After Maxing Out All Classes
After Maxing out all Classes Chapter 702

Chapter 702: Can it be played like this?

After being kicked by Robb just now, the barrel of Thor’s Roar rotated and fell to the ground, knocking over the magic container box behind it. Then a group of people fought and cast magic spells around it.

It lay there next to Robb’s feet because it was a big cannon, very heavy, and no one could secretly drag it away during the battle. They had to take care of Robb first before coming to set it up again, so no one paid attention to it.

Unexpectedly, after Robb beat down several enemies, he picked up the barrel.

It was so heavy that even a knight would have difficulty lifting it alone, and it would take several knights to lift it together to set it up. But Robb reached out and grabbed it from the ground, as if holding a tree trunk.

Everyone was amazed, [What kind of magician are you? How can you be so strong?]

Robb turned the huge barrel around and aimed it at the most densely packed area of enemy soldiers.

Those soldiers were immediately frightened and jumped aside, unwilling to stand in the direction facing the cannon.

The vice-captain yelled, “Don’t be afraid of it. Are you all idiots? The cannon must be connected to the magic container to release magic. Without the lightning magic power stored in the magic container, it can’t fire.”

The soldiers thought carefully, [Oh? That’s right! He’s not even connected to the magic container. What are we afraid of?]

They stopped dodging. Even if the barrel was facing them, it could only face them, what were they afraid of.

Robb laughed, “Who told you this thing had to be connected to the magic container?”

He put one of his hands into the barrel and cast a Whirlwind Spell.

The Whirlwind Spell came out of the barrel, and the magic amplification runes inscribed on the barrel lit up one after another, enhancing its power as it advanced. When it was ejected from the barrel, it had become a terrifying whirlwind.

The people of the Thunder Knights were amazed, “Holy shit, you can do that?”

Actually, the cannon really couldn’t be used this way. It only had the ability to amplify lightning magic and had to be used with a magic container. Using ordinary lightning magic, even if it passed through the barrel, it wouldn’t have the same effect. Although the amplification runes were lit up, they were useless.

But Robb didn’t need the amplification effect of this barrel. He just pretended to do so to cover up the fact that his wind magic was already strong enough. With the excuse of the amplification effect of the barrel, he could slightly increase the power of his magic, not afraid of ap pearing too powerful and arousing suspicion.

A powerful Whirlwind Spell came out of the barrel.

Several Thunder Knights who were facing the muzzle felt a huge gust of wind wrap around them, lifting them up and throwing them into the sky. They were unable to resist the force with their own strength and were immediately swept up into the air, spinning and flying several meters high before crashing to the ground with a thud.

Moreover, the whirlwind did not stop after blowing away several people. It continued to rush forward, and wherever it passed, members of the Thunder Knights were blown up into the air, tumbling and spinning.

Everyone was sweating profusely!

Robb laughed strangely and aimed the barrel at the battlefield where Kante and his group were located. The twenty-three people there were already fighting in a precarious situation, with several of them injured and in urgent need of support. Without hesitation, Robb used his Whirlwind Technique to blast towards them.

From the direction of the shot, it was clear that he intended to blow Kante’s group and the people surrounding them away together.

“Fuck! This guy even attacks his own people!” The Thunder Knights jumped and dodged left and right, fleeing in embarrassment. Those who didn’t have time to dodge were swept up by the whirlwind and thrown into the air.

Dodging and flying, the whirlwind opened up a wide passage in the midst of the Thunder Knights, tearing open the enemy’s encirclement of Kante and his group. The enemy soldiers who were currently fighting with Kante and his companions were startled and didn’t want to perish together with Kante’s group. They gave up attacking and jumped to both sides.

However, when the whirlwind was about to engulf Kante, it suddenly stopped and dissipated in the air.

Robb was a super veteran player, and his control of distance when casting magic was impeccable. He was that awesome.

Seeing that both sides were stunned, Robb shouted loudly, “Charge!”

Two Black Earth Knights were the first to react, galloping towards Robb’s direction. The other Wind Knights and Kante quickly followed.

After a brief moment of confusion, the Thunder Knights quickly responded and rushed towards them again.

Robb rotated the cannon in his hand and aimed it at whoever was in his way. Anyone he pointed at quickly jumped to the side and lay on the ground, afraid of being targeted by the cannon.

He spun around, and the enemies around him fell down one by one.

It was so much fun!

Robb pointed his cannon everywhere, and no one dared to stand in his way.

Kante and his group took advantage of the situation and rushed to his side, shouting, “Robb, what are you doing?”

Robb laughed and replied, “Playing with the cannon. It’s a lot of fun. Look how happy they are dodging.”

Kante: “…”

Black Earth Knights: “…”

“Stop playing and run away.” A Wind Knight yelled, “Take the cannon with us. We can’t leave it for the enemy to use against us again.”

“Let’s go to the lakeside,” Robb said. “If we run on land, we’ll be caught up to. We should jump into the water and see if the enemy has hidden any horses in their camp.”

As he spoke, Robb turned the cannon towards the lakeside, blocking the enemy between them and the lake. The two Black Earth Knights understood and led the charge towards the water.

Kante and the others followed, while Robb rotated the cannon and retreated with them.

“Don’t think you can just walk away,” the vice-captain finally finished chanting a large spell. After realizing that his small magic was ineffective against Robb, he retreated to the back and had been chanting a long spell. He didn’t bother to deal with Robb when he was saving his teammates, afraid of interrupting his chanting.

Now, he had finally finished!

He raised the magic sphere in his hand, pointed it at Robb, and shouted, “Thunder Purgatory!”

A huge dark cloud suddenly appeared above Robb and his team’s heads, covering a large area. It not only covered their group, but also the path towards the lake. Then, lightning as thick as an arm continuously struck from the dark cloud.

This type of AOE magic did not target specific targets, but randomly struck in a dense and chaotic manner. The first lightning did not hit anyone in the group, but landed on the ground, creating a huge hole.


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