After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 677

Chapter 677: We have a chance to win

However, at this moment, Robb, who had just completed a naked lap at lightning speed, had already put on a suit of steel armor. He held a steel shield in his left hand and a shining golden sword in his right, which were the weapons and armor he used in the last battle he filmed. They were all made of relatively basic materials and did not perform very well, but he just took them out of the warehouse and put them on.

He was obviously not satisfied with this equipment, but there was no other equipment available. He lifted his head and waved his sword at the black dragon in the sky, shouting, “Hey, grandson!”

The black dragon, who was preparing to exhale, turned his head towards Robb in an instant.

At the same time, Robb flew up into the air and slammed into the black dragon with a loud crash: “Armor Break!”, “Intimidating Roar”, “Heroic Strike”, “Shield Slam”, several moves in a row, all hitting the black dragon.

HP -142245, -164524, -184654. Robb’s moves took out nearly 500,000 points of the black dragon’s health, which was quite fierce. But for Bahamut’s 99,990,000 health points, this amount of damage was just a drop in the bucket.


The black dragon let out a roar and then shouted loudly with the lines given to it by the game designer, “You foolish humans, you have angered this dragon.”

It even interrupted its own breath to say this line.

This was a small trick that game players knew. If you dealt a certain amount of damage to the black dragon just as it was about to do its breathe attack, it would cancel it and say some nonsense, allowing players to avoid its most powerful skill.

However, it was difficult to avoid its normal attacks.

Its huge tail “whooshed” towards Robb.

Before the tail even arrived, a huge gust of wind had already been generated in mid-air. The people on the ground were instantly swept away by the wind, especially Kante, who was thrown dozens of meters away by the wind and hit the ground heavily. Fortunately, he was a warrior with tough skin and could bear it.

This tail sweep was truly terrifying!

No one could withstand this tail sweep!

Countless people had died from this attack in the history of the continent.

Even the girls couldn’t help but scream, and even the queen in the crystal ball took a cold breath.

A colorful light suddenly enveloped Robb: “Shield Barrier”, “Stone Skin”, “Steel Bones”, “Wind Shield”, “Flame Cloak”, “Earth Wall”, “Water Bubble”. In an instant, he used several defensive magic spells and skills.


With a loud noise, Robb flew backwards like a bullet, flying hundreds of meters away and crashing into a mountain slope in the distance, creating a huge crater.

Everyone couldn’t help but close their eyes. They thought Robb was dead.

One strike!

The Black Dragon kills with only one strike. It doesn’t need a second strike.

Queen’s eyes teared up, the pain of losing a loved one once again flowed into her heart at this moment, making it difficult for her to breathe…

Suddenly, a golden light flashed in the pit, and Robb jumped out of the pit again.

The crowd rejoiced together!

They had never seen anyone who survived a strike from the Black Dragon before.

“F**k, that one strike took away 200,000 of my HP.” Robb couldn’t help but curse. He only had a total of 990,000 HP, and this dragon hit him for 200,000 with one strike. It really hurt, and this was the result of Robb using a bunch of defense skills in advance. It could only be said that his equipment was really too poor. After coming to this world, he had not seriously equipped himself.

He was well aware that it was almost impossible for him to take down the Black Dragon alone. Even when he was in the game with more than 20 guild members, they couldn’t beat it. Now, it was even more impossible for him to do it alone. However, he didn’t expect to feel so much pain from just one strike. The difference between having and not having equipment was indeed too great.

He quickly drank a large potion, and his HP was restored, but some MP was consumed.

The recovery speed of MP during battle would become very slow, much slower than usual.

If Robb was dealing with some small mobs or native monsters of this world, it didn’t matter if the recovery speed was extremely slow, but fighting this dragon was different. Every attack from the dragon would cause significant damage to Robb, and he had to constantly heal himself.

Under these circumstances, the consumption rate of MP was much greater than the recovery rate. When his MP is depleted, it would be game over.

In fact, he had fought Bahamut before, and the result was a wipeout when his MP was depleted.

Bahamut charged towards Robb once again…

In fact, as long as Robb wasn’t dead, it couldn’t attack anything else because the taunt effect was still in effect.

Facing the huge dragon flying towards him, Robb hung his shield and sword on his back, reached out his hand and made a move in the air. Suddenly, the tree of life stored in his warehouse flew into his hand, and he rubbed his hand, the life bow appeared in his hand.

At this point, the Black Dragon had already pounced. Robb jumped back, slid, and narrowly avoided the dragon’s sweeping wings. He drew his bow in mid-air and shouted, “Piercing Arrow!”

“HP -210000”

This one shot managed to take away 210,000 HP from the Black Dragon with just one arrow. Robb couldn’t help but rejoice. Good, changing to better equipment made a difference. However, because he used “Slide” and “Piercing Arrow” in succession, his MP was consumed a little bit.

The Black Dragon continued to pursue him in anger…

As Robb flipped, rolled, and side-stepped, he continuously twisted and shot, unleashing a series of cool combos. The black dragon’s HP kept decreasing, but with 99,999,999 HP, it still had a lot left. The spectators couldn’t see Robb’s MP consumption or the black dragon’s health bar. All they could see were Robb’s fantastic moves. He even started kiting the dragon, which chased him and bit and collided with him, but couldn’t touch him, only to see Robb shoot arrow after arrow at the dragon.

“Wow! He has a chance!” exclaimed the Elf elder. “The great druid is winning, and he may be the only person in the world who can kill the black dragon.”

The Dwarf leader also shouted, “He has a big advantage!”

Elsie said, “He can win! He can totally win! As long as Godfather keeps his distance and shoots with his bow and arrow, it’s only a matter of time before the dragon is defeated. I don’t think the dragon can last much longer. It has already taken so many arrows and must be weakened.”

Only the Queen was not feeling relaxed at all, because she was one of the people in the world who knew Robb best. She talked to him on the phone every day, watched his every move, and was very familiar with his subtle expressions. From the crystal ball, she could see that Robb was frowning, biting his lips, and not saying his trademark “wow” at all.

“He’s struggling!” The Queen quickly grabbed the communication crystal ball and called up on the Black Earth Knight’s deputy commander and the magic swordsman. “Quickly go reinforce Westwind City. We have a chance to win!”


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