After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 681

Chapter 681: Give me back my pastry chef

Robb slowly walked towards the queen!

The queen looked at him with a cold and pale face.

The distance was far, several hundred yards, and Robb walked slowly. So when he passed through the large crowd of cheering and jumping soldiers, and walked to the queen’s front, the queen even felt that Robb had been walking for an entire century.

The touching reunion scene had a meaningless opening line, “Can’t you walk faster?”

Robb said, “No hurry, why rush?”

The queen: “……”

Robb did not blame the queen for crossing the transmission portal without his consent. He just smiled and said, “You are really not afraid of death. You even dared to come and fight the black dragon, and you came here in person too.”

The queen snorted and said, “I saw through the crystal ball that you could handle it, so I came to steal the limelight.”

“What a weird woman,” Robb said, “Can’t you just say that you are worried about me, so no matter how powerful the enemy is, you will fight it with me?”

The queen didn’t speak, she didn’t want to get tangled up in this topic.

Because she knew very well that if they continued with this topic, it might become a meaningless and provocative conversation, giving this man a chance to take advantage of her. Men were creatures like that.

Both of them were silent, standing side by side, watching the people in the city cheering and jumping.

“We won!”

“We drove away the black dragon!”

The crazy soldiers and civilians kept shouting, and everyone was so excited.

Originally, it was a dull and boring new year, but now it has really become a grand new year carnival. The people rushed back to their own homes, drew water from wells, took out small bread and copper coins, and then scattered them all over the streets. After exchanging them with each other, it seemed that they didn’t lose anything in the end.

Someone shouted, “Turn on the lights!”

The goldstone street lamps that were closed up now all lit up, and the entire Westwind City became the city that never sleeps again.

The soldiers of the Black Earth Knights were dancing while holding the hands of the Dwarf Warriors!

The Elven archers were hugging the Necromancers!

Two Light Little Nuns and two Dark Little Nuns walked in a row, with their arms around each other’s shoulders, walking and jumping on the street.

Seeing this joyful scene, there was no expression of joy on the faces of the queen and Robb.

Robb whispered, “After we drove it away like this, will it come back this year? Or will it come back in four years?”

The queen shook her head and said, “I don’t know! There is no precedent for driving it away.”

Robb thought carefully, “Okay, according to the game rules, it should come back in four years.”

“The game rules?” The queen asked curiously, but Robb didn’t answer. She thought it was just Robb’s nonsense, so she didn’t take it to heart.

She thought for a moment and then whispered, “Once we return from here, I’ll immediately call back Madeline to lead the army and start attacking Mondra.”

“So urgent?” Robb asked.

The queen said, “The news of our repelling the Black Dragon will definitely spread immediately. Such news of this level will cause a huge deterrent effect on the Desert Kingdom and Norma. I am sure they will not dare to attack me again in the short term, especially the Desert Kingdom. If they want to attack West Gran, they must go through Crystal Canyon, Stone Canyon, and Westwind City. Once they hear that Westwind City can even repel Black Dragons, even if the Pharaoh has a hundred guts, he won’t dare to use troops against Westwind City again.”

“So, am I going to be used as a shield again?” Robb shrugged.

The queen didn’t bother with his sarcasm and even ignored his words. She turned around and prepared to leave, but after taking two steps, her feet stumbled and she almost fell. It seemed that the battle just now had consumed a lot of her magical power. Magical power affects a person’s mental strength, so she was so tired that even standing was difficult now.

In fact, no one knew that in the last round of fighting, the queen was the person who exerted the most effort. Although Robb was in the forefront, his MP consumption was only 60%, and he still had 40% of his energy left unused. And the people who helped from the periphery did not exhaust all their strength due to various reasons.

Only the queen, in a situation that no one knew, invested all her magic power into the battle. She used the most bone spears, and the death and resurrection of the skeleton dragon also cost her a lot of magic power.

But proud as she was, she would never mention such a thing.

Her feet staggered, and she immediately forced her tired body upright, making it impossible for anyone to detect that she was in a very bad state now.

However, she could deceive others, but not Robb.

Robb waved his hand in the air, and a blue potion bottle flew into his hand. He handed the bottle to the queen, “It’s a supplement for magical power.”

The queen didn’t hesitate to take it, took a sip, and her face improved a bit.

Robb said, “What are you showing off for? Pretending to be cool and turning around to leave. This is Westwind City. Where can you go by turning around and walking away? Can you even go back to your palace?”

The queen was embarrassed and almost forgot that this was Westwind City. It was obviously unreliable to turn around and leave. However, she was a woman who never admitted defeat, and wouldn’t lose face in front of others. She hummed, “Can’t I go to the train station? Speaking of which, since the railway was built, I have always stayed on Bright Road and have never taken the train. It’s just a good opportunity to take a ride.”

“Oh, so you want to take the train,” Robb said. “I was going to give you a transmission scroll, but now it seems unnecessary.”

The queen: “…”

She was about to flip the table, but Robb quickly handed her two transmission scrolls and said with a smile, “Take them. Use one to go home and then use the second one to connect Westwind City to your palace. This way, the transmission portal between your palace and my church can be set up again.”

The queen looked at him deeply. This man was full of complaints, but he still handed her the scrolls. He was also a person who said one thing but meant another. However, she had no right to complain because she was also such a person. She said she wouldn’t come to help him if he couldn’t handle the black dragon, but in reality, she was the most fierce helper. Sigh!

She took the two scrolls, put them away, and then turned around to leave again. She left so gracefully that she didn’t even say goodbye. However, Robb didn’t mind.

The queen opened the transmission portal, and her subordinates went in first. She stayed behind with her skeletal dragon. When everyone had gone in, leaving only her and her skeletal dragon, she suddenly pointed at the rabbit pastry chef in the crowd and loudly said, “Take him away.”

The skeletal dragon flew over and grabbed the pastry chef, then disappeared into the transmission portal. The queen followed, and as soon as she entered, the portal disappeared without a trace.

Robb exclaimed, “What the hell is wrong with that woman? Give me back my pastry chef!”


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