After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 651

Chapter 651: What a strong team

The commander saved the two dwarf craftsmen, but he was thrown several meters away by the huge stone. He fell with a loud thud, and his armor hit the rocks on the ground, making a loud sound that sounded painful.

However, the guy jumped up in an instant, looking completely uninjured. He shouted, “be careful, enemy attack, everyone! Get ready to fight!”

All of a sudden, the whole camp woke up, and the forty members entered the state of fighting from rest. Several soldiers and knights rushed over from several directions and protected the commander.

The commander scolded, “why are you protecting me? Protect our steam engine.”

The soldiers reacted quickly and surrounded the two dwarf craftsmen again.

At this time, the scouts who was guarding outside also ran back. While running, he shouted, “the mountain giant just threw a stone over, and we couldn’t stop it. What’s going on here?”

The commander said loudly, “don’t worry. I blocked it. Where is the mountain giant?”

“It’s coming!” shouted the man.

Everyone looked at the back of the scout and saw that under the moonlight, three giants, as tall as the edge of a small mountain, were slowly walking towards them. Of course, although their movements looked very slow, because of their huge size, their slow steps could cross more than ten yards, so they seemed to be very slow and fast at the same time.

The bodies of these three giants were made of stone, and there were many green vines on them. One of them held a wooden stick in his hand. It looked like a wooden stick in his hand, but in the eyes of humans, it was an entire giant tree.

The other two giants held big stones in their hands.

It seemed that the stone was thrown out by them.

A mountain giant roared in a deep and suppressed voice, “Damn it! We hate dwarves!”

The two dwarf craftsmen were prisoners and faced the embarrassment of the giant rushing over. They actually kept their mouths shut. They raised their heads and cursed together, “damn giant! We hate giants!”

The commander said angrily, “stop talking. Don’t irritate them.”

“Watch out for the stones,” one of the soldiers shouted.

The giant who was rushing over threw the stone in his hand again.

The stone was even bigger than a cow. It was thrown over by a mountain giant with a huge force, and a strong gust of wind moved in the air. Its power was even greater than the big iron cannonballs shot out by the cannons on the warship.

“Damn it!” the commander roared and erected a shield.

The soldiers beside him also erected their shields.

A red light spread out from their bodies as they roared, “shield wall!”

The red lights on their shields connected together, as if they had turned into a giant shield.

With a loud bang, the huge stone forcefully blocked the shield wall, but the soldiers couldn’t help but take a few steps back, and some of them even spilled blood from the corners of their mouths.

The commander took a deep breath and shouted, “Priests! Paladins!”

The priests of the Church of Light and the paladins behind them raised their hands, and heal fell on the soldiers. The soldiers with blood spilling from the corners of their mouths suddenly straightened up again.

The commander roared, “archers, magicians.”

All of a sudden, several rays of light streaked across the dark forest. They were light brought by magic and red light from the arrows.

The huge mountain giants were unable to dodge these attacks, but they didn’t need to dodge at all. They could only use their stone bodies to withstand them. With a loud bang, the three mountain giants’ chests exploded with the light of various magic particles, floating all over the sky.

The powerful mountain giants were stopped by this wave of attacks. They stared at the group of humans in front of them with their huge eyes. It was obvious that with only one move, the mountain giants felt that these people were not easy to deal with.

But so what?

The giants didn’t have the extra intelligence to think about sitting down and talking to their enemies. They could only roar, fight, and crush their enemies with their huge bodies. They continued to rush forward. The mountain giant with a huge tree in his hand waved the tree in his hand and swept across the area!

“Hold on!” the commander roared, “Use shield wall again.”

The soldiers went up together, and a red light flashed. The huge tree swept across.

“Everyone jump up.” the Commander shouted.

The moment he gave the order, all the forty members jumped up in the air, and even the two soldiers who carried the dwarf craftsmen jumped up together.

The moment they jumped up, the mountain giant slammed his feet on the ground. With a loud bang, the earth trembled. The nine assassins who failed to jump up were all knocked to the ground and rolled painfully. However, the forty members and two dwarf craftsmen were not injured at all. They stood firmly on the ground and continued to fight.

On a small cliff in the distance, the three of them, Elsie, the assassin leader and the dwarf leader, were watching the scene leisurely with magic items in their hands.

Elsie looked at them and praised, “you are right. If we fought head on, we couldn’t have defeated them.”

The assassin leader said, “their combat effectiveness is strong, and their organization is good. The commander in charge of the command is very rich in combat experience. He can even predict the attacks of the mountain giants and command his members to dodge. He is really powerful.”

The dwarf leader rolled his eyes and said, “so, what should we do?”

Elsie chuckled and said, “don’t worry. Let’s just wait and see. They are not familiar with this mountain range, but the assassin leader is very familiar with it. Since the mountain giants can’t deal with them, we can lure some other monsters for them. We can always find a chance.”

The three of them continued to watch the play

The night battle lasted for a full hour. The forty elite members united and fought desperately. After a hard battle, the three giant mountains finally fell to the ground and turned into a pile of broken stones. The forty members on this side were only slightly injured.

Only the nine assassins who came with the group were in big trouble. They were weak in strength and couldn’t follow the command of the commander. They wandered around the battle ring and accidentally ate an AOE attack. Two of them died inexplicably, and the remaining seven were all injured. They were miserable.

Of course, in this world, injury was not a big problem. As long as they did not die, they could be cured.

The remaining forty-seven people rested for the night and continued to set off the next day.


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