After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 678

Chapter 678: Let’s go!

In the blink of an eye, more than ten minutes had passed!

The Black Dragon once again approached Robb, shaking its head and ramming him. This time, Robb couldn’t jump back in time, and with a loud crash, he was sent flying hundreds of yards away and knocked down two large trees where he landed. Since he had been flying a kite with the bow he was holding, he hadn’t had time to switch to his shield, so he couldn’t use his strongest defense skill, Shield Wall. Instead, he had to rely on BUFFs like Stone Skin and Steel Bones to withstand the impact.

As a result, he suffered a lot of pain and lost 300,000 HP.

Robb quickly drank a health potion, got up, and took a step back to avoid the Black Dragon’s tail sweep that followed. Checking his status, he had already used up 40% of his MP.

At this rate, he wouldn’t last twenty minutes before his MP was depleted. Although he could eat a blue potion to sustain himself, he had not prepared a high-level blue potion in advance. Only low-level ones were available, and he could only use one per battle to recover 20% of his MP before they enter a “cooldown period”.

Looking at the Black Dragon’s status, it had only lost 2 million HP, leaving it with a staggering 97 million left.

Robb cursed inwardly, [Damn it! I can’t outlast it after all.] To fight a BOSS at this level, he needed good equipment, items, and teammates. Otherwise, he wouldn’t stand a chance, as he had to play the roles of tank, healer, and DPS all at once.

Just as he was thinking this, he heard the sound of galloping horses in the distance. Turning his head, he saw a group of knights in black armor and helmets approaching, led by the deputy commander of the Black Earth Knights, the magic swordsman.

He didn’t dare to come too close and stood next to Elsie. “What are you guys doing here?” he shouted. “Watching the show? Why aren’t you participating in the fight?”

Elsie replied, “Ah! Godfather never likes us to interfere in his fights. He says he can’t be bothered to heal and revive us afterward. So when we saw him fight, we stopped and watched. Anyway, Godfather is winning now, so there’s no need to worry.”

Mr. Magic Swordsman glanced over and indeed, it looked like Godfather was fighting comfortably, without any signs of injury or stress. This was because Robb was playing by the game’s rules, and no matter what, characters in the game always appeared calm and composed during combat, unlike real-world people. However, as soon as a game character’s MP was depleted, their combat power would immediately plummet, and others wouldn’t be able to tell.

Mr. Magic Swordsman picked up a crystal ball and said, “Your Majesty, it seems that Godfather doesn’t need our help.”

The queen replied coldly, “I think he does, even though you can’t see it.”

The swordsman said, “If he completes this epic battle alone, he will become a legend. I’m worried he’ll be unhappy if we interfere and ruin this legend.”

The queen replied, “I will take full responsibility. Let him take it out on me. Go ahead and make your move!”

The swordsman respectfully bowed and handed the crystal ball to one of his subordinates. He drew his own sword and pointed it at the black dragon, then loudly said to his subordinates behind him, “Black Earth Knights, listen up! We have a rare opportunity before us! The black dragon Avicus, which has been causing trouble in this land for over a thousand years, has finally met its match today. This is the closest we have come to defeating it in over a thousand years! If we kill it, we will become legends on this continent.”

The knights roared in unison, “Ahhh!”

The swordsman shouted, “Don’t use those conventional weapons. They’re useless. Pick up our magical tools, the ones charged by Godfather himself.”

It turned out that Robb, had charged a batch of magical tools for the queen, but he had made an agreement with her that these tools could only be used against monsters, not against people.

When the monsters attacked Bright Road, some of these magical tools were used, but they were not all used up. This time, the queen assigned them to the Black Earth Knights to use against the black dragon, which did not violate her agreement with Robb.

The warriors of the Black Earth Knights picked up the magical tools and charged toward the battle circle of Robb and the black dragon.

At this point, the queen had two crystal balls in front of her. One was Robb’s, placed on the stone table in the church. The battle scene seen through this crystal ball was quite far away because Robb had been flying a kite and had pulled the black dragon very far away.

The queen could hardly see the battle anymore, but just then, the second crystal ball caught up, and a soldier was holding it and following along, which allowed the queen to see more clearly.

Robb’s expression did not look relaxed, which confirmed that the queen’s judgment was correct!

She pushed the crystal ball aside and ran toward the transmission gate as if flying.

Behind her, a large group of necromancers, one, three, four, five… forty-eight, silently followed her.

Standing in front of the teleportation gate, the queen took a deep breath!

She and Robb had made an agreement that she would not pass through the gate without his consent, but now was not the time to worry about such meaningless agreements.

“You go first. I opened this gate, and it will disappear as soon as I pass through it.” The queen said calmly, “I’ll be the last one to come through.”

The first necromancer nodded, and went into the door first, followed by the third, fourth, fifth…

Twenty years ago, this group of loyal subjects protected the young princess and escaped from the Black Earth Tower. It wasn’t because they were afraid of death, but because they couldn’t die. They bore the responsibility of raising the young princess to adulthood. Now that the queen has grown into an outstanding woman, their mission is over. They are now smiling as they go to fight against an unbeatable enemy, with no regrets even if they die.

Even the queen’s skeletal dragon squeezed its huge body into the small transmission portal, and it actually fit.

When the queen was the last one to crawl out of the transmission portal, the purple portal closed behind her.

She looked back and was pleased. She didn’t need to worry about being pursued from behind.

When she turned back around, she saw the group of her most loyal subordinates and bravest warriors. Except for Madeline, who was now stationed at the border, all of her most trusted subordinates were there.

“Black Earth Knights!” the queen shouted loudly. “Twenty years ago, your elders fought against the black dragon alongside my parents, and even in death, they were honored. Now it’s our turn. I will fight the black dragon with you to avenge our elders from twenty years ago.”

The queen waved her hand, and her skeletal dragon let out a long roar as it flew into the sky and charged towards the black dragon first.

“Charge!” shouted the Black Earth Knights.

At this time, Robb’s MP was only 48% remaining, and he was feeling the pressure mounting. He was considering how to play after his MP was depleted when suddenly a huge skeletal dragon rushed towards the black dragon from behind and bit it on the back with a loud roar.


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