After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 665

Chapter 665: Boss with Infinite Regeneration

Robb saw the big lion pounce towards him and didn’t dare to take it lightly anymore. Just now, he lost more than 80,000 HP, nearly 10% of his total hp, so if he was hit by the lion’s continuous attacks, he didn’t know how much HP he would lose. There was a small chance that he might die, and that would be disastrous.

Of course, he had a 90% chance of resurrecting even if he died, but there was still a 10% chance that he wouldn’t. So, he had to deal with anything that posed a threat to his life seriously.

Facing the lion that was about to pounce on him, Robb kicked it away with a move called “Meteor Kick,” a skill of a martial artist.

Although the kick seemed casual, it produced a dazzling particle effect in mid-air, enveloping his entire body, making him look like a shooting star flying through the sky.

People around him were amazed, “What kind of move is that? How could he create such a beautiful light with just a kick? Did he attach some kind of magic to his foot?”

With a loud bang, the Sphinx’s claws missed Robb, but Robb’s kick hit the Sphinx’s belly. Although Meteor Kick was not the most powerful skill of the martial artist, it was still quite strong.

The sphinx felt a terrifying force in its stomach, which immediately canceled out its forward momentum, shattered all the energy on its body, and transformed the kinetic energy of its forward pounce into the kinetic energy of its backward fall. It flew backwards and fell a hundred yards away, creating a huge hole in the sand dune, causing sand to flow down towards the center…

People from the Desert Kingdom and Norma were completely dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say.

However, the group of Elsie laughed out loud, “Hahaha! We knew it would turn out this way.”

Robb stared at the fallen Sphinx, wondering if it was dead or not.

The Sphinx was not a monster in the game now but a real-world monster, subject to the rules of the real world. Therefore, Robb couldn’t see its health bar, nor could he know how much damage he inflicted with his kick. It was difficult to judge how badly the Sphinx was injured by the kick.

Suddenly, a yellow light emanated from the sand next to the Sphinx, entered its body, and relieved its pain. Then, the Sphinx quickly stood up and shouted, “You cannot defeat me!”

“Wow!” Robb understood a little, “You can actually recover your health by relying on the desert.”

Sphinx roared, “I am the guardian beast of the desert, and the desert is my power. No one can defeat me in the desert.”

“Blow harder,” Robb said. “Come on, show me what else you got.”

Sphinx raised its huge paw and bellowed, “Let the yellow sand surge!”

As it roared, all the surrounding sand dunes moved along with it, seeming to come alive and encircle Robb. Robb looked around, front and back, left and right, and several sand dunes converged on him, seeming to want to block his escape route.

Then, the Sphinx roared again, leaping high into the air and pressing down from the sky.

“What a stupid move,” Robb muttered, leaping into the air and punching upward. “Ayougen!”

There’s no such skill as Ayougen in “Dark Blade.” He just threw a random punch and yelled for the effect.

The Sphinx fell from above, hitting Robb’s upraised fist.


With a loud noise, the Sphinx was knocked flying again.

After the sphinx landed, the sand dunes under its feet closed in around it, forming a sand monster with a big, gaping mouth-like depression in the middle of the sand, apparently waiting to bite it when it landed.

Robb couldn’t help but smile. He turned in mid-air, then used the martial artist’s skill “Meteor Fall,” a dazzling particle effect that enveloped him again, making him look like a falling meteor. He crashed into the sandpit with a loud boom.

Another wave of flying sand and rocks, and the big sand pit scattered in all directions like a blooming yellow flower.

The sand dunes’ encirclement was broken!

Just as Robb steadied himself, the Sphinx attacked again. After Robb punched it and sent it flying, it fell to the ground and was hurt, but quickly regained its life and magic through the desert and pounced again.

Robb grabbed the Sphinx’s nape, then tossed it left, right, left, and right again, like the Hulk tossing Loki in “The Avengers.” He slammed the Sphinx to the ground more than ten times, leaving it barely breathing, then flung it aside.

The Sphinx fell heavily into the sand dunes, but the yellow light once again penetrated its body through the sand. After two seconds, it stood up again with a swish.

“Wow! It’s like fighting a boss with infinite regeneration,” Robb said.

This was a troublesome situation. If you were to ask which boss in the game was the most disgusting, it would undoubtedly be a boss with regenerative abilities. It was the least popular among players because it was impossible to kill no matter what.

The Sphinx roared again, “You can’t beat me!”

“It looks like I really can’t beat you,” Robb said, rubbing his chin with one hand. “What should I do in this situation?”

If it were in the game, even a boss with infinite regeneration would have something to counter it, because game designers cannot design a monster that players cannot defeat no matter what. No matter how strong the boss is, as long as the correct method is found and specific items are used, it can be defeated.

But in the real world, that’s hard to say.

The Sphinx came again with a huge sandstorm, and this time it had a new move. Countless poisonous insects and scorpions emerged in the sandstorm. Robb slapped them away, and the Sphinx and its little insects flew a hundred yards away. The insects all died instantly, but the Sphinx stood up again.

Seeing this, the onlookers’ attitudes changed again.

People from the Desert Kingdom and Norma cheered loudly, “Hahaha, the Sphinx is an immortal existence, no one can kill it.”

Elsie was also shocked, “Wow, how do we defeat something like this? It seems like it will never fall.”


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