After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 649

Chapter 649: From the desert kingdom

The man in priest clothes didn’t know whether to cry or to laugh. He said in a low voice, “Mr. Commander, it’s a little arrogant of you to think so. That guy called Godfather once defeated army of the desert kingdom alone…”

The Commander snorted, “it’s just fake news!”

“It’s not fake news,” the man in priest clothes said in a low voice. “Our spies have confirmed it again and again, and it’s true. In this battle, the new magic item of the desert kingdom, Thor’s Roar, fell into the hands of the kingdom of Gran. The main cannon of the new warship of the kingdom of Gran a few days ago was the Thor’s Roar of the desert kingdom.”

The commander didn’t take the news seriously. The team of forty people he led was really powerful. They had fought against a powerful giant beast before and even the skeleton dragon of the Church of Darkness.

To put it bluntly, except for the black dragon, who were they afraid of? Was the guy who called himself Godfather stronger than the black dragon?

The Commander snorted, “it’s not that he’s strong. It’s just that the black people of desert kingdom are too incompetent. If we meet him, we’ll just treat him as a monster.”

The man in priest clothes was embarrassed. He thought, [forget it. I won’t persuade him anymore. Although he is arrogant, he is capable. He is not the kind of stupid person who is incompetent, simple and stupid. Since he was so confident, it was also a good thing. It was better than a person who trembles in fear when facing a strong enemy.]

Just as he thought of this, he heard a cold snort from behind a big tree beside him. “Black people… This word is very interesting!”

Then, a middle-aged man with dark skin came out from behind the tree.

This was the assassin leader..

The man in the priest’s clothes thought, [it’s over. The people of the desert kingdom heard it. But fortunately, this person is now from Westwind city, not from the desert kingdom. It won’t cause a problem between us and the desert kingdom.]

The assassin leader pointed at the two dwarf craftsmen who were tied up and said, “give them back. Maybe Westwind holy city can give you a lighter sentence.”

“Humph!” the Commander snorted, “you are so arrogant, black boy! I also advise you to get out of here obediently. I, from the kingdom of Norma, can also give leniency to the stupid things you have done before.”

“So there is no need to talk, right?” the assassin leader quickly pulled out his dagger.

At the same time, the Commander waved his hand, and dozens of members of his team also drew out their weapons. The nine assassins, who were not in their team, retreated to the side with the two dwarf craftsmen.

The two dwarf craftsmen were overjoyed to see the rescuers, but they didn’t say anything like “help” or “help me”, because they also knew that the pursuers came to save them. Shouting and screaming would only annoy the rescuers.

The assassin leader looked at the elite group in front of him..

He could tell that this group’s combat effectiveness was not ordinary, but an incomparably powerful elite group, and every member of it had strong combat effectiveness.

He couldn’t fight with them alone.

In fact, he did catch up with them alone, because the pursuing people were now scattered in the woods like a carpet, and everyone was scattered. With rich experience, he found some traces, and then was the first one to find these people. But if he really wanted to fight, he couldn’t fight alone.

The assassin leader touched the transmission portal scroll in his arms and thought, [I can use the transmission portal scroll out and ask Godfather to help me. Then I can save them easily. But if I do so, I feel that I will be too dependent on him. As his subordinate, I should try my best to share his troubles and tell him the result after solving the problem.

If he couldn’t deal with anything by himself and called Godfather as soon as he met the enemy, he would only be looked down upon by Godfather.

At the thought of this, he had no intention of using the scroll. Of course, he had no intention of going all out. He put on a very ferocious expression, as if he was about to use on the transmission portal scroll at any time. However, his body suddenly leaped back and disappeared without a trace with a “whoosh” sound.

“Huh? He stealthed?” the Commander on the other side was stunned. “He seemed to want to fight with us to the death, but he suddenly jumped back, got out of the battle ring, and then stealthed? What’s this?”

The man in the priest clothes said, “assassins should operate as usual. Nowadays, there are very few assassins who can jump into the enemy’s army and have unparalleled skills. The world is getting weaker..”

The Commander also nodded, “yes, now the assassins are really becoming weaker and weaking.”

“Illuminating flares, true sight!” shouted the Commander.

Four of his elite subordinates immediately stepped out and threw several “illuminating flares” into the nearby mountain forest. Although the name of this thing was “illuminating flares”, it was actually not a modern weapon like bombs or flashlights. It was a skill of a hunter and scouts. What they threw out was a magic light ball, which would light up the nearby dozens of yards and illuminate all the enemies who were nearby.

However, though these illuminating flares were thrown at the place where the assassin leader disappeared just now, they did not show him.

Several other experts in the team also used this spell. With this magic, they could usually see enemies in stealth, but they saw nothing.

“Sir, the assassin ran away after stealth. He didn’t want to attack us.”

The Commander snorted, “bitch!”

The man in priest clothes came over and said, “Sir, although he doesn’t dare to attack us, since he has found us, he will definitely follow us from far away. At the same time, he will gather more pursuers to surround us. We have to hurry up.”

“Well, hurry up.”

The Commander ordered, “Rangers, hunters, use detection to keep a good command of the situation within a few thousand yards around. Scouts, keep using true sight and don’t let people sneak close casually. Soldiers and knights, go to the top of the outer circle, and don’t let the assassins easily touch our backline. Priests, get ready to treat on command…”

He gave orderly commands. A team of forty people was like an arm. The other nine assassins pushed the two dwarf craftsmen behind them.


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