After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 698

Chapter 698: Let Master Robb go first

Everyone craned their necks to look towards the camp.. .

They saw the members of the Thunder Knights silently moving a few boxes and placing them behind a pile of bushes near the lake. Even if someone across the lake cast a detection spell, they would not be able to see this spot.

Then, a man who looked like a commander emerged from the tent and approached the boxes. He asked the soldier next to him, “Is this the secret weapon sent to us by the Desert Kingdom?”

“Yes!” a soldier who was moving the boxes answered respectfully. “Vice-captain, this is it.”

“Quickly set it up.” The vice-captain chuckled. “The Desert Kingdom is really coming through this time. They specially sent us this thing. The fools from the Wind knights won’t even imagine that we have been waiting for them here. Look, that silly Barry is still eating his stew and doesn’t even know he’s about to die.”

Several knights beside him snickered, “That guy Barry was chased by us like a dog back then. Now he can become the captain of the Wind knights. It shows that the Wind knights are really incompetent.”

“Hahaha! Yes! Such a weak person.” The vice-captain laughed. “You see, even though I am so strong, I can only be the vice-captain in the Thunder Knights. But Barry, that noob, can become a captain of the Wind knights. It shows that the Wind knights are really not up to par now.”

He spoke arrogantly. The people who were peeking nearby felt curious. What exactly was inside the box that gave him such confidence? How could he say that Barry would die soon from across the lake? What kind of magic could be used from such a distance? Ordinary magical tools couldn’t possibly do it.

As soon as Robb saw this, he saw a soldier open one of the boxes, take out a huge cannon barrel from it, then open another box and take out a magical container that looked like a large wardrobe. He connected it to the cannon barrel, which was covered in circles of magic amplification runes.

Robb immediately recognized it as a magical tool from the Desert Kingdom, Thor’s Roar.

Kante also recognized this thing and couldn’t help but be surprised. “How did this thing fall into the hands of Mondra’s people?”

This was an obvious stupid question, and no one was interested in answering him. Kante immediately realized this and thought to himself that either Mondra’s people had researched it themselves, or the Desert Kingdom was secretly providing them with magical tools. Judging from reason, it was unlikely that Mondra’s people had researched it themselves. He was not a wise ruler and did not focus on economics or technology. He only knew how to eliminate dissidents and consolidate his rule.

Therefore, this thing was most likely given to Mondra by the people of the Desert Kingdom.

Kante clenched his fist and said, “Damn it, maybe it’s because the queen is a good person that all these bad kingdoms around us are teaming up to attack West Gran. It’s insane and makes me furious. I’ll eventually kill my way into the desert and hang the Pharaoh on our city’s exclusive ceiling fan.”

“A ceiling fan? What’s that?” the soldier next to him asked in surprise.

Kante replied, “It’s a torture device unique to my Westwind City! Anyone who has experienced it would never want to try it again. I think it’s perfect for the Pharaoh.”

Another Black Earth Knight said, “Stop talking nonsense. They’re setting up magical artillery and aiming it at us. What should we do? Damn it, if they fire one shot, we’ll suffer heavy casualties.”

Another Black Earth Knight gritted his teeth and said, “It’s too late to go back and notify our troops across the lake. The only way now is to fight them. If we destroy Thor’s Roar now, they will lose their ambush tactics. We, the Black Earth Knights and the Wind knights, are afraid of no one when it comes to fighting face to face.”

Hearing this, everyone became heavy-hearted.

Indeed, the enemy was already setting up artillery. It was too late to notify the reinforcements on the other side of the lake, who were still halfway around the lake. Thor’s Roar would hit their comrades across the lake before they arrived.

The only way for these twenty-four people to save their main force was to fight to the death, break Thor’s Roar, and then be surrounded and attacked by over five hundred enemies. It was certain that before reinforcements arrived, these twenty-four people were doomed to die, with almost no chance of survival.

Suddenly, a Wind Knight looked up and said, “Twenty-three! Young Master Robb cannot participate in this battle. The Smith family has only him left, and he cannot die here. Let him go first.”

The two scouts from the Wind knights quickly agreed, “Yes! We can die, but the young master cannot. He still bears the responsibility of reviving the Smith family and the Wind knights.”

The twenty-two people present quickly reached a consensus, even the two Black Earth Knights of the Black Earth Knights agreed. Of course, they agreed because if Robb died, the Commander would definitely cry in sadness.

Only Kante had a different opinion. He weakly said, “I have a transmission scroll. I can throw it forward, and the Westwind City reinforcements will come, so we don’t have to die.”

The knights all gave him a disdainful look and said, “Fighting like this is more shameful than dying.”

Kante replied, “But we don’t have to deliberately seek death either.”

The Black Earth Knight said, “You’re right. If we can live, we shouldn’t deliberately seek death. But as soon as you encounter difficulties, you want to summon the Lord of Westwind City. That’s not the way to grow. I suggest we fight it out. When we are about to die, you can call the Lord of Westwind City for help. That’s no problem, but don’t let him charge ahead.”

“Right!” This time, everyone finally reached a consensus.

At this moment, a soldier suddenly weakly said, “Um…while you guys were discussing, I felt a little embarrassed to interrupt, but I have to point out now that it seems like Master Robb is not with us. I can’t see him.”

“Huh?” Everyone looked around. “Where’s Robb? Where did he go?”

“He was just behind me!”

“How did he disappear so quickly?”

“Did he already retreat? Well, that’s good, we were going to have him retreat first anyway.”

“Wait! Look ahead…”

Someone shouted, and everyone looked up together. They saw someone suddenly jump out from behind the tree next to Thor’s Roar that the enemy had just erected. It was Robb Smith.

He jumped out from behind the tree and kicked the barrel of Thor’s Roar just right, causing it to spin a full circle. It hit the large magic container box behind it with a loud bang, causing the box to fall back and crush a Thunder-type magician who was behind it.

The Thunder-type magician shouted loudly under the magic container, “Let me out!”

The wind knights, the Black Earth Knights, and Kante, who were lurking outside the perimeter, were all dumbfounded.


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