After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Unlucky

The commander of the enemy thought, [We still have the magicians]

Several magicians in the team waved their hands at the same time and threw out the magic they had prepared in advance. The magic fell onto the soldiers of Westwind Town , exploding continuously.

However, the armor Robb rubbed out for the soldiers carried all kinds of random enchantments. In order to ensure their safety, Robb deliberately chose random enchantments with magic resistance and distributed it to them, so that these ordinary soldiers could not only resist physical attacks, but also resist magic attacks to a certain extent.

Their magic could easily blow up normal miscellaneous soldiers, but it didn’t work on these soldiers. Their armors flashed with strange light, counteracting most of the magic damage.

As for the rest, a few priests who originally belonged to templar knights stood out and raised their hands. Golden light lit up their surrounding, and they instantly healed the injured.

The commander was furious. “Damn it! As a priest of the Church of Light, you are helping an outsider oppose us. Shame on you!”

The several priests replied loudly, “we are priests of the new Church of Light. We are not the same as you.”

The magicians quickly began to chant spells. After the magic they had prepared in advance was used, they have to chant again. They muttered, “God of fire…”

At the same time, the few magicians among the Westwind soldiers began to chant as well.

The magicians of both sides began to chant at the same time, but before the enenmy could start chanting the main body of the chant, the magicians of Westwind Town raised their hands and their magic was released first.

The army hurried to shield themselves, but they had already suffered a loss of physical strength in the fierce clash against their enemy just now. How could they defend perfectly now? When some magicians attacked, they immediately suffered a great loss, and several soldiers were charred by the fireballs.

“Damn it! How did they chant faster than us? They don’t seem to be that skilled.”

What they didn’t know was that the magicians of Westwind Town no longer needed to chant the previous nonsense, no one had said the God and stuff for a long time, because everyone had found that it was the nonsense. No one knew who had ulterior motives to add these words into the chant.

After these words were omitted, their casting speed greatly increased! They were so happy.

They had been tired after sneaking into enemy territory for a while. Now they still had to face such a powerful army. It was really difficult for them.

At this time, the army of the desert kingdom on the other side of the border stela was watching coldly.

The commander in the lead had a dark face, not only his skin but also his expression.

He looked at the battle in front of him with displeasure.

The vice commander beside him whispered, “Commander, it seems that the people of Norma can’t cross the border.”

The commander nodded and said in a low voice, “I can see that. Norma’s troops are strong, but they have experienced something along the way, and now they are very tired. In addition, their opponents are surprisingly strong. It has to be said that the soldiers from Westwind city are very powerful. Thery are just grunt soldiers. I don’t know why they are all at the elite level.”

The vice commander said in a low voice, “then what should we do? We have received an order to escort the troops of the kingdom of Norma to retreat. Now that they are blocked outside the border, we can’t do anything, unless we break up with the Kingdom of Gran again.”

The commander’s face was full of displeasure. “Damn the Kingdom of Gran. Last time we invaded the kingdom of Gran, we didn’t get a decent result, but instead we were beaten back. Although I didn’t participate in that battle, I’ve heard about it. I’ve long wanted to teach the people of the Kingdom fo Gran a lesson. If only we could really break up with them.”

The vice commander said, “I don’t know what the higher ups are thinking. They said that they couldn’t break up with the Kingdom of Gran and that they shouldn’t provoke anyone. Don’t provoke Westwind city. It’s simply baffling!”

The commander said coldly, “the people above are old and timid. They got scared to death after just one failure. They really don’t deserve to be citizens of the God of the desert. In my opinion, the loss in the last battle was only due to the incompetence of the commander at that time. If I were him, I would definitely be able to defeat him.”

Hearing this, the vice commander understood what the commander was thinking. He whispered, “then… Let’s go to fight them?”

The commander didn’t tell him to go, nor did he refuse to go. He just let the vice commander do it on his own.

The vice commander understood what he meant. The commander didn’t want to give the order in person and wanted to throw the blame. At this time, as the subordinate, he had to go up and take the blame. As long as his hands and feet were clean and there was no subsequent trouble left, even if he took the blame, it would not bring any harm to himself in the future. On the contrary, he would be appreciated for helping the army take the blame.

He said loudly, “I see! Commander, what I’m going to do next is all my will and decisions. It has nothing to do with you.”

After saying that, he turned around and said to the several mamluk beside him, “I think the position of the border stela seems to be wrong. It must be the people of the kingdom of Gran who secretly moved the border stela in the middle of the night a few hundred more yards towards us. Let’s move it back now.”

Of course, the two thousand soldiers were well prepared for the battle.

The vice commander waved his hand, and the two thousand soldiers immediately rushed forward.

The group of people who rushed the fastest immediately went to move the stela, while the others waved their axes and machetes and rushed towards the back of Elsie and the others

Although Elsie had his back to these people, he had already seen what they were doing. “The desert kingdom has taken action.”

The dwarf leader also shrugged and said, “well, now it’s a situation that we can’t solve.”

The assassin leader said, “then I’ll open the portal!”

“Let’s go,” Elsie said. “In this case, we have to invite Godfather. “

The assassin leader dodged sideways and dodged a flying axe thrown by a mamluk. Then he threw his hand to the open space next to him, and a scroll exploded in his palm, turning into purple magic light all over the sky. Then, a purple transmission portal stood up on the open space.

The next second, Robb stepped over from the door, with a smile on his face. “Don’t think that I don’t know. You must have deliberately stirred up trouble and wanted to drag me here to join in the fun. I’m really unlucky to have you as my subordinates.”


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