool lazily. With a brush in her hand, Suofa sat next to him scribbling on a rice paper on the stone table. What she was drawing was the sixth volume of One Punch Man

After making the first three volumes, Robb became lazy. However, the interest of the audience had been aroused, and it was impossible for him not to continue the story. Even if he was Godfather, readers who do not see the updates will rebel.

Helplessly, Robb had no choice but to take a compromise. He told the stories and would let Suofa draw them.

Anyway, she was good at forging documents and model handwriting. It would be great if she could represent Robb.

However, even if she was good at falsifying handwriting, it was difficult to perfectly copy the painting style of the first three books. This painting style was simply embarrassing. It took her several days to copy it.

At this time, while drawing the sixth volume, she said, “the documents I forged before were all beautiful and exquisitely painted parchments. Why do I have to draw such a strange thing here now? I have worked hard since I was a child.”

Robb laughed, “I have no choice. You are my maid. Who else can help me if you don’t?”

Suofa angrily made a gesture of contempt to him.

When the two of them were quarreling here, Marian came, followed by a housekeeper of the Corton family. The housekeeper used to work on Bright Road with Marian’s father. It was rare to see him come to Bright Road, which surprised Robb. “Oh, why is your housekeeper here?”

The Butler bowed to him, but he didn’t say anything. He gave the precious opportunity to speak to Godfather to her miss. Marian took over and said, “I asked him to come here. I want to sell something in Westwind town to Bright Road.”

“Oh?” Robb asked, “what?”

Marian chuckled, “your Manhua.”

Robb, “yo!”

Marian replied “Although your drawings are really ugly, its story is really good. I think that the young people on Bright Road will also like this story, and there are hundreds of thousands of people over there. I will sell it by train and make a lot of money. As long as the first book is sold well, I can sell it for a long time later. Since cheap paper appeared, there will be many books in the future. Maybe we can open a bookstore. “

Robb gave a thumbs up to Marian and said, “that’s great. Your talent in business always makes me look at you with new eyes. That’s good. I think your idea in this bookstore is great and you can do it. Although there are not many books to sell now, as long as you get ahead of them, it won’t be long before a large number of books appear. By that time, your shop will become famous and can become the leader of this industry.”

Marian got his approval and smiled sweetly. She asked the housekeeper to order the goods at the printing factory, but she sat down at the stone table, as if she was going to muddle through the afternoon here.

Robb smiled and gave her two more math problems, leaving her alone.

Time passed slowly in the afternoon.

At about two o’clock in the afternoon, when the weather was the hottest, a group of people suddenly ran down from the hillside. The leader was the elf elder, who was inexplicably excited and ran very fast. The two elf guards were frightened and kept shouting behind him, “elder, slow down. Don’t fall.”

How could this old man slow down? Instead, he ran faster. In the blink of an eye, he ran to Robb and handed him a piece of paper with a smile

Robb took it in his hand and looked at it. It was amazing that the white paper was thrown out and the back of it was covered with wax. It felt hard to hold it in his hand. He touched the paper and found that it was a little hard. It was not the kind of paper that would spread easily with ink.

“What do you think?” the old elf blew his white beard triumphantly and said, “a senior alchemist of our elf clan, coupled with the paper craftsmen of Big Tang, worked this out in a short time. Hahaha.”

“You are indeed very smart,” Robb said with a smile. “I knew you will succeed sooner or later, but I didn’t expect that you would succeed so soon.”

“Now it’s very convenient for me to finish my book. Hahaha.” the old man said with a smug face “Your inexplicable manhua sold so well, which is beyond my expectation. But this also shows how eager people are to read. Here is a desert of literature, and someone must stand out to save the people’s withered hearts. I’m going to start writing, to write the best book, to satisfy everyone’s pursuit and yearning for literature.”

Robb said, “why is mine inexplicable? It’s a good story.”

The old man shook his head and said, “I also read it afterward. The story is too simple. It lacks depth. You have repeatedly used strong strength, but there is no deep meaning at all. This is not real art. Just wait and see. I will use my pen to create real art for you to see.”


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