After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 697

Chapter 697: There is a barracks here

Robb found it great that someone helped him explain things, so he could use a small part of magic openly without hiding it. As long as he didn’t overdo it, Madeline might not notice even if he exaggerated a bit. She would probably only say, “You have a great talent,” and he could get away with it as long as the Queen didn’t see it. Madeline boasted about herself so much that even the queen wouldn’t believe her and would scold her for taking credit for things.

A member of the Wind Knights kicked the corpse on the ground and saw the lightning emblem on the body, his face immediately turned ugly. “This is the symbol of the Thunder Knights. This guy is from the Thunder Knights.”

The soldiers around them gathered to take a look and confirmed the emblem, their faces showing displeasure.

Air magic is divided into two branches: wind magic and thunder magic. These two branches form the Wind Knights and the Thunder Knights, respectively, and together form the Air System. They stand on equal footing with Water, Fire, and Earth systems. However, the relationship between these two branches is not good.

“Scum of the Thunder Knights!” A soldier muttered, “When the old captain was still alive, although our Wind Knights was in the upper hand, we didn’t bully the Thunder Knights. Instead, we took care of them in every possible way. But these guys joined Mondra’s rebel army immediately after the old captain died and worked hard to squeeze us out of the capital. They are despicable.”

Another soldier said, “But it’s also good that we don’t have to work for Mondra.”

“Hmph! Although that’s the case,” the soldier who spoke before said, “I suffered for sixteen years in the countryside, and this account still needs to be settled with the Thunder Knights.”

“Now is the chance, isn’t it?” A Black Earth Knight said, “The Thunder Knights are now rebels. You can settle this debt with them.”

“Uh-huh!” The soldiers of the Wind Knights heard this and couldn’t help but clench their fists.

They continued forward, and this time the Wind Knight’s scouts were much more careful. Some of the scouts could stealth, and they used this skill to move ahead, with the rest of the group trailing behind intentionally. In this way, the scouts could sneak up and fight the enemy’s scouts unnoticed.

Stealth fights are one of the most dangerous battles on Fengmo Continent. Assassins are inherently fragile, and in a battle between two stealthing sides, the side that finds the other first often lands a backstab and easily kills their opponent.

This is a battle that cannot be taken lightly!

Robb activated his detection skill and looked from afar at the few assassins ahead, who were stealthing carefully. After a while, one of the assassins suddenly slowed down and walked slowly with a hunched back in the direction of another assassin lurking nearby, whose collar was embroidered with a lightning emblem. Robb followed his gaze and indeed saw the hidden assassin.

The two assassins almost simultaneously noticed each other and realized that they had been discovered. The opposing assassin tried to sound the alarm, but Robb immediately used his silence skill, causing the assassin to feel a sharp pain in his throat and collapse without a sound.

The assassins of the Wind knights turned around and gave Robb a thumbs up from afar. They were all former subordinates of John Roland Smith, and naturally had a favorable impression of Robb as his successor. They had been worried about whether such a young lord could lead the Wind knights to greatness again, but seeing his impressive skills, they couldn’t help but feel relieved.

The Wind magicians will once again become the backbone of air magic!

The group continued forward and after dealing with several scouts, they finally reached the opposite side of the lake. From across the lake, they could see the Black Earth Knights and the Wind knights’ camps. The lake was wide, with an area equivalent to four or five football fields, and it was difficult for ordinary people to see clearly across it.

But with his detection skill, Robb could clearly see Madeline, Barry, and a group of Black Earth Knights gathered around a large pot, fishing out food to eat. They deliberately acted very casual and pretended not to have noticed the enemy across the lake in order to stabilize the situation on their side.

The scout at the front made a cautious gesture, and the rest of the group immediately slowed down. Robb glanced into the forest and couldn’t help but exclaim softly. There was a camp stationed in the forest, but all the tents were covered with branches and leaves, making it difficult to spot them even with detection skills.

The soldiers of the Thunder Knights, all with collars embroidered with a lightning emblem, were inside the camp, but they were all quiet and were silently moving a huge box.

Robb and his group cautiously lurked around the outskirts of the camp and huddled together behind a pile of bushes. A Black Earth Knight whispered, “Oh my, there’s a whole army here. We thought there was only a small enemy scout team here. We didn’t expect so many people.”

Kante asked, “Roughly how many people are there? Can you tell?”

Another Black Earth Knight whispered, “Young people have no experience. As long as you look at the size of the camp, you can guess the number of people. This army should have between five hundred and six hundred people.”

“So many!” Kante clicked his tongue. “Our twenty-four people can’t beat them.”

“Nonsense!” another knight of the Furious Wind Knights whispered, “We can only stealth a look at what this army is doing, and then report back as soon as possible.”

Everyone nodded, crawling along the ground and slowly approaching the military camp.

Robb didn’t want to crawl on the ground, so he deliberately lagged behind a little. When everyone crawled out for a while and no one looked back, he sneaked forward, disappeared without a trace, and then didn’t have to crawl anymore. He stood up and walked forward confidently.

Soon, Robb reached the edge of the military camp. Kante and the others crawled for a while before catching up with Robb. But they didn’t know that Robb was standing very close to them. Kante even turned around to look for Robb to see if he had caught up, but he didn’t see him and thought he was lying in some grass pile and didn’t pay much attention.


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