After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 635

Chapter 635: Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees

The old man’s speech made Robb laugh. “Wow, real art?”

“Yes!” the old man snorted and said, “profound, touching and thought-provoking literature is real art, of course, the drawing art should be the same. I think these things must have a soul, so that they can really be liked by the public.”

“Yes, yes, sir, you are right.” Robb said, “then go ahead with your creation. I am looking forward to it.”

The old man was still stubborn. Last time, after he gave a hard review of Robb’s children’s paintings, he didn’t expect that it would be sold out. He always felt that he had to take out something decent, or he would feel a little embarrassed, so he eagerly wanted to produce a manhua of his own, and took out a goose feather pen on the spot. “I’ll write it here. After I finish, I’ll go to your printing factory to print it.”

Robb showed his support with a smile, and then stood behind the elf elder to watch him write it.

The book was named ‘Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees’

The old man was full of emotions. He wrote word by word, and Robb read it carefully. Not to mention, this old man was really good at literature. The words could be called beautiful, and every word made every scene beautiful, but… Such a beautiful price was that there was no plot.

He wrote thousands of words and was still sketching! It depicted the beauty of the forest over and over again.

Robb was speechless

After the scene was written with five thousand words, the old man finally asked the hero to appear. A melancholy middle-aged spirit, who was more than 400 years old, with a vicissitudes of life and an extremely awkward character, appeared on the stage and watched everything around from the perspective of the middle-aged spirit. He had feelings for a tree leaf, he had feelings for a tree, he had feelings for a bird… He had feelings for everything in the world.

Robb was speechless

The old man raised his head and chuckled, “what do you think? My book is profound, isn’t it? It deeply analyzed the love, hatred, awe, and sadness of a poet for this forest.”

Robb covered his face with his hand and asked, “where is the plot?”

“What?” the old man asked, “don’t you see the name of my book? Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees. This book is about my comprehension of the forest, and my deep feelings for the forest. What kind of story do you want? You don’t need a plot at all.”

Robb was speechless

This was embarrassing. Robb wanted to retort, but he didn’t know whether he should. After thinking it over, he decided not to say anything. Even if he said the truth, some people just couldn’t bear it.

However, the elf elder was very satisfied with the result. He continued to write madly for a while. Although he was old, he was really fast in writing. On that day, he wrote twenty thousand words by hand, which made Robb admire him for no reason. He was awesome! Robb only knew an author before on a novel site. He was very diligent. But he could only write no more than 10000 words a day, but he typed on a keyboard, not by hand.

The speed of the elf elder’s writing was too great.

A few days later, the elf elder came to Robb with a thick book named Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees. “Haha, my literary work is finally completed. I’m sure it’s a book that everyone will read.”

Robb had no choice but to put it bluntly. “Yes, it’s a good book. It will surely be sold out.”

The elf elder said, “I’m going to your printing factory now. How about five thousand copies first?”

“Five thousand?” Robb was startled. “Hey, old man, you’d better be smarter. Look at my manhua. There was only five hundred copies printed for the first batch. Yet you’re starting with five thousand. Won’t it be too much? If it won’t be sold out, you will suffer a great loss.”

“Look at what you said.” the elf elder said, “didn’t you sell almost eight thousand copies of your manhua in the end? This book is profound and has a soul. It’s better than your manhua anyway. Since yours sold eight thousand, it’s a piece of cake for me to sell ten thousand copies of this book. I’m only printing five thousand copies for the first batch. I’m already very cautious with this.”

After saying that, the old man turned around and walked towards the printing factory. While walking, he said to the elf guard behind him, “go and bring all my money to the printing factory to print books!”

Robb was speechless

Well, this old man is just like a newcomer who has never written an online novel. He doesn’t take the quantity seriously. He’s the ‘My books are invincible’ type. For this kind of person, persuasion was useless.

Robb covered his face with his hand

A few days later, the first engravings for printing on “hard paper” was successfully made. The words on this type of engraving were very small and thin, because they were written with a goose feather pen. Many lines could be printed on a piece of paper.

It was impossible to print such words on rice paper, because the ink on it would easily spread. If the ink spread to the side, the whole word would become ugly.

However, the hard paper developed by the elf alchemists and the rabbit craftsman was different. The ink on this kind of paper wouldn’t spread, and it could print very small words and wouldn’t spread. The quality of this kind of paper was extremely superior. But of course, the cost was also higher.

The elf elder used more expensive paper to print five thousand copies. Both the paper workshop and the printing factory earned a lot, and the workers were very happy.


The elf elder was not that happy!

Forest Covered in Black Pine Trees, which he had done his best, was thrown into the street miserably. Although the whole elf clan had come out and tried their best to sell it for him, only a few hundred copies had been sold. His first batch had a total of five thousand copies, and more than four thousand copies are currently piled up at home.

The loss of blood had cost the coffin that the elf elder had worked so hard to save. In the end, only a few young men from the nobility and literature sector greeted him as well as the mountain of books in their house.

What happened?

After a deep self-criticism and crazy research, the elf elder concluded that this year’s audience was too young! His book could only be read by the older generation.


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