After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 693

Chapter 693: Arcanite ore

When he dug up a piece of Arcanite, Robb flattened his mouth and felt unhappy. Although the name sounded impressive, it was no better than gold, silver, copper, iron, crystal, and other gems. It was a rare ore, but it was only a level 60 mineral in “Dark Blade,” and all equipment made from it was also at level 60. The highest level in the game was 120.

Equipment at level 60 were basically useless, and Robb was about to throw away the ore when he had a sudden idea. He couldn’t fight the Black Dragon alone, so it was necessary to arm his friends, especially Madeline. She was so kind to him, but he had done very little for her.

Last time on Bright Road, Madeline was attacked by the big loli, the Dark Sword Saint. The two women were evenly matched in strength and their weapons were similar, but Madeline lost because of her equipment. The big loli wore the Flying Dragon Leather Armor made by Robb, which suppressed Madeline, who wore ordinary black armor.

It was difficult to guarantee that Madeline would not encounter similar situations in the future. It might be a good idea to use Arcanite to make a set of armor for her.

Robb flipped through the production list and found that there was indeed a set of armor called the “Arcanite Defender,” which included a helmet, armor, and shield. Altogether, it required 18 Arcanite Ingots. Based on the quantity of four Arcanite Ores to make one ingot, Robb needed to dig up 72 Arcanite Ores.

Digging up 72 ores was not a big deal, but Robb soon discovered an awkward problem after swinging his pickaxe a few times. He didn’t have the game’s backpack…

The game backpack could hold an unlimited number of items, filling up the grid without caring about the weight and volume of the items. It was even possible to fit dozens of elephants in a backpack, but he didn’t have that kind of strange backpack here. He only had his real-life backpack, and he didn’t dive with it.

That was embarrassing!

After digging up four pieces of ore, he couldn’t continue digging and could only hold the four pieces of ore in his hands and float to the surface.

As soon as his head emerged from the water, Madeline nervously called out, “Mr. Robb, you’ve been underwater for several minutes. How can you hold your breath for so long? I was so worried that if you didn’t come up soon, I would jumped in to find you.”

Robb smiled and said, “I naturally have a larger lung capacity.”

After all, this was a magical world where all kinds of strange things existed. Being able to hold one’s breath for a few minutes was not a very strange thing, and no one suspected that he was lying.

However, they couldn’t understand the next scene. They saw Robb swimming to the shore and throwing four large stones that were rectangular and about the size of a soccer ball onto the bank. The stones were cut into perfectly square shapes and looked identical in size and standard.

He turned to Madeleine and said, “Madeleine, I found these four stones at the bottom of the lake. They seem to be useful for making something good. Can you watch them for me while I go down to pick up a few more?”

Madeleine asked, “What kind of stones are these?”

Robb didn’t know if people in this world were familiar with the term “Aurum” (a fictional metal in the book), perhaps they didn’t understand it. So he simply said, “I don’t know what kind of stones they are, but I think they emit a strange luster, and there must be something special about them. I picked them up and will show them to my teacher later. He’s knowledgeable and should know what they are.”

Madeleine took his words seriously and ordered a few Black Earth Knights beside her to move the four stones back and placed them near the stew pot. Robb then dived down again.

Madeleine said, “Ah, Mr. Robb’s diving movements are so beautiful.”

The Black Earth Knights didn’t say anything.

Kante, “I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t hear anything at all.”

A few minutes later, Robb surfaced again and threw four more stones onto the bank before diving down again.

He repeated this process several times, and after a while, he had brought up a total of seventy pieces of the same kind of stones as the first four, each the size of a soccer ball. The pile of seventy-two stones was huge, enough to build a large stone pedestal.

Soon, these stones were dried by the fire beside them. After the surface moisture evaporated, they emitted a sparkling and cold blue luster.

Even those who didn’t know what Aurum was could feel that this mineral was extraordinary. Robb was getting dressed when a magician from the Black Earth Knights lightly tapped the Aurum with his finger and whispered, “This thing should be a treasure. Although I don’t know much about it, I’ve studied alchemy for a while and seen countless strange materials. But I don’t recognize this.”

A Black Earth Knight beside him said, “My family was poor when I was young, and my father was a blacksmith. I also learned a lot about minerals from him, but I’ve never seen this kind of ore. It’s neither gold nor iron, judging by its luster, it should be a strange metal containing magic. It must be great for making equipment.”

The alchemist and miner expressed their opinions, and everyone knew that this was definitely a good thing and planned to study it further.

Madeline suddenly laughed and said, “Mr. Robb is amazing! He can even retrieve treasures while diving! It’s all thanks to his good luck. People with good luck have good fortune. To have such good fortune, it means his character must be beyond reproach.”

The crowd replied with silence.

As soon as she spoke, she shattered the scholarly atmosphere of the discussion, causing everyone to lose interest in the conversation. They thought to themselves, [You’re the most outrageous one here.]

One of the Black Earth Knights asked, “What should we do with these stones? Although they seem valuable, we’re currently marching and it’s not easy to transport them.”

Robb said, “Why don’t I send them back to Westwind City? We don’t even know what they are. I’ll let my teacher take a look and handle them if they’re valuable.”

He then took out a transmission scroll from his pocket and with a flick, a purple transmission portal appeared in mid-air, leading directly to the cemetery of the Westwind City Chapel.

The Black Earth Knights couldn’t help but exclaim, “People from Westwind City are really amazing! Everyone can create a strategic-level transmission portal with just a wave of their hand. Hey, Kante, do you also have one of these?”

Kante was a bit embarrassed as he said, “I do! My father… uh… my uncle was worried about my safety, so he specially requested a transmission scroll from Godfather for me to bring on this expedition. He said that if I encounter any danger, I can use it to call for help.”

The Black Earth Knights were overjoyed, “If you call for help, will Godfather come to your aid?”

Kante replied, “Godfather laughed and scolded me, saying that he will only save my life, not fight my battles for me. As a man, I must fight my own battles.”

The Black Earth Knights sneered, “Well, that’s no fun.”


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