After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 666

Chapter 666: Waves surge and torrents flow

It’s not really immortal!

Even a fool can tell that the Sphinx can only recover by relying on the desert. Without the desert, Robb could easily defeat it with just a few punches and kicks.

In fact, Robb had already thought of a way to deal with this guy – kick it out of the desert with one kick, then follow it up with a hammer to kill it outside the desert. However, using such a method to win seemed a bit too easy and lacked meaning.

If he really wanted to make this guy surrender and fear him, he couldn’t use such opportunistic methods. He had to knock it down and beat it in the desert until it couldn’t get up. This would completely intimidate these desert kingdom people and prevent them from causing him trouble again and again.

It seems that the only way to intimidate enemies and prevent them from acting recklessly is to resist the “desert,” that is, to resist nature.

To be honest, Robb didn’t know if he could do it.

His ability comes from the game “Dark Blade.” Although the data in the game is off the charts, it’s hard to say who is stronger, Robb or the natural forces in this world.

If you don’t know something, you won’t know until you try it, right?

Robb is not the kind of coward who shrinks from unknown things and is afraid to try.

He chuckled and said, “Well, it seems that if I want to beat you, I have to conquer this desert first.”

The soldiers of the neighboring desert kingdom couldn’t help but ridicule him: “You’re overestimating yourself. Just because you’re powerful, it doesn’t mean you can conquer the desert.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?” Robb raised one hand high and suddenly a blue light shone from his hand…

The magicians present immediately felt a huge magical power erupting from Robb’s palm. It was so powerful and terrifying that it seemed to have the power of nature.

Robb swung his hand forward and shouted, “Surging Waves!”

This is one of the top water-based magic spells. Its power is insane. When Robb fought a guild battle in the game “Dark Blade” using this magic, he AOE’d and instantly killed ten high-level players with excellent equipment. If those high-level players were also brought into this world, they would be able to defeat most monsters, including the Sphinx.

A huge water column gushed out of Robb’s hand and rushed towards the sand dunes in front of him with a loud bang, causing a ten-meter-high wave to surge.

At this time, the Sphinx was about to pounce on Robb when it suddenly saw a big wave coming towards it. It was scared and tried to retract its move, but it was too late. Its body collided with the wave in mid-air.

If it were an ordinary wave, it would probably just be submerged and splashed a few times before being fine. But this is not an ordinary wave, it is a magical wave, carrying immense magical power. The feeling of it hitting is no different from being struck by a huge iron plate.

The Sphinx groaned and flew backward, and the huge wave followed, crashing down and covering it along with the desert under its feet. The people beside it stared in disbelief.

This was a terrifying wave, and wherever it passed, the sand was turned wet. But the desert was not to be underestimated, although it was constantly becoming wet, it was also constantly absorbing the waves. As the waves pushed forward, the height of the waves gradually decreased, and when it had advanced more than a mile, the sand finally absorbed all of it.

Of course, the sand for more than a mile became all wet and became a wet beach. The Sphinx lay on the beach, smelling not the inherent dry sand smell of the desert, but rather the scent of the sea. Its magical injury from being hit by the wave was serious, and although it could have recovered by lying on the desert sand, the beach was a different matter. It could not recover its life force and magical power by relying on the sand.

Its heavily injured body couldn’t move, let alone climb out of this beach. If it could move a bit, it would crawl onto the desert sand that was not yet wet, but its body couldn’t move at all.

It looked at Robb with a terrified look and weakly said, “What is this…water magic…so strong…”

The people from the Desert Kingdom and Norma had also lost their voices, staring at Robb in horror. Robb shook his head, not very satisfied with the power of his magic.

The power of the desert exceeded Robb’s imagination. He had released a large-scale magic that only covered more than a mile in radius, but it was still a small area for the desert. It didn’t take long for the desert to dry up all the water and restore its original appearance.

The power of nature is truly infinite!

He lost interest in continuing to fight these guys and waved his hand, saying, “Let’s go.”

Elsie gave the middle finger to the people from the Desert Kingdom, and then turned around to follow Robb. His soldiers behind him also laughed strangely and imitated Elsie’s actions. The soldiers from the Desert Kingdom did not even have the courage to make a hand gesture and could only look at the dying Sphinx with embarrassed eyes and pale faces.

Robbb walked to transmission portal and was about to enter when he suddenly remembered something. He turned around and pointed to the border stela standing in the distance in the desert and said, “You moved this border stela there yourselves, so don’t move it back. Let it stay there. Otherwise, I will come and move it a little more towards your side.”

The people of the desert kingdom and the Sphinx were silent and no one dared to object.

Without further ado, Robb herded the recently captured prisoners and Elsie’s group into the transmission portal. He went in last and, before entering, used a skill to grab the pile of Life Wood he had just made with his skill. He held the wood and went into the transmission portal. The purple portal then disappeared without a trace.

At this point, the Sphinx and the soldiers of the desert kingdom finally breathed a sigh of relief and sat down on the ground, saying, “What a scary guy.”


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