After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 650

Chapter 650: Leaders hate incompetent subordinates the most

The assassin leader didn’t follow them closely because it was too easy to be found that way.

Anyway, it was impossible for such a large group of people to disappear in an instant. The assassin leader only needed to watch them from afar.

He stepped back and met Elsie.

Seeing the expression on the assassin leader’s face, Elsie knew that he had learned something. He quickly asked, “have you found anything?”

“Yes,” the assassin leader nodded. “I have found the troops of Norma. There are not many of them. The main fighting capacity is forty, and there are nine assassins. There are only forty-nine in total.”

Elsie was overjoyed. “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s catch up.”

They had one hundred soldiers, and their combat effectiveness was very strong. After all, the soldiers coming out of Westwind Holy city were armed to the teeth. Unfortunately, as they went into the mountain, the tanks could not be brought here, so they were left back at the foot of the mountain. Otherwise, as soon as the tank came out, who could fight against them.

The assassin leader shook his head and said, “don’t underestimate the enemy. Our one hundred people may not be able to defeat the enemy’s forty-nine people.”

“What?” Elsie was slightly stunned. “Are the enemy’s soldiers so strong?”

“Those are not soldiers at all,” the assassin leader said in a low voice. “They are all elites. When they were in the army, they were all commanders on their own. I looked around, and at least four of them threw flares to the surrounding. Several of them looked around for me…”

Elsie couldn’t help but be stunned. “This… These are all very high-level people.”

The assassin leader nodded and said, “it seems that the kingdom of Norma is really willing to spend a lot of money for our steam engine. They sent a very strong force.”

Although the five hundred soldiers in Westwind holy city were professional soldiers brought by the recruitment system, much more powerful than ordinary soldiers and armed to teeth, they could only be regarded as ordinary soldiers, not elite soldiers.

They didn’t have high classes and lacked advanced ones. There were something like hunters and paladins, but not like the enemy.

Elsie thought for a while and looked back at the one hundred soldiers behind him. He felt that he really couldn’t defeat them.

At this time, the dwarf leader also led twenty soldiers to follow up from behind. Hearing the conversation between the two, the dwarf leader said, “then what are you waiting for? Open the transmission portal and let all the troops guarding in the city come over.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Elsie and the assassin leader shook their heads together. “No, no, No.”

“Why not?” the dwarf leader was confused. “Isn’t it normal to call for reinforcements if we can’t defeat them?”

Elsie, “do you dare to summon all the eight hundred dwarf soldiers to fight now?”

The dwarf leader thought for a while and said, “I don’t think so. We are all busy with the orders for the trains and warships, so we don’t have time to go out to fight. Let’s go carefully together then.”

Elsie shrugged, “the elves are almost the same. They have all become senior technical experts. how can they be transferred to fight now? The only thing that can really be used is my 500 professional soldiers. However, these soldiers are heavily armored and would get tired from the mountains. I really don’t know what the situation will be when they arrive. “

The dwarf leader thought for a while and said, “let’s call the grandmaster blacksmith. He can fight against an entire army alone.”

“That’s even worse,” Elsie said. “He is not a diligent person. What he likes most is to be lazy on hiis stone stool, eating snacks, watching TV and reading manhua. If we call him out for something like this, he will definitely be unhappy.”

Speaking of this, Elsie’s expression became serious. “Let me tell you, the most hateful subordinate for the top is an incompetent subordinate. They throw everything to the leader. Such a subordinate has no reason to exist. Sooner or later, he will be kicked away by the leader.”

The dwarf leader was stunned for a moment, feeling that what he said was reasonable.

Elsie said, “we have to try to beat the strong enemy first. If we can solve it, Godfather will praise us. If we can’t solve it, we should just try our best. But if there is really such a gap in strength between us, he will forgive us.”

The dwarf leader understood now.

“But what can we do if we can’t defeat him?”

The assassin leader grinned mischievously and said, “don’t forget that I used to be a member of the desert kingdom. This mountain range is to the south of the desert. I know very well about the information here. There are very powerful monsters living in this mountain. I’ll introduce some monsters to them and make sure they will have a good time.”

The dwarf leader, asked, “what’s here?”

The assassin leader made a face at him and said, “it’s the thing you hate the most — giants.”

The dwarf leader said, “F**k! Those things also hate dwarves. They won’t care whether our two craftsmen are hostages or not. They’ll just attack.”

Elsie patted him on the shoulder and said, “it doesn’t matter. As long as we can save the corpse, we can bring it back to the holy city. What’s more, the people of Norma will try their best to protect them. The two craftsmen represent the steam engine. Do they dare to let the two dwarves die?”

The dwarf leader was speechless

They snuck into the mountain and walked for another day. At dusk, they were all tired and dared not continue on their journey at night. It would not be wonderful if they fell off a cliff by accident. They encamped beside a mountain stream, lit up a camp fire, and took turns to guard.

Although the two dwarf craftsmen were tied up, their food and water were not lacking at all. One of them represented the steam engine technique, and the other represented the water wheel technique. That was what the king of Norma and the pope of the Church of Light were eager to get now, so they didn’t dare to make any mistake.

When the commander was handing a piece of bread to the dwarf craftsmen, a guard on the periphery suddenly shouted, “be careful… Giant! Mountain Giant!”

As soon as that was said, there was the sound of something heavy scratching the air. An incomparably huge stone flew over from afar and smashed at the two dwarf craftsmen who were holding bread and gnawing it with tied hands.

The two dwarf craftsmen reacted very slowly. Their years of being craftsmen had already caused their combat effectiveness to decline, and they could not react in time.

However, the commander suddenly jumped up, pulled out a shield from his back, and blocked the two dwarf craftsmen.

With a loud bang, the commander, together with his shield, was thrown away by the huge stone.


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