After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 692

Chapter 692: He is very lucky

Along the way, Robb kept searching for ore.

He couldn’t use the excuse of “digging a hole” too often, so he came up with various reasons such as needing to pee, seeing someone walking in the distance, wanting to chat with someone, wanting to brag to Madeleine… He would use any excuse that could deceive his team for a few minutes without causing significant delays, and except for Kante complaining about him a few times, no one really minded.

On the way, he explored every vein of ore he could find. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side and the best he found were a gold and silver mine. The rest were just common materials like copper, iron, and tin, which were abundant in Westwind City and not useful for making better equipment.

That night, the vanguard army of the allied forces reported that there was no fighting ahead and no sign of any of Mondra’s scattered soldiers.

The main army was relieved upon receiving this news.

The troops set up camp near a small lake, and soldiers set up many iron pots along the lake to boil their rationed food. They also added wild vegetables they had gathered on the way, and some soldiers even caught rabbits and wild boars, cleaned and chopped them up, and cooked everything together, including the entrails.

It was a huge stew!

These guys didn’t have any chili or money to buy pepper, nor did they have any fragrant spices to mask the smell of the stew. The smell was so bad that it made Robb unable to breathe.

What made him even angrier was that everyone except him could tolerate the smell. Even Madeleine, the young lady, didn’t mind the stinky smell of the stew. She even sent a Black Earth Knight to invite Robb and Kante to the Black Earth Knight’s camp to have dinner with her.

Kante knew that he was only invited because the young lady was too shy to invite only Robb, so she brought him along. He dragged Robb along, saying, “Let’s go! Don’t just look at the map all day. Let’s go have dinner with Duke Madeleine.”

Robb had no choice but to go…

The two of them walked through a bunch of stinky military kitchens and arrived at the main camp of the Black Earth Knights. They saw Madeleine and a group of Black Earth Knights sitting around a pot that didn’t stink, but was emitting the fragrance of pepper.

The noble stew, with added spices, was, of course, completely different.

Robb and Kante sat down beside the pot, and the Black Earth Knights immediately adjusted their positions to let Robb sit next to Madeleine.

However, they couldn’t find a topic to talk about. It was awkward!

Madeline could only hug her knees with both hands and stare blankly at the lake in the distance, thinking to herself, “What should I say?”

At this moment, Kante, who was with them, came in handy. He reached into his pocket and pulled out two pieces of ore, a high-purity gold ore and a high-purity silver ore, and smiled at Madeline, saying, “My lord, let me tell you an interesting story. Robb’s luck is simply amazing. He picked up two good stones on the road today. Look, one is a gold ore and the other is a silver ore. It’s amazing.”

Madeline was surprised and took the stones to look at them. “Can you really find these things on the roadside?”

Kante laughed and said, “I also wonder that. How can you pick up such things so easily? But he just happened to pick them up. His luck is really incredible.”

Madeline smiled, “Luck is also a part of one’s talent! With Mr. Robb’s good luck, he will definitely turn bad into good.”

Robb, who was standing next to them, couldn’t help but think, [Are they really out of things to say? Well, let me continue to look at the map. Maybe there are some good ores around here.]

He took out the map and began to study it carefully.

Kante whispered to Madeline, “My lord, Robb seems to be crazy about studying maps today.”

Madeline said, “He’s a responsible person. Now that he’s a staff officer, he studies maps and strategies diligently. This is such a precious quality.”

The Black Earth Knights next to them were sweating profusely…

At this moment, Robb confirmed a vein on the map. It was quite interesting and happened to be in the lake next to them. He turned his head to look at the lake, which was not too big or too small, covering an area about four or five times that of a soccer field. The position of the vein shown on the map was right in the center of the lake.

Robb stood up and said, “I suddenly feel like swimming.”

“Uh?” Madeline said, “Why do you want to swim now? It’s still cold outside, and summer hasn’t arrived yet.”

Robb said seriously, “Whether it’s cold or not doesn’t affect my desire to swim. I’m just being willful.”

Madeline said, “You’re right. Swimming doesn’t have to be seasonal.”

The Black Earth Knights beside them covered their faces. “Commander! You changed your mind too quickly. We can’t keep up.”

“You guys go ahead and eat. I’ll go for a swim and be back soon.” With that, Robb quickly ran to the lake shore. Madeline said, “Take your time, don’t rush…” But before she finished her sentence, Robb had already taken off his clothes and jumped into the water.

She quickly turned around and dared not look in the direction of Robb. She just said to the Black Earth Knights beside her, “Everyone, watch out for Mr. Robb and don’t let anything happen to him.”

She heard a splash behind her, and Robb jumped into the water. Madeline dared to turn her head and look at the lake, “Huh? Where is Mr. Robb? Shouldn’t there be a head on the water when swimming? Why can’t I see him?”

Just as she finished speaking, she saw Robb’s head pop up, “I want to play around in the water and see how long I can hold my breath. Don’t worry.”

After speaking, he dove back into the water and swam towards the depths.

After diving two or three meters deep, he estimated that with the transparency of the green lake, the people on the shore shouldn’t be able to see him, so he quickly used the druid’s shapeshifting ability to turn into a seal and then quickly dived into the deep water.

This lake is really deep!

There are some small fish, shrimp, and turtles in the water, but there are no particularly strange monsters.

The druid’s seal form swims very fast. In the blink of an eye, he swam to the deepest point. He used his night vision ability to scan the deep water and immediately found the vein he was looking for, a kind of ore that emitted a strange metallic luster.

Before digging it open, Robb didn’t know what kind of ore it was. He first turned back into human form and then took out a small pickaxe and started digging.

1.5 seconds!

Soon, a piece of stone shimmering with magical luster fell into his hand – Arcanite!


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