After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 694

Chapter 694:  Arcanite Defender

“Robb picked up a few large stones and went through the transmission portal. Kante also helped carry a few stones. The Black Earth Knights also helped carry the Arcanite ore. In no time, seventy-two pieces of Arcanite ore were placed in the chapel yard.

Robb switched his consciousness to the lazy priest. He greeted the people who helped move the ore with a smile and said, ‘Hello.’

Although he looked harmless with his smiling face, everyone knew he could withstand the attacks of the Black Dragon. Everyone treated him with more respect than before. The Black Earth Knights all bowed respectfully and said, Hello, Godfather.’

Then they turned to look at the marvel carved on the mountain cliff in the distance and envied it, saying, “We were unable to come to the Crystal Canyon for the battle against the Black Dragon. It’s a real pity.”

“Not a pity,” Robb said. “Sooner or later, we will have to fight the Black Dragon. Anyway, four years later, it will come to Westwind City because this city will become richer and leave other cities behind.”

While he was talking, he rubbed his hands together and after a 1.5-second cast-time, the four pieces of Arcanite ore on the ground fused together into an Arcanite ingot that shimmered with a blue light.

The Black Earth Knights exclaimed, “Wow! Godfather, what kind of ore is this?”

“Arcanite,” Robb said with a smile. “Once, in a time called the 60s, it was a symbol of status and power. However, by the time the 120s arrived, it had become a tear of the era.”

As he spoke, he continued to rub his hands together, and in no time, eighteen Arcanite ingots were placed in front of everyone.

The Black Earth Knights curiously asked, “What can this thing be used for?”

Robb had already made up his mind about what to make, but pretended to hesitate and said, “What should we do with it? Robb Smith, you picked up these ores. You decide what to do with them.”

He quickly switched his consciousness to Robb Smith and took a step forward, saying, “Teacher, I see that Miss Madeline’s armor is very old. Why not use this Arcanite to make her a new set of armor?”

“Okay!” Robb switched back to the priest’s consciousness and waved his hand in the air, conjuring up a pile of miscellaneous materials from the warehouse, including dense grinding stones, sulphur salts, and enchanted leather.

Then, he rubbed his hands together, and a progress bar appeared for five seconds…

The Black Earth Knights stared in confusion as Robb kept rubbing his hands together for a full five seconds. Then, the materials on the ground merged together with a brushing sound and a strange light flashed before a set of armor glowing with blue light appeared on the stone table.

The Arcanite Defender set!

It included a helmet, armor, gloves, and shield.

This armor set was a glory of the 60s in “Dark Blade”. It was a super popular thing for any warrior who could gather such a set at that time, and only the richest players could afford it. After obtaining it, they usually wore this equipment and stood in front of the bank entrance in the game’s largest city to show off to other players.

Then, they would receive a wave of cheers and applause, calling them “rich player,” “amazing,” and “6666”.

However, these Black Earth Knights in front of him had no idea about its value. In the real world, people couldn’t see the equipment’s attribute values, only Robb could. This set of equipment had defense and additional attributes several times higher than the steel armor set.

“Take it,” Robb lazily said as he leaned back on the stone stool. “I need to rest. You guys go back and continue to fight.”

After speaking, he shifted his consciousness back to Robb Smith and picked up the set of equipment.

The Black Earth Knights didn’t dare to disturb him any further and bowed before retreating through the portal and returning to their camp by the lake.

Madeline had been waiting anxiously at the portal’s entrance. She was usually a very reliable commander, but when it came to anything related to Robb Smith, she would become lovestruck. Robb and his group had only passed through the portal back to Westwind City, yet she was already worried sick.

Finally, the Black Earth Knights began to emerge from the portal, one by one. Kante came back, then Robb, who was still holding the set of armor glowing with blue light, which looked majestic and awe-inspiring.

Robb smiled at Madeline and said, “Miss Madeline, this armor set is made from the ore we gathered just now. I’m giving it to you.”

“Huh? Huh? Huh?” Madeline suddenly became ecstatic. “You…you want to give me a gift?”

“Why, can’t I give you a gift?”

“You…you can, of course!” Madeline was overjoyed. “I’m so happy! Well, then, I’ll gladly accept this gift. Let me try it on.”

“Uh-huh, go ahead and take it, try it on,” said the other person.

Madeline took the Arcanite Defender and felt that it was not heavy. This metal was much lighter than steel, which felt strange to her. Usually, light metals were not durable enough and had lower defense power, making them more for show than for practical use.

But, since it was a gift from Robb, nothing else mattered.

This was the first gift she had received from Robb. The quality of the gift didn’t matter as much as the meaning behind it.

Madeline was so happy that she almost laughed out loud. She held onto the Arcanite Defender set and ran back to her tent. “I’m going to try it on right now!” she said.

Ten minutes later, she emerged from the tent.

Robb, Kante, and the Black Earth Knights waiting outside were dazzled by what they saw. Madeline was wearing a very xing-looking women’s armor. The armor didn’t cover much of her body, exposing her arms and legs. It seemed to have very low defense, unlike the black heavy armor she used to wear.

The black armor completely concealed her feminine side, but this Arcanite Defender set revealed her body’s curves perfectly. Her well-trained, agile figure was much more attractive than those women who only knew how to cry.

Madeline was a bit confused and said, “This armor is strange. The appearance I saw before putting it on seems different from how it looks on me.”

That’s how game equipment works. When you put it on, it automatically adjusts its appearance based on gender. Men’s armor covers everything up, while women’s armor are more revealing. Regardless of your height, weight, or even your race, the armor will fit you perfectly.


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