After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 701

Chapter 701: We have to rescue them

The vice-captain did not dodge Robb’s Wind Blade with movement, as he was a magician and not good at it.

Moreover, he did not think his Thunder Barrier couldn’t block Robb’s Wind Blade.

From Robb’s appearance, he seemed too young!

For such a young person, the time spent practicing could not be long. Even if he started meditating from his mother’s womb, it would only be about twenty years, and his magical power was obviously not likely to be very strong.

Moreover, his knowledge was certainly not extensive!

Human intelligence often comes from knowledge, and the more knowledgeable a person is, the higher their intelligence tends to be. However, the word “young” often conflicts with “knowledgeable.”

Magicians need to read a lot of books to broaden their horizons and improve their knowledge, which also correspondingly improves their magical power. Therefore, young magicians often have limited strength.

After the vice-captain unfolded the Thunder Barrier, he ignored Robb’s two Wind Blades and began to chant: “Thor…”

Just as he had chanted the beginning, Robb’s two Wind Blades had reached the barrier, and with a crisp sound, the Thunder Barrier shattered like tofu being swept by a sharp blade, instantly turning into countless magical light particles drifting in the air.

The vice-captain, who saw this scene, was so stunned that his chin almost dropped. Even if his barrier couldn’t block the wind blades, it shouldn’t have broken so quickly, right?

He was slow to react and didn’t even have time to dodge. Fortunately, a knight rushed over from the side and pushed him hard with his shoulder, and the vice-captain “banged” and flew out, landing far away. The knight who came to save him, however, was cut into three pieces by Robb’s two Wind Blades.

“What kind of Wind Blades are these!”

The vice-captain got up from the ground, still in shock. “Are all the Smith family’s people so crazy?”

“Vice-captain, stop fooling around and attack together to kill this guy. The Black Earth Knights and the Wind knights on the other side of the lake have moved.” The staff officer accompanying them shouted loudly.

The vice-captain suddenly woke up and shouted back, “Surround him and kill him.”

There was lightning and thunder on this side of the lake. With such a commotion, the people on the other side of the lake could no longer pretend not to know what was going on. Madeline, Barry, and their group left the stew pot and came to the lake.

The soldiers of the Black Earth Knights and the Wind knights also gathered at the lake and looked towards this side.

Madeline held a “telescope” equipped with detection magic and looked towards this side, but the battle was happening in the woods, so her vision was blocked by the trees. She could only see figures shaking and flashes of lightning, which made her a little worried. “What’s happening over there?”

Standing next to him, Barry said, “They should be fighting against the enemy’s scouts. Don’t worry too much.”

Madeline replied, “I’m afraid it’s not the scouts but a main force. We only sent twenty-four people, and it would be dangerous to encounter a main force.”

Barry said, “The road we’re taking has already been cleared by our vanguard troops, so there shouldn’t be any enemy main forces. At most, there are only small groups, and our twenty-four people are not fools. They won’t engage the enemy main force head-on. If they see a lot of enemies, they will surely run. Since there is a fight going on now, the enemy’s numbers shouldn’t be significant.”

His judgment was based on common sense, but he didn’t anticipate that the enemy’s strategic magical weapon, Thor’s Roar, was aimed at their camp. This forced the twenty-four people to destroy the Thor’s Roar, which was beyond his expectations. However, they couldn’t blame Barry for thinking wrong.

At this moment, the battle on the lake had reached a critical point.

Kante and his team were in trouble!

When they rushed out, they caught the enemy off guard, or rather, they confused them. The Thunder Knights only sent dozens of people, so they could still fight back and forth, but as time passed, more and more Thunder Knights arrived.

There were over five hundred soldiers in the secret camp, and when they reacted, they surrounded Kante and the others. They not only blocked Robb’s path, but also trapped Kante’s group of twenty-three people.

Robb was okay; the number of people didn’t matter to him, as he could easily escape.

But Kante and his team were in trouble.

A Black Earth Knight shouted, “We can’t escape now.”

Another Wind Knight yelled, “Kante, use your transmission scroll and call the Lord of Westwind City to save us.”

Kante replied, “Is that all you can think of? We haven’t tried everything yet…ouch…I almost got hit by a sword. Let’s try to escape with our own strength.”

“How can we escape? We’re surrounded.”

Robb heard their cries in the distance and couldn’t help but laugh. He didn’t want Kante to use a transmission scroll because then he would have to multitask again. Multitasking was fine during normal times, but during a battle, it was very tiring. Switching back and forth between using skills was difficult. Just thinking about it made him feel that this was a five-star difficulty.

He thought to himself, [I should try to help them as much as possible with this identity. But I can’t show too much strength, or even a fool would think there’s something going on. I have to use a less conspicuous way to save them.”

What should he do?

If killing everyone wasn’t feasible, he could only escape with this group of people.

Robb looked back at the lake and started to calculate.

At this moment, a large group of enemy soldiers surrounded them. After the brief exchange with Robb, the vice captain probably felt that he couldn’t beat him and stopped showing off. Instead, he hid behind his subordinates and silently chanted a spell, but Robb didn’t care what he was going to do. He kicked a charging knight, swung his wand, and knocked down a warrior. When he turned around, a magician threw a lightning arrow at him. Robb pushed an enemy soldier in front of him to block the attack, and the soldier quickly raised his shield to deflect the lightning arrow, cursing, “Why did you shoot me with a lightning arrow?”

“I was shooting at him!”

“Didn’t you see him push me over here?”

“That’s because you’re weak and easily pushed around by others.”

As the two argued, suddenly Robb swept all the soldiers around them away with a whirlwind kick and picked up a cannon barrel from the ground.

It was the barrel of Thor’s Roar!


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