After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 674

Chapter 674: Flags

December 30th, 1347! New Year is approaching!

Every year on this day, it is important to bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year.

Although this day is not as grand as Christmas, every household will have a sumptuous meal.

When midnight arrives, people in the Kingdom of Gran will begin the traditional New Year’s Eve activities. People will compete to draw water from the well, open their doors, prepare bread, and welcome the arrival of friends and family.

Wealthy people will also prepare a large amount of copper coins and exchange gifts with friends and strangers alike. (The above is the British tradition for celebrating the New Year. In this book, the Kingdom of Gran follows the British customs.)

However, December 30th of this year seems unusually dull!

There is no festive atmosphere, the entire city is pitch black and gloomy, and people deliberately did not turn on the street lights, which makes the “City that Never Sleeps,” Westwind Holy City, now completely covered by darkness.

People who usually go door-to-door to visit relatives and friends are not in the mood to do so this year. They all gathered in front of the two churches, more than 30,000 people, crowding around the churches. All of their faces were filled with heaviness and worry.

They looked up at the big clock on the chapel roof, waiting for the moment it would strike with an incredibly nervous mood.

Once the bell rings, it means that 1347 has passed and 1348 has arrived, the year of the Black Dragon’s flight is coming.

From every second after the bell rings, a huge black dragon, which no one can defeat, may attack from the sky. It will destroy the entire city in an instant and plunder the wealth people have worked hard to accumulate.

Robb was still lazily sitting in his stone stool, looking at the gloomy crowd around him, feeling a bit annoyed.

He did not like this annoying atmosphere, this feeling as if the end of the world was coming.

He couldn’t help but ask the few girls next to him, “Do people behave like this every time the year of the black dragon’s flight comes?”

Lilian shook her head, “I used to live in a poor village in Original Stone Canyon, and we never had this kind of atmosphere. We never worried about the Black Dragon coming, and when the New Year bell was about to ring, everyone was lively. This is actually my first time celebrating the New Year of the Black Dragon’s flight in a big city.”

Suofa also shrugged, “This is my first time celebrating this kind of New Year too! The Desert Kingdom has never been attacked by the Black Dragon, so we always have a very happy New Year celebration.”

It was only the others, Little Yi, the Big Loli, the two light nuns, and even Shang Hui, who had lived in big cities for a long time, who were used to this kind of atmosphere.

Little Yi held a book of the “New Bible of Light” in her hands and murmured, “May the God of Light bless us, I hope the Black Dragon won’t come to the Holy City this year. This is my biggest wish this year.”

She is now a Holy Nun of the New Church of Light, and as soon as she spoke, almost all of the believers began to recite with her, “May the God of Light bless us, I hope the Black Dragon won’t come…”

This atmosphere immediately moved all the people, whether they were believers of the New Church of Light or not, they all whispered their wishes.

This kind of depression made Robb very uncomfortable. He hated this kind of atmosphere and preferred a joyful one. He was about to say, “Flowers, applause, music, let’s get excited,” when suddenly his cell phone in his pocket rang with a “beep beep beep.”

As soon as he answered, it was Xuelu who called. She used a sweet voice and said, “Happy New Year, dear.”

Robb said, “Humph! Who is your dear?”

Xuelu smiled and said, “You are! Who else?”

Hearing Xuelu’s sweet voice, Robb’s mood improved a bit. It was like someone threw a ray of sunshine into a dark world. He couldn’t help but ask, “Xuelu, how are things over there? Everyone here is as if they lost a family member, waiting for the New Year of the Black Dragon’s flight with a gloomy face.”

“Hahaha!” Xuelu laughed, “I knew it would be like this. Every New Year of the Black Dragon’s flight, the people in big cities are like this. No wonder, since Westwind Town has become a big city now.”

“And you’re still laughing?” Robb said, “I’m not happy here. I’m just waiting for the Black Dragon to come so that I can beat its dog head in. I can’t stand this kind of thing every four years.”

“Stop it,” Xuelu said, “I often encourage you to explore the Demon King City, but I never supported you to fight the Black Dragon. That thing is not something a person can deal with. If the Black Dragon comes to Westwind City, run away quickly. Oh…the pursuers from the Old Church of Light are coming. I have to run first… “

“Pursuers?” Robb asked, “Did you succeed in assassinating the Archbishop?”

“Not successful yet!” Xuelu said, “But we killed a few of the archbishop’s confidants and scared him. He sent the Templar Knights to chase us now. We’re running around in the wild mountains and forests. Hahaha, I have to use Swift Wnd to escape now. Let’s talk later.”

The call ended, but Robb was not worried. He knew that Xuelu was not in danger. If she was, she would have immediately used a transmission scroll to summon Robb for help. The fact that she didn’t meant she was still in control.

As soon as he hung up with Xuelu, the queen called.

She started with the same greeting as Xuelu, “Happy New Year!” but her tone was not as cheerful as Xuelu’s. It was laced with a hint of depression and oppression.

Robb couldn’t help but joke, “Happy New Year! But I can’t hear any happiness in your voice.”

The queen said, “Everyone on Bright Road is as if their family member has died. They’re so depressed. It’s hard for me to be happy.”

“Woah!” Robb exclaimed, “Is it the same on your side?”

“Of course!” the queen replied, “I’m in the capital, a super city, more prosperous than your Westwind City. People here are naturally more worried about the Black Dragon’s attack. Although I have repeatedly declared that there is no wealth in my palace and the Black Dragon has no interest in Bright Road, they don’t believe me at all.”

Now Robb laughed, “Hahaha! They don’t believe you. No one would believe that a kingdom’s queen is poor except me.”

The queen was so aggrieved that she couldn’t help but say bitterly, “You’re still laughing? You’re much richer than me. I have no doubt that the Black Dragon has set its sights on your place. It’s just waiting for the New Year bell to ring before it swoops down from the sky.”

“How is that possible?” Robb chuckled, “It has to go through the process of ‘confirming where the wealth is and flying to the location’ at least. It’ll take a few months before any action. If it really comes that fast, I’ll run around the chapel naked.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Robb quickly covered his mouth, “Oh, why did I say something that sounds like a jinx?”


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