After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 654

Chapter 654: The seed of the Tree of Life

When Robb said this, the situation was not good.

The number of troops of the desert kingdom was as many as two thousand. As for the soldiers led by Elsie and others, there was only one hundred and fifty of them. With their backs to the soldiers of the desert kingdom and their front to the group from Norma, they had no time to care about what came at them from behind. There were flying axes flying over from the soldiers of the desert kingdom.

As soon as the flying axes came over, it really seemed to rain on the heads of the soldiers.

With a loud sound, many people were hit by the axes.

If it were an ordinary soldier, they would have suffered great losses. Fortunately, the soldiers wore a set of Robb’s armor, which was far more physically defensive than ordinary armor.

When the flying axes cut into the steel armor, they were actually unable to break through. Instead, they only made a few dents or scratched some marks on the armor. Some vibration power penetrated through the armor, but the axe blades could not hurt these soldiers.

What pissed them off most was that some people who got hit by axes were lucky. The axes flew over and happened to get stuck in the gaps of the steel armors of the soldiers. It seemed that the axes couldn’t penetrate at all, which made them feel happy.

That was what Elsie was like. His armor was stronger than the armor of an ordinary soldier. As a result, an axe was embedded in the key part of his vest. It looked like a flying axe was embedded in Elsie’s vest, which was torn into pieces.

He shouted, “help! We are sandwiched in two directions.”

“Save your a*s!” Robb appeared beside him in an instant and kicked him in the face. At the same time, he also took two flying axes and threw them towards the aggressive army of the desert kingdom.

It seemed that he just threw it casually, but in fact, he used the skill of an “executioner” in “Dark Blade”. The two flying axes looked unremarkable, but the magicians of the desert kingdom suddenly felt two huge forces pouncing at them from the front.

The two axes each contained a great force, pushing the knights and machete soldiers who rushed over at the same time to fall to both sides. With a splash, the army was split into two halves, exploding to both sides, and a wide road was made in the middle.

The charge of the desert kingdom stopped in an instant. Those who were swept by the axe all fell to the ground. They groaned, struggled to get up, and then looked at Robb in horror.

Those who were not hit by the axe were also startled. They quickly stopped and looked at Robb in a daze.

[Is that still human? He threw out two axes and knocked people over instantly.]

Robb clapped his hands and said, “Hey, there is a lot of sand on the handle of your axes. I got a lot of sand on me when I grabbed your axes.”

Everyone was speechless

Are you here to say something like that?

All in all, Robb had shocked the army of the desert kingdom as soon as he made a move. On the other side, the army led by Elsie was still fighting against the army of Norma.

The soldier thought he was saved when he saw the army of the desert kingdom rushing over. But the enemy suddenly opened a transmission portal for no reason, and then a man came out. He was so powerful that the army of the desert kingdom couldn’t move at all. They were shocked by the change.

The commander exclaimed, “that guy came?”

The priest in the troupe also called out, “it’s that strange priest.”

A ranger said, “Damn it! He threw out two axes and blocked the army of the desert kingdom.”

As he spoke while fighting, he was inevitably distracted. After finishing his long lines, the man suddenly felt a pain on his shoulder. It turned out that he was shot by an arrow from a soldier from Westwind Town. He covered his shoulder and retreated. A priest just finished chanting a healing spell and threw a quick heal on him.

The ranger regained his spirit. He pulled the bow in his hand and said, “how dare you shoot a ranger with an arrow? Let me teach you how to shoot an arrow.”

He shot back, and the arrow accurately hit the soldier’s forehead. However, with a sound of “bang”, the arrow was bounced away by the helmet.

“Damn it! What are these guys wearing? Why are they so tough?”

Seeing that Robb was coming, the morale of the soldiers in Westwind Town greatly increased, and they were not afraid at all. They rushed fiercely towards the invading group, and this wave of attackers were fierce. Seeing this, the commander had no choice but to command loudly, “stand up and fight with your last strength!”

However, this elite troop was almost at the end of its line. The members who were exhausted by the strange operation of the assassin leader had no strength to deal with the impact of the high morale of the soldiers from Westwind Town, and retreated one after another.

By this time, the commander also felt that something was wrong. The tired members were no longer able to deal with the group of iron bumps in front of them wearing strange equipment, and the army of the desert kingdom was frozen by the priest’s stare. What could they do?

He gritted his teeth. Before this action, he had planned to save this treasure given by the cardinal, but now he could do nothing. He could only take it out and use it. As long as he could bring the steam engine back, it was worth it.

He reached out and took out a strange seed from his pocket. The seed was as big as a fist, and there was a green light spreading from it, and at the same time, there was a gold light rippling in it. The two lights mixed together, making it look holy, and with a sense of spiritual energy. One could tell at a glance that it way was not an ordinary seed.

The commander raised the seed high and said loudly, “bloom, seed of the tree of life.”

The gold and green light shone brightly at the same time.

He threw the seed on the ground hard, and the seed immediately drilled into the ground. Then, a tender bud came out from the ground which opened two small leaves, and then shook violently, before growing fiercely. Its growth speed was simply inconceivable. In a flash, it had grown into a huge tree.

The top of the tree covered the team of the forty people.

The tree was blossoming and it was bearing fruit!

Green and golden lights fell from the tree and pervaded the whole team.

The forty men’s spirits were lifted up at once. The fatigue and pain they had suffered during the journey had all gone without a trace. In an instant, they had recovered to being the elite soldiers who could defeat the mountain giants.

Robb turned around and said, “eh?”

This tree was really a new thing for him. Robb had never seen it before. Although there were many strange items in Dark Blade, there was really nothing that could completely heal someone and restore his MP in such a short time.


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