After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 657

Chapter 657: Hesitate and lose

However, even if most of the power of the skill was suppressed, it was not something the elites of the kingdom of Norma could withstand.

Robb glanced around and found that something interesting had happened. None of them had died.

He had thought that even if he had suppressed more than half of the power of his skill, his attack would be enough to kill these people in a “normal way”. However, he did not expect that these fellows all withstood the damage. They were only injured, rolling on the ground and struggling, but none of them died.

After rolling a few circles, the tree of life above their heads continued to emit golden and green light on their bodies. They rolled a few times, and the painful expression on their faces slowly disappeared. Then they jumped up again.

“Wow!” Robb raised his head and looked at the huge tree of life. “It saved your lives. Interesting.”

In fact, not only did he think it was interesting, but also the soldiers of the desert kingdom on the other side could not help but look at each other, feeling that this thing was a little strange. Just now, Robb’s “multiple arrows” seemed to be very powerful. From visual observation, those who were attacked would have definitely died. They did not expect that none of them would die. It was obvious that it was because of the tree of life.

The vice commander of the desert kingdom whispered, “commander, what should we do now?”

The commander said, “look at the tree. It’s a little strange. Let’s look at it more and get more information.”

The desert kingdom continued to remain motionless.

On the other side

The commander felt Robb’s powerful strength from the short confrontation of two moves just now, but he did not intend to admit defeat in this way. He shouted at Robb, “you are very powerful, but so what? We fight with the tree of life, so we won’t lose, and you will only lose.”

Robb, “Wow! Good job!”

“Magicians! Archers!” shouted the commander again.

The soldiers used shield wall again, and the archers and magicians once again prepared their arrows and magic. This powerful team was not only powerful in combat, but also had strong will. They wouldn’t be so easily frightened by powerful enemies, and they would form an array again and again.

However, Robb didn’t look at them this time. He looked up at the huge tree of life and said with a smile, “Since you are relying on this tree. If I pull out this tree, you will have nothing to rely on, right?”

Hearing what he said, the commander couldn’t help but feel happy. Are you going to attack this tree? Well, if you have guts, just attack! He didn’t even have any common sense. How dare you hit the tree of life? I’m afraid you don’t know that this tree is also very powerful, and its fighting power is far greater than that of our group.

He had to introduce what the seed of life was.

The seed of the tree of life came from a huge tree near the nest of the black dragon Avicus. It could also be called the world tree.

It was one of the oldest and greatest creatures in the Fengmo Continent.

It was said that the whole Fengmo Continent was bred by this big tree.

Every few years, it would produce a seed, which was the seed of the tree of life.

If the seed fell on the ground, it would immediately take root and sprout, turning into a small tree of life. It would continuously give its master the blessing of the tree of life. This blessing had an incomparably strong effect, and it could instantly restore all the strength and magic of the person who received the blessing, and thus, he would never die.

Because it had such a characteristic that if one wanted to defeat the person it blessed, they had to first knock down the tree of life. Therefore, there had been many people who had attacked it before.

However, once someone wanted to threaten the tree of life, it would rise from the ground and turn into an angry tree of life. This thing’s combat power was very terrifying. Although it couldn’t fly, it had an almost endless recovery ability, much stronger than an archangel or archdemon. An archangel or an archdemon wouldn’t even be able to resist one move.

All the enemies who wanted to burn the tree of life first and then kill the people it blessed all died under the sweep of the tree’s huge arms.

Of course, such a powerful thing couldn’t protect its master forever. This kind of tree of life, which was temporarily planted with the seed of the tree of life, had a very short lifespan and would wither to death in a few days, so it could only be used as a temporary item. After it was used up, it would be gone. Moreover, they would have to wait for a chance to pick it from the world tree again.

This made it very precious. No one was willing to use it unless it was in a critical moment, and once it was used, they would be almost invincible.

The commander thought to himself, [if you want to attack the tree of life, you will become dead meat. At that time, the tree of life will turn into an angry one and chase after you. After a fierce beating, our group of people will rush at you again. You will only have a dead end.]

The commander thought in his heart, but he didn’t say anything on the surface. Instead, he pretended to be stunned and put on an arrogant face. “If you have the guts, come. Don’t target the tree. Don’t you have the guts to fight me? Don’t you even have the soul of a knight?”

As he spoke, he walked out of the team and strode towards Robb, as if he was going to fight Robb alone.

He knew that the more he pretended to be fearless, the more his enemies would attack the tree of life.

Therefore, the commander raised his shield with his left hand and his sword with his right hand. “Come! Fight with me! Don’t stare at an innocent tree like a villain.”

“Well, since that’s what you said,” Robb said. “I wanted to pull out that tree, but you insisted on fighting with me. I can’t refuse. I’ll fight with you first.”

The commander was speechless

“Get ready. I’m coming,” said Robb.

The commander cursed in his heart, [F**k! You don’t play according to the routine.]

He had no choice but to fight with Robb. He had seen how powerful Robb was just now, but he was not afraid. The tree of life was still behind him, and he would not die no matter how hard he is hit.

“Let’s fight! Come on! Attack!” the commander raised his sword high.

At this moment, Robb suddenly pulled out a short spear from his back. “Boom!”

One shot!

The commander fell to the ground, spat out blood, rolled on the ground and couldn’t get up. The green light of the tree of life sprinkled on his body to heal his wounds, but he found that his wounds could not be healed. It turned out that Robb used his short spear to shoot the hunter’s skill “deadly poison shot”, which would cause the target to lose blood continuously.

Every time the commander lost his blood, he would also be healed. If the blessing of the tree of life hadn’t been given to him, he would have already died. But when he is healed, the poison would immediately cause him to fall to the ground, and the cycle repeats. As a result, he could only roll on the ground all the time.

Rubbing the tip of short dwarf spear, he shook his head and said, “Hesitate and lose!”


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