After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 696

Chapter 696: Yes, that’s the reason

The lake is large, but for a team with a wind magician, it’s not difficult to cross it.

After greatly reducing his intelligence, Robb cast “Swift Wind” on all 24 members of the team, making their footsteps light and agile.

The two Black Earth Knights didn’t say anything; they witnessed Robb’s skills during the battle in lost city and knew that he was a powerful wind magician.

However, the 20 soldiers of the Wind knights hadn’t seen Robb use his magic before, and when they felt the power of “Swift Wind,” they were all delighted. “No wonder he’s the grandson of the old captain,” they said. “He’s so young, yet he’s already reached such a level of wind magic. In a few years, he might surpass the old captain and become the strongest wind magician on the continent.”

Robb was about to say something modest when Kante, who was next to him, interrupted. “Hahaha, of course!” Kante said. “Don’t you see who Robb learned from? He learned magic from Godfather of our Westwind City. How can he be weak in strength?”

The soldiers of the Wind knights couldn’t help but ask in a low voice, “We haven’t seen Godfather of Westwind City. Is he really that powerful? I heard he can even withstand the attacks of the black dragon .”

“I saw it with my own eyes,” Kante said. “When the black dragon hit him, Godfather flew hundreds of meters away and left a big pit when he fell. But he jumped out of the pit and was still lively and jumping, and he hit back with his weapon as if nothing had happened. He’s incredibly strong.”

“Ah, what a pity,” the soldiers whispered. “Our Wind knights didn’t participate in that battle, but the Black Earth Knights did. After they came back, they were all full of themselves, and now they look down on everyone. They always say, ‘Have you fought a black dragon? If not, shut up.'”

Kante was stunned for a moment and then smirked. “Don’t worry, I’m also a member of the Wind knights. I participated in the battle against the black dragon. If anyone dares to come and provoke our team, I’ll be the first to fight back.”

The soldiers were overjoyed, and their admiration for Kante grew.

The two Black Earth Knights next to them couldn’t stand it any longer. One of them asked, “Kante, what did you do during the black dragon battle?”

“I shot three arrows at the black dragon from a distance,” Kante said.

“But aren’t you a warrior? Why were you shooting arrows?”

“Well… uh…”

“Shh!” the scout at the front turned around and whispered, “Be quiet. We’re about to reach the area where we saw movement earlier.”

Everyone fell silent in an instant, not making a single sound.

The group crouched down, moving forward bit by bit, taking advantage of the cover of thick bushes and tree trunks. After a while, Robb saw an interesting scene: a hunched-over assassin standing behind a tree, “stealthing” around.

He maintained his “stealth” posture, silent and invisible, and no one could see him. The group led by Kante, of course, could not notice him, but the assassin had his eyes on Robb’s group, watching their every move.

However, the assassin did not raise the alarm for the time being because if he did, he would have to speak or release a signal flare or something, which would expose his position. He did not sound the alarm for the time being and instead maintained his stealthing posture, carefully observing Robb’s group. Obviously, he wanted to gather more intelligence, figure out how many people were in Robb’s group, how much combat power they had, and even eavesdrop on their conversations.

Robb pretended not to notice the assassin, but he was actually carefully observing the assassin’s attire. He was wearing a dark green cloak that covered his entire body, and he was probably wearing a set of leather armor inside, which could be seen from the small piece of leather armor that was exposed from his wrist.

Embroidered on the cloak near the collar was a small emblem: a lightning bolt.

Although he had been in this world for four years, Robb did not know much about this world. He did not know what family or force this “lightning” emblem represented, but at least he was sure that it was not someone from his side. He had never seen this symbol before in Westwind City or on Bright Road.

So, it had to be treated as an enemy first!

At this time, the scout walking in front was still nervously looking around. They had not seen the assassin lurking behind the tree, and the assassin’s footsteps began to move back lightly, seemingly planning to retreat and then sound the alarm.

Just then, Robb suddenly used a silence spell and cast it on the assassin.

The assassin was slightly stunned and a bit confused, not understanding where the magic came from. He grabbed his own neck with both hands, his face full of horror, trying to make a sound, but he could not utter a word. He turned around to run, but as soon as his footsteps moved, he caught the attention of a scout from the Wind knights.

The scout whispered, “Be careful, there is an enemy lurking nearby.”

After speaking, he drew his dagger, leaped accurately to the face of the silenced assassin, who at this point was not able to make a sound. The silenced assassin then drew his own dagger, and the two fought fiercely, trading blows for a few moments, with neither gaining an advantage.

However, the Wind knights had more than one person, and there were other teammates around.

When the two were fighting fiercely, the assassin suddenly stiffened and stopped all movements. Then, he slowly fell to the ground, and a Wind Knight assassin appeared behind him. The knife in his hand was still stained with blood. It turned out that he had sneaked up behind the assassin and stabbed him in the vital area of his back.

After dealing with the enemy scout, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

A Black Earth Knight whispered, “Since we have found an enemy scout, there must be other enemies nearby. But why didn’t this assassin raise an alarm after being discovered?”

Robb raised his hand with a smile, “I used a silence spell on him.”

“Huh?” Everyone was surprised, “Aren’t you a wind magician?”

Robb replied, “Um… well…” He didn’t know how to explain it.

The Black Earth Knight next to him explained, “Every magician who is proficient in a single school of magic will also study a bit of Arcane magic. It’s unexpected that you have already started to study Arcane magic. It shows that your wind magic has already been practiced to a considerable degree.”

Robb said, “Ah, yes, that’s the reason.”


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