After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 675

Chapter 675: A BOSS of Dark Blade

Robb quickly bowed to the sky and said, “Great God of Flags, I didn’t intend to make a flag just now. Although I’m not afraid of the Black Dragon, I don’t like running naked. So please don’t take what I said earlier as a flag.”

This bow made the queen on the other side of the crystal ball pause for a moment, and then she suddenly remembered something. A long time ago, Madeleine had submitted some intelligence to her that Godfather of Westwind Town was afraid of nothing but the God of Flags.

She immediately summoned many knowledgeable old magicians and asked them what the God of Flags was, but in the end, they got nothing. This matter was later dropped, but she didn’t expect to hear the term God of Flags from Robb’s mouth.

She couldn’t help but ask, “What is the God of Flags? You seem to be very afraid of it?”

“Of course, who dares not be afraid of it? Isn’t that asking for trouble? Let me tell you, the most important thing is to speak carefully as a human being. Never make reckless flags, or you will be relentlessly manipulated by fate and die miserably.”

The queen squinted her eyes and said, “Why do I feel like you are talking nonsense and teasing me?”

“I’m serious,” Robb replied.

The queen continued to squint her eyes, feeling that Robb was not serious at all when he said this, even though he looked very serious.

At this point, the time had already pointed to a few seconds before 12AM at night.

The New Year’s bell was finally about to ring…

The bell’s ringer climbed up the bell tower and raised the big hammer in his hand!

Tens of thousands of people bowed their heads together and prayed desperately, “Don’t let the Black Dragon come, don’t let the Black Dragon come.”

Even Robb prayed, “Please don’t let my earlier flag come true. I don’t want to run naked. The Black Dragon can come, but please come later. Don’t let me run naked.”

The queen didn’t hang up the phone. In fact, the situation on her end was the same. At this time, probably all the major cities on Fengmo continent looked like this.

She thought it was better to see what this ghostly man was worried about with this God of Flags than to watch those cowardly people worried in Bright Road.

Time’s up!

The bell ringer raised the big hammer in his hand and struck the bell hard.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

The New Year’s bell rang, and the year of the Black Dragon’s flight in 1348 officially arrived.

As soon as the bell rang, Robb began to look left, right, front, back, and even up at the sky. Although it was pitch-black everywhere at midnight, Robb had night vision, so the surroundings looked like daylight to him.

After looking around, he folded his arms and laughed heartily, “He didn’t come, haha, he didn’t come! The flag didn’t come true, haha, I don’t have to run naked.”

The queen said in a bad tone in the crystal ball, “You should be glad that it didn’t come and that you escaped death, not that you didn’t have to run naked, which is a trivial matter.”

“Life and death are small matters, streaking is a big issue,” said Robb, “you probably don’t know that, but face is everything. I’d rather die than give up my dignity. Money and power are things that can be relinquished.”

After finishing his sentence, he suddenly realized that something wasn’t right…

What was wrong?

Oh, the distant mountain scenery was wrong!

The background of the chapel was supposed to be a dark, black pine mountain range, which was now set off by the night sky, presenting a huge black silhouette that looked majestic and domineering.

But for some reason, a red strip appeared above this black mountain range!

Where had he seen this red strip before?

Robb rubbed his eyes and realized that it was the health bar above the monsters in “Dark Blade.” Moreover, the border of this health bar was a top-level boss border.

In “Dark Blade,” monster health bars had several types of borders. One was a metallic border that looked like a flower, which belonged to a boss monster. Next was the diamond border, which represented a team leader level monster. Then there was the golden border, which was for elite monsters, followed by the silver border for rare monsters. Normal, insignificant monsters had a simple black line border.

The health bar that Robb saw now had the top-level boss border.

This was very strange. How could he see a health bar from the game floating on a mountain in this world? In this world, native monsters didn’t have health bars, only game monsters did.

Robb suddenly woke up and thought to himself, [Holy shit, there’s a boss monster hiding behind the mountain, and it’s not a native monster from this world, it’s a monster from Dark Blade. Because in this world, native monsters don’t have health bars, only game monsters do.]

Just as he was thinking this, the health bar moved and floated upwards. Then, a huge dragon shadow rose from the mountain, and although its eyes were far away, one could still see the shining red light in them.

Elsie’s cry of surprise came from beside him, “The black dragon.”

Then countless people also exclaimed together, “The Black dragon!”

“Oh my God, the black dragon came just after the new year bell rang?”

“So soon?”


The tens of thousands of people who had just prayed devoutly suddenly became chaotic. Everyone started running. Originally, these tens of thousands of people were gathered around the chapel, crowded together like an iron bucket. Now they were dispersing like a receding tide, rushing towards the distance.

Everyone was fleeing for their lives!

The brave people of the Westwind have never run away before, no matter how strong their enemies were. They would sit calmly with their tables and chairs, ready with peanuts, melon seeds, and chips, and confidently watch their Godfather beat everything. But this time, they actually ran away.

Even the queen in the crystal ball was stunned, “It’s really coming? And so fast?”

Little Yi, Suofa, Lilian, Big Loli, Marian, and the two light nuns were all stunned…

The girls don’t know what to do.

Should they run?

But since they saw that Robb didn’t move, they didn’t want to run either.

In the distance, the voice of the dwarf leader sounded, “Grandmaster, run away quickly.”

The elf elder also shouted, “Don’t be brave, leave first.”

Elsie followed and shouted, “Godfather, I swore to live or die with you… But I suggest that coexistence is better than destruction. Let’s run first.”

Lord Nuolun rushed past the important people in the room with several swift winds, saying, “Godfather, let’s retreat. I’ll help you with buffs, let’s leave the city as soon as possible. As long as we don’t confront the Black Dragon head-on, it will only plunder our wealth, it won’t chase and kill people.”

For a while, the whole Westwind City was in chaos.

However, amidst all this chaos, Robb stood still, his face showing a strange expression, murmuring to himself, “So not only did my character come over, even the game’s boss came over too. Damn! This isn’t a Black Dragon, it’s… the Holy Dragon Bahamut, level 120, an ultimate world boss in ‘Dark Blade’!”


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