After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 658

Chapter 658: The angry tree of life

The commander thumped on the ground. The tree of life blessed him. Full of blood, he stood up!

Robb’s highly poisonous attack hit again. With no blood, he fell to the ground again!

This man was just like this, constantly jumping up and dropping to the ground, looking very miserable. However, even so, he was still firm and strong in his heart. Looking at Robb’s back angrily, he thought to himself, [well, I have finished my work as a bait. Although I am miserable now, I can’t die. When you see that I won’t die, you will definitely attack the tree of life, and then you will die.]

Sure enough, Robb walked towards the tree of life.

A cruel and merciless smile appeared on the commander’s face. No matter how strong you were, what was the use? You can’t defeat the tree of life. No one can. I’m going to see how you die. The tree of life will keep healing me. I’m still a living man.

As soon as he thought of this, he saw Robb flash over the remaining thirty-nine members and appear under the tree of life. He reached out his hand to touch the trunk and chuckled, “an interesting tree, but I can feel that its magic power is rapidly decreasing. In this way, it won’t last for three days and will wither and die by then.”

The commander thought to himself, [you are so smart, since you can feel this.]

Robb muttered, “it’s so pitiful to die. Let me cut you into pieces of wood. You can be used to make many holy weapons like the staff of life and the bow of life.”

Blacksmith in Dark Blade could the life wood as a tool. Robb wasn’t sure if the tree in front of him would be life wood after it was cut into wood, but he guessed that the tree with the same name could be used as the material.

He waved slightly at the flying axes thrown out by the mamluk just now. An axe brushed off the ground and fell into Robb’s hands. Then, Robb stretched out his hand and rubbed it.

He held the axe in his hand, aimed at the tree of life in front of him, and waved the axe

Behind him, the commander and thirty-nine members of the team were quietly waiting for him to commit suicide.

On the other hand, the soldiers of the desert kingdom, as well as Elsie and the others, were very curious. Why didn’t they have any reaction when Robb strutted over to attack your tree of life?

Elsie couldn’t help shouting, “Godfather, be careful. There must be something wrong with the tree. These people aren’t stop you from cutting it.”

“Oh!” Robb nodded, but he didn’t stop what he was doing. He continued to chop towards the tree of life with his axe.

“Gatherer — Logging!”

However, at this moment, the tree of life, which had been emitting golden and green light, suddenly turned red. An incomparably powerful red light seemed to burst out from under its bark, brushing and blinding the eyes of the people around it.

In fact, Robb was not afraid of the flash technique, but he was really unhappy to see the red light. He could not help but stop his skill temporarily and turned his eyes away.

When everyone opened their eyes again, they found that the tree of life in front of Robb, which looked holy and pure, had turned into a strange tree which was red all over and looked aggressive. Two eyes opened on the trunk, and a big mouth with red light appeared. Its lips seemed to be in the shape of angry.

It had already completed its transformation from “Tree of life” to “Angry Tree of life”.

“Stupid human! How dare you try to hurt me?” the angry tree of life roared. “You have to pay for your ignorance and rudeness.”

It waved its huge arms and hit Robb’s head with a “whoosh” sound.

The impact was so strong that before his huge arm could land on the ground, the wind pressure alone blew everyone around it back at the same time, as if a shock wave exploded on the ground, and everyone covered their faces and retreated crazily.

The commander, who had fallen to the ground, laughed with all his might. “You’re dead… You’re dead… Hahaha… No one who irritates the tree of life would survive…”


With a loud sound, dust and sand flew in the air, and the giant arm of the tree of life stopped.

Everyone looked at it carefully. Robb caught the huge arm with one hand. Just now, the wind pressure was enough to blow the others away, but unexpectedly, he caught it with one hand!

This time, all the people from Norma, including the soldiers of the desert kingdom, were stunned, let alone the commander.

Only Elsie laughed loudly and arrogantly. “Hahaha, there is indeed a plan, but in front of absolute strength, all schemes are in vain. You idiots should learn from me, and never play any tricks in front of Godfather, hahaha.”

Everyone was speechless

Facing the angry tree of life, Robb said slowly, “I just want to chop you with an axe. Don’t be so angry.”

Robb continued “Let’s be reasonable! Just now, I felt that your magic power was rapidly fading away. A few days later, your magic power would dissipate and die, which means that you would die anyway. In that case, while you still have magic power, I will turn you into a useful material that will benefit humans. Isn’t that better? After being handled by me, you may still exist as a weapon spirit and keep your life. However, when you become a dead tree without any magic power, you can only be used to make a fire. You will feel that it’s not in accordance with your identity, right? “

The angry tree of life roared, “nonsense!”

“I’m reasoning with you, yet you call it nonsense, alas..” Robb said, “I don’t want to talk nonsense with you. I just want to tell you a conclusion that no matter what demons, legendary creatures, animals, monsters, plants… All should be for the benefit of humans. That is a good thing, right? If they can’t benefit humans, they are all rubbish.”

After saying that, Robb thought of something. He turned around and said to the dwarf leader, “of course, I also want to benefit the dwarves, as well as elves and all kinds of kind-hearted and friendly demi-human beings. What I just said is only a general term, referring to the kind and friendly races like us. Don’t misunderstand me. I haven’t excluded you.”

The dwarf leader was embarrassed and thought, [you even have time to explain this to me while fighting against the tree of life? Do you need to be so considerate?

The angry tree of life had never seen a human being so arrogant. It pulled back its huge arm, roared, and shook it with a loud whirl. The entire treetop shook with its strength, dropping countless leaves. Then, a whirlwind blew up these leaves, like blades, and sliced them towards Robb.


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