After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 667

Chapter 667: “Opportunist” Elsie

In Westwind Prison, a new batch of convicts for reform through labor has been added.

This batch of convicts includes some from the Desert Kingdom and some from the elite infiltration group of Norma. However, this is not a problem for Westwind Prison, as it has had experience managing such “war criminals” and ensuring that they cannot easily escape.

As the setting sun glowed red, Robb sat lazily on his stone chair with his feet up.

In front of him was a crystal ball with the beautiful face of the queen inside. “I heard about the border incident,” the queen’s voice carried a hint of excitement. “You expanded the border of the kingdom of Gran more than a mile north. The people from the Desert Kingdom dared not move the border stela back on their own, so they sent people to negotiate with me, asking us to move the border stela back ourselves. Ha, it’s really ridiculous. They moved the stela themselves, so why should we move it back? I showed them the video you gave me and gave them a good thrashing. The envoy had to leave in a huff. Hahaha, I can imagine the face of the pharaoh turning red with anger. Thank you so much for this.”

Robert shrugged. “Is that genuine gratitude or fake gratitude? Verbal thanks mean nothing. Give me some tangible benefits.”

The queen immediately looked wary. “If you want money, I don’t have it. If you want my life, I’ll give it to you.”

“Pfft! That’s obviously fake thanks,” Robb retorted. “Usually when a woman thanks a man, she promises something more intimate. But in the end, you don’t want to give anything, not even a hundred dollars.”

Promise something more intimate? The queen thought to herself, [I’m willing to promise, but are you willing to take it? If you marry me, I’ll immediately become coquettish and ask you to help me unify the kingdom of Gran. Let’s see how you stay a lazy bum.]

Of course, this thought could only be kept to herself. The proud queen would never admit to having such thoughts about anyone. She gave him a calm look and said, “You are also a citizen of my Kingdom of Gran. What’s wrong with expanding the territory for the kingdom? As the kingdom grows stronger, it benefits the people, including you. Don’t act like you gained nothing from the expansion of the land.”

Robb muttered, “Actually, I really haven’t gained anything.”

The queen didn’t want to argue about this anymore, lest Robb trick her into giving him money. She quickly changed the subject, “I heard that you destroyed the Tree of Life and created a giant wave that turned over a mile of desert into a beach, instantly depriving the sphinx of all its power.”

“Yeah, that’s true.”

“Is it really true?” The queen was also shocked by the intelligence. When she first heard the news, she almost kicked the intelligence officer out of the palace. But now that Robb had confirmed it, she couldn’t help but feel a little scared. This man is too terrifying. What kind of man is he? How much power does he really have?

The queen finally managed to control her emotions and asked, “Why didn’t you take the opportunity to kill the Sphinx? You left it badly injured and returned like this. What a pity.”

Robb shook his head, “Kill it? That’s not possible!”

The queen asked curiously, “Why not?”

Robb replied, “You didn’t fight it, so you don’t know. It is the desert, and the desert is it. It is the shadow and representation of the desert. No one can kill it unless they can kill the desert. Even if I had blasted it into pieces or used magic to turn it into dust, as long as the desert still exists, the Sphinx will be reborn again.”

The queen was surprised and thought for a moment. “You mean the only way to truly beat the Sphinx is to manage the desert? Turn the endless sand into an oasis?”

“Yes!” Robb nodded.

The queen had nothing to say.

After a few seconds, she thought of something and said, “Your dwarven craftsman were also taken away. It should be a lesson for you. Your Westwind City has no walls and only focuses on economic development. The town’s protection measures are in shambles. Today, your dwarven craftsman were taken away. Tomorrow, your rabbit papermaker might disappear. The day after tomorrow, your alchemist might be kidnapped… It’s time to strengthen the security of Westwind City.”

“Ah!” Robb covered his ears. “Don’t nag me about these things. I know you’re right, but it’s too troublesome to deal with them. I hate handling these chores.”

The queen had no choice but to say, “Then I’ll talk to Elsie about these things. Since you don’t want to deal with it, I’ll teach Elsie how to handle it.”

Robb smiled, “Oh, you’re planning something evil. You’re exposed.”

The queen was slightly surprised, but not ashamed. “What? Don’t want me to take over your subordinates? Then manage them yourself! If you’re too lazy to take care of them and don’t let others intervene, then things will only get worse.”

“Who said I won’t let you intervene?” Robb laughed. “I just pointed out your conspiracy, but I didn’t say I would oppose you implementing it. Do whatever you want. But you don’t understand Elsie well. He’s a cunning and slippery person, and you won’t be able to win him over no matter how hard you try.”

Queen squinted her eyes and said, “Strange, I’ve heard that Elsie is a slippery and unscrupulous guy who goes with the wind and has no principles. He’s a typical opportunist who will go wherever there are benefits. Why do you think he would be loyal to you? I feel that someone like him can easily be bought by a little bit of benefits.”

Robb replied, “The phrase ‘goes with the wind’ is not wrong, but precisely because he goes with the wind, he will firmly stand on my side in this storm. Someone as soft as you, like a gentle breeze, is not enough to make him go with the wind.”

“Humph!” The Queen felt uncomfortable being described as a soft breeze. She had always thought of herself as a strong and brave woman who was not inferior to men. “Well, let’s just wait and see.”

Starting from the second evening, the Queen began to use a crystal ball to spy on Elsie, but she soon discovered that no matter what he did, he always considered Robb’s opinions first. Indeed, this guy’s “going with the wind” was in the direction of Robb’s strong winds.


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