After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 691

Chapter 691: Searching along the way


A group of demihuman soldiers, composed of leopard people, pig people, wolf people, tiger people, bear people, and others, is serving as the vanguard army and departs first towards Mondra’s lair.

Meanwhile, the Black Earth Knights led by Madeline and the Wind knights led by Captain Barry form the main fighting force as the center army are also headed towards Mondra’s lair.

Even the queen has prepared to lead the army in person, but she cannot join the troops immediately. Instead, she must make preparations beforehand. Unlike other leaders, who have many royal relatives to help govern the capital while they are away, the queen has no such relatives. If she leads the army, she can only leave an old minister to take care of the rear, which is not enough to hold the fort.

Therefore, she cannot rashly leave Bright Road until absolutely necessary, or until the war is about to enter its most critical stage.

This is Robb’s first time stepping into the territory east of Bright Road, apart from the time he went through the transmission portal to the Capital of Saints. However, that time he just went directly through the portal opened by Xuelu, without any sense of travel. However, this time is different, riding on a tall horse, he is travelling with a large army, which makes it more interesting.

Unfortunately, the scenery he is seeing along the way is not good. Due to the continuous civil war between East and West Gran, which has lasted for four years, the main battlefield has been the vast area between Bright Road and the Capital of Saints, which has been ravaged by the continuous war.

Although both sides claim to be righteous and will not easily harm ordinary civilians, the civilians living in such an environment are not comfortable. They would naturally move away from the center of the battlefield and go to more peaceful areas to make a living.

Therefore, along the way, Robb saw only ruined villages and burned forests. Occasionally, passing through a deserted town, he can see traces arson all over the town’s walls, and even large stones stuck in the town walls, obviously thrown by catapults.

The team has been walking on the for half a day and it is now near noon. Kante, who has just become a glorious knight after joining the Wind knights, walked beside Robb on his horse, laughing and saying, “Robb, you really have been promoted fast. Remember when we both went to study on Bright Road together? It hasn’t been long since then. I barely became a knight, but you have already become a viscount.”

Robb replied absentmindedly, “Just average.”

Inattentively answering with his mouth, but his hands were not idle. He took out a map from his pocket, held it in his hand, and stared at it with wide-open eyes.

“What’s so interesting about this map? I’ve seen it a thousand times before we set off!” said Kante.

“I’m a staff member, you know, it’s never wrong to look at the map more,” said Robb.

Kante didn’t know that at this time Robb had secretly opened his “Mineral Detection” skill and was looking for minerals around him.

Before the battle with the Black Dragon, Robb had never cared about “equipment” like this, and just wore anything. Anyway, nothing could beat him. But after fighting with the Black Dragon, he had to take the importance of equipment seriously.

The reason why he was willing to follow the Queen’s army this time was mainly because he wanted to give himself an opportunity to “convince himself to go out,” so he could look for any good things to dig along the way.

Once he activated the “Mineral Detection” skill, some small golden dots appeared on the map. Of course, only Robb could see these small dots. Kante only saw Robb staring at the map very seriously.

Robb confirmed the nearest small dot to himself and turned to Kante, saying, “I’m going to do my thing in the forest, wait for me for a few minutes.”

Kante was embarrassed and said, “Hey, it’s dangerous for only one person to go into the woods. What if you run into an enemy scout or something? Let a team of soldiers go with you.”

“Do you like having a team of soldiers watching you while you do you your thing?” asked Robb.

“Well, I don’t really like it,” said Kante, scratching his head.

Robb laughed and jumped off his horse before diving into the roadside forest.

The warriors of Kante’s Wind Knights were guarding outside the woods. As for the main force, they continued to move forward.

Robb made some rustling sounds deliberately in the woods, waited until the trees blocked the view of the people outside, then used his “Flash” skill, appearing far away in an instant. Then, he used his “Flight” skill and flew to the yellow dot on the map in no time.

Looking around, he couldn’t see any exposed ore on the ground.

The real world is not like a game world, where minerals grow directly on the ground, which is bizarre but true. In the real world, most mineral veins are buried underground.

But that didn’t stump Robb. He lightly jumped into the air, then dived straight into the ground, planting himself there with a thud…

In a blink of an eye, he reached the mineral vein!

Robb took out a small mining pick that he had prepared earlier, tapped it lightly, used his “Mining” skill, and a countdown timer that only he could see appeared. The timer swept from left to right in an instant. It only took 1.5 seconds. A shiny silver ore appeared in his hand.

Robb glanced at it and shook his head, “Silver ore, no use at all.”

He held the ore in his hand, brushed the ground and flew back to the ground, then flew back to the forest where he had just been. He pretended to adjust the hem of his robe while walking out of the woods.

Kante laughed outside, “Are you done? I was worried that you were ambushed by enemy scouts.”

Robb smiled and said, “I didn’t see any enemy scouts, but I found a piece of ore on the ground. Here, I’ll give it to you.”

He gently threw the silver ore in his hand, and the stone fell into Kante’s hand. Kante picked it up and looked at it. “Silver ore? And it’s of such high purity. This… this ore is quite valuable. You could even find it by taking a dump? What kind of luck do you have?”

Robb said, “I don’t have any other skills, but I have really good luck.”

After speaking, he returned to his horse, took out the map again, and stared at it.

Kante laughed again next to him, “You looking at the map again? Hey, Robb, you just became a staff officer, so you’re excited, right? Are you that eager to make a contribution? Hahaha! To be honest, I feel the same way. I just became a knight, so now I’m full of energy.”


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