After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 680

Chapter 680: Only Repelled

The warriors had just left the area marked with red circles when they heard a whistling sound in the sky. Looking up, everyone was shocked to see countless flaming meteors falling from the sky within a fifty-yard radius of the black dragon. The meteors fell like rain, too fast to dodge, and the warriors’ faces turning pale with fear. They closed their eyes, bracing themselves for the worst.

However, something interesting happened.

Each meteor corresponded to a red circle on the ground, which acted as a “pre-landing point” for the meteors. As long as no one was standing inside these circles, they would not be harmed. Fortunately, all the warriors had just left the circle marked areas at the sound of Robb’s shout. Therefore, not a single person was hit by the meteor shower. The meteors fell perilously close to the warriors, but not a single one struck them.

The impact of the meteors exploding upon landing appeared impressive, but as long as one was not inside the circles, even if engulfed by the explosion’s light, they would not be harmed.

This was perhaps the biggest difference between a “game boss” and a “real boss.” If a real boss had overwhelming strength, they could easily defeat a group of people with a single attack. However, a game boss could not be designed in this manner. To allow the player to defeat the boss, there had to be some weaknesses that the boss would intentionally leave for the player to exploit. It was impossible to design a boss that was unbeatable.

Of course, this characteristic was known only to Robb. The brave people who had previously fought against the black dragon had no idea to avoid the red circles. By the time they learned that the meteors would land on the circles, they were already dead.

The only unfortunate one was the queen’s skeleton dragon. It had been biting the black dragon since earlier, and when Robb shouted to avoid the red circles, the queen also instructed the skeleton dragon to avoid them. However, the dragon’s size was too large, and it could not dodge all the red circles. At least five flaming meteors hit the dragon’s body, turning it into a huge fireball. It let out a pitiful scream and fell to the ground, turning into a pile of black bone ash.

However, it was an undead creature. As long as the queen was alive, the skeleton dragon could regenerate indefinitely. A black magical energy emanated from the queen, enveloping all the bone ash on the ground. The ash quickly fused together, forming the skeleton dragon again, fully restored.

But… the queen had consumed a large amount of magical power, and her face had turned somewhat pale.

After the Black Dragon used its ultimate move, Apocalypse Meteor, it temporarily stopped using its AOE attacks and began chasing after Robb, biting at him fiercely. Robb used Shield Wall to block the dragon’s attacks and shouted, “Now’s our chance, attack!”

“Shrill Lightning!” A thunderbolt struck the dragon’s side, and the Great Loli Light Sword Saint had arrived to protect Little Yi, who had been left unguarded during the chaos. Seeing that the dragon only attacked Robb, she came to join the fight. “Wind Blade!” Baron Nuolun also threw two wind blades at the dragon.

Suofa watched anxiously from the side, wanting to use her dagger to stab the dragon, but she realized her tiny weapon wouldn’t penetrate the dragon’s skin and felt embarrassed.

The dragon’s HP had been reduced by 10 million!

Robb saw that the dragon’s HP had been reduced by another million and was overjoyed. He checked his own status and saw that his MP was still at 40%. The MP consumption was much slower than when he was fighting alone, and if they kept this up, they might actually have a chance to win.

The people on the periphery were also shouting, “We can win!”

“We have Godfather holding the Black Dragon head-on, we can win!”

“We have a chance!”

“For the first time, humans have a chance to defeat the Black Dragon.”

“Brothers, charge!”

“We’re writing an epic!”

However, just as everyone was ready to fight together, the Black Dragon suddenly lifted its head and roared, “I’ll spare you today, but I’ll come back to deal with you pitiful worms later.”

After speaking, it ignored Robb and spread its wings, flying up into the black night sky. Under the moonlight, the huge dragon shadow flew away, heading northeast.

It never looked back!

Everyone was stunned.

Robb was also stunned, but he suddenly realized after two seconds that the boss’s designated time had passed! Although the battle had only had a few thousand words, it had actually lasted for a long time. It was now 1:30 a.m., an hour and a half since the New Year’s bell had rung and the Black Dragon had appeared. The world boss, Bahamut, could only be killed within an hour and a half, or it would leave the battle.

This was a cruel joke by the game designer!

Robb could only raise his middle finger and gesture at the Black Dragon’s departing back. “F***!”

Everyone else looked up at the sky in disbelief, their weapons falling to the ground with a loud clang before quickly picking them up again.

A strange silence lasted for several seconds before someone shouted, “The Black Dragon ran away!”

“We really won.”

“We drove away Black Dragon Avicus.”


“Oh yeah!”

“For the first time in the history of Fengmo Continent, we have repelled the Black Dragon Avicus.”

“We are legends.”

Countless warriors cheered together, throwing their weapons into the sky, then ducking their heads to avoid the falling weapons. The ordinary citizens who had escaped from the city and were shivering in the nearby woods to watch the battle were now overjoyed to see the Black Dragon fleeing, and rushed out of the woods.

They had originally wanted to lift Robb up, but Godfather’s reputation was too big, and no one dared to lift him.

So the citizens lifted up the ordinary soldiers and threw them into the sky instead.

The scene was lively and extraordinary for a while.

“What’s there to be happy about? We only repelled it, we didn’t kill it,” Robb muttered under his breath, not loudly, because he didn’t want to disturb everyone’s good mood.

Coincidentally, there was a woman nearby who was muttering the same thing, and the queen turned to the ecstatic necromancers beside her and said, “Number one, number three, number four… What are you so happy about? We only repelled it, not killed it. I haven’t even avenged my parents.”

The necromancers had no choice but to awkwardly stop cheering.


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